Do you remember the soliciting body projection art?The enticing body curve has always been an inspiration for the artist's creation.Allan Teger began a series of photography projects in 1976, which began with a series of photography plans for the body of the body.

Interestingly, Allan Tegar was originally not a , the project was originally based on the background of his social psychology , and when he was teaching, he found a conventional psychological analysis that could not fully explain how humans understand the world.

When he constantly observed that some of the structure and curves of the universe were repetitive, he was surprised to find that the human body was hiding the outline of the cosmos.The human body, in fact, shows natural beauty. Some places are like high mountains, some places like low-lying areas, some places like the sea, and lakes, and there is also a danger of peace.Let's take a look at the beauty of the body together.

A slightly tilted butt that allows us to surf together!

boobs, turning into tiny little undersea dunes, we can explore together.But watch out for the dangerous shark.

together in a free valley, there is a many-made cowboy porch.

Dual peak

You know, your body is in possession of a small pool?

Two people can play golf together.

Perhaps this is the real rush of waves?

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