Why should gay law be repaired when a comrade marries? Can't you use the special law? Comrades can't have children how to get married? 11/24 How do I vote? About gay marriage, if there are still a lot of doubts, for you to organize the marriage affirmative q&a, to help you understand more!

This Saturday is Pingquan cast, in the face of gay marriage, gay education, perhaps you have a lot of doubts and anxieties, such as civil law and law, which is good for comrades, marriage will not affect family titles, gay children will be biased and discriminated against, we believe that everyone's anxiety, is due to the child and the future of Taiwan Love , so for you to organize the Pingquan cast q&a,10 picture Card one by one for you to have doubts!

The same marriage will make Taiwan an AIDS island, so that health insurance bankruptcy?

According to UNAIDS, heterosexual and vertical infections remain the largest route of HIV infection (38%), Although AIDS has nothing to do with sexual orientation and is linked to knowledge of safe sex, That's why sex education is so important to sex education.

Foreign infected persons are required to treat AIDS free of charge in Taiwan at their own expense for two years, through 5 checkpoints, including:

(1) Being employed to work in Taiwan and obtaining legal residence status,
(2) The acquisition of proof of residence is required to stay for 6 months,
(3) AIDS infection is reported by our country,
(4) The first two years of commencement of treatment are subject to self-payment of the drug, about 200,000 yuan a year,
(5) The medical treatment record is available in Taiwan, and after two years of taking the medicine, the health insurance payment can be obtained.

In countries where free AIDS drugs are provided and through same-sex marriages, there has been no situation in which foreigners have gone to the country in order to treat AIDS and explode public health budgets, and the CDC has publicly stated that this statement has been clarified. According to the 2017 Ministry of Health and Welfare data, AIDS even the top 10 of health care costs are not crowded in (health insurance costs more than 10 billion, AIDS is more than 4 billion), 2015 statistics, AIDS infected people per person average medical costs of more than 162,000 yuan, is not a rumor of 350,000. (Extended reading: Pingquan to the Disinformation and communication toolkit: same-sex marriage and another special law )

How can a gay child get married without having a baby?

The Lord Chancellor has explained at number No. 748 whether fertility is not an element of marriage and cannot be ruled out of same-sex marriage on such grounds. There is a concept is marriage decoupling, marriage and birth education are separate two things, not necessarily to have a joint relationship.

Same marriage will aggravate the less children, so that the decline of the population, divorce rate increased?

Less child is a problem that has been faced by developed countries all over the world, and it is the same thing as the aging of society. The cause of the birth of a large number of baby Boomers since the war gradually older, caring for the lack of manpower is closely related. In Taiwan, the main reasons for the lack of children are the widening gap between rich and poor, low wages for young people, rising prices and house prices, slowing economic growth, so that the cost of childcare is too high, rational consideration, young people can hardly afford to have children. When fewer children become a global trend, how to meet the challenge is regardless of ethnic groups.

In fact, outside the marriage system, there are more than 300 children born to gay families in Taiwan, living on this land, so that same-sex marriage can also be protected, not only will not cause less children, in the long run , it may improve the situation. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" Asia's first debate on the same marriage and release of the Constitution , "anti-identical" words packaged by law )

Can a child raised by a comrade be biased or discriminated against?

The spiritual and psychological communities of Taiwan, respectively, issued statements in 2016 and 17 in support of gay family adoption rights (data source: Marriage Affirmative action Platform and reporter)

Taiwan Psychiatric Association : "There is no significant difference in development, adaptability or overall well-being between children raised by female or gay parents and children of heterosexual parents, and there is no evidence that gay families can affect their children's sexual orientation or gender identity. 」

Taiwan Children and Adolescents Psychiatric Association : "There is ample empirical research to support that the growth of physical and mental health of children and adolescents is closely related to the stability of the family and the community, and has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the caregiver." 」

Taiwan Clinical Psychology Society : "Taiwan clinical psychology will advocate affirmative marriage and support same-sex marriage." We advocate that persons of different sexual orientation, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, should enjoy full equality of rights and responsibilities with other citizens. 」

SOURCE & amp; Extended reading:
Reporter: Do gay families have a negative impact on their children's growth? 5 FAQs from a scientific perspective
Reporter: Walking into gay family > Gay partner: In fact, we are all the same
Reporter: Walking into a gay family > Turns out we're inferior citizens

Comrade to carry on the anus rendezvous to increase the chance of infection?

11/5 of the referendum debate, love home Professor Xu Muyan put forward "vaginal aseptic said", alleged that the anus bacteria are many, so the anus is unhealthy behavior, sparking controversy from all walks of life. First of all, sexual orientation and sexual behavior has no inevitable relationship, vaginal intercourse, oral sex, anus and other sexual behavior, will also occur in heterosexual, not only comrades have anus.

Again, Professor Xu Muyan's "vaginal aseptic say", "anus has bacterial/ anus Unhealthy" is very wrong concept, whether it is vagina, skin, mouth ... can be found bacteria, not because "anus has bacteria" to make people sick. Dyeing is not related to the number of bacteria, but has to do with the existence of safe sex, such as wearing condoms. (Reference data: good friends of Beauty )

Such a discussion is indicative of the importance of sex education, and when everyone has a positive understanding of sex education, there will be no increase in the rate of infection due to unsafe behavior, let alone a misunderstanding of comrades. (Extended reading: same-sex marriage passes, the number of AIDS surges? Five common aids rumors cracked )

Why should gay marriage be a civil law? Is it not good to make a special law?

From the perspective of the right to constitutional equality and the saving of legislative resources, it is better to repair civil law than to separate the special law. Another special law will need to amend more than 5,000 spouses related to the legal provisions of the law, according to the marriage equal rights Platform Summary, the revision of civil law, only need to amend 5 articles. Comrade Dissident of Germany has triggered more than 300 disputes and lawsuits, which are still pending.

In the draft amendment to the provisions of the civil law relatives, which was first read at the end of 2016, only five new and amended articles can be adopted to protect gay marriage from civil law protection, as detailed in the legislative Yuan's motion relationship instrument .

The only function of marriage law is to protect the rights of the two people to live together, such as heterosexual love is guaranteed by the marriage system, same-sex marriage should not be separated by special laws. Another law, which is not called "safeguarding" gay marriage, is like black Americans who want to get a toilet before the civil rights movement, and can only use "black- only" toilets.

And through gay marriage, for the current marriage not only no harm, but to expand the scope of application of the marriage system. So it seems that there is no need to change the title , fertility and so on will not be a problem oh! The nature of marriage should not be confused with other social functions that may be provided by other marriages, such as the birth of children.

Gay education will teach children to be comrades?

Zhangjiaoru, a lawyer representing the alliance, said: "Comrade education will not teach people to be gay, in an era dominated by heterosexual education, if education can be changed, in theory all comrades should be taught to be heterosexual." The argument that gay education will teach people to be gay is a practice of inciting panic. Homosexuality is not a disease, you don't know him, how do you respect him. 」

In the 14th and 15 cases, the vote of consent was cast, and the 10th, 11 and 12 cases did not agree, so that our children could live in a society that was equal, gentle and inclusive of individual differences.