Recently chatting with gym friend A, a told me he didn't actually know why he was voting for a referendum? Tomorrow's referendum, which cases are related to gender affirmative action or regressive habits? How many votes count to pass and pass? After the clearance, what is the possible legal effect of each? This article, once explained clearly! invite you to join me and forward it to friends and family around you.

Recently, chatting with gym friend A, chatting until Saturday, a told me he didn't actually know why he was voting for a referendum. "In fact, same-sex marriage or education, have nothing to do with me ah, and network data confusion, understand very troublesome ⋯⋯" I also found that there are many friends, in the referendum has not decided their vote intention, even do not know what proposals, how to vote.

If you're still thinking about whether to vote, or if someone around you is still thinking, let's cordially invite friends and spend three minutes on this referendum proposal related to gender affirmative action, and what impact it might have on you?

Tomorrow's referendum will include 10th, 11, 12, and 14 and 15 cases raised by affirmative action groups, and a total of five cases are closely related to the gender affirmative action process.

And your vote will master whether Taiwan can become a sensible country that is truly equal, respectful, inclusive and loving.

What is the love home referendum? 10, 11, 12 panic operation

The 10th, 11 and 12 cases of the referendum proposed by the next Generation Happiness Alliance and others have different meanings. In the 10th and 12 cases, we hope that the rights and interests of gay marriage to start a family will be excluded from civil law protection. In the 11th case, it is hoped that in the national education stage, the understanding of comrade education within the sex level education will be removed.

The text of the 10th, 11 and 12 of the referendum is as follows:

The 10th case of the referendum: Ranxinyi "Do you agree that civil law marriage provisions should be limited to a combination of a man and a woman? 」
The 11th case of the referendum: Zeng "Do you agree that in the national education phase (small countries and countries), the Ministry of Education and schools at all levels should not implement the gay education established by the rules of the Law on Gender equality education?" 」。
The 12th case of the referendum: Zeng "Do you agree to protect the interests of two persons of the same sex in the operation of a permanent common life in a form other than the civil law marriage provisions?" 」

What are the meanings of these three questions, let's take a look at them in a vernacular translation machine:

The 10th case of the referendum: Do you agree that the provisions of the Civil Law marriage chapter do not guarantee same-sex marriage? (main definition of marriage: the belief that same-sex marriage is not marriage)
The 11th case of the referendum: Do you agree that the country and China are small and want to remove the affirmative education that respects and knows comrades?
The 12th case of the referendum: do you agree that same-sex marriage does not have to be guaranteed by the provisions of the Civil Law marriage chapter? (main focus on segregation legislation: discriminatory legislation against same-sex marriage)

Do you feel it? If you support gender affirmative action, support children regardless of gender and sexual orientation are worth being loved, all three questions should be answered "disagree."

Conversely, if you want same-sex couples to have fewer rights than heterosexual partners, or if you want your child to be treated differently or bully on campus because of sexual orientation, gender and gender temperament, you may choose to vote for consent. But one day in the future, people who have given their consent to the 10th, 11 and 12 of the referendum will find that the content of gay education is different from that of the line group, in fact, teach children to know, whether you like boys or girls, whether you are feminine or masculine, are worthy of respect and love.

If you don't know how these proposals relate to yourself, but believe you may know new friends in the future and may raise the next generation. Some of your new friends may be gay, because you disagree with the vote, and have a strong backing, your next generation or children's peers, gay children will be because of your disagreement, reduce the perceived monster and be bullied, bully the probability.

The three proposals, sponsored by the next generation of happiness leagues and some religious groups, are organized and resourced, with a higher number of co-sponsors than Pingquan.

According to the data of the selected meeting, the number of co-authors in the 10th case was 560,000, the number of co-authors in the 11th case was 550,000, and the number of persons in the However, the failure rate is also higher, up to 15.49 per cent. At the same time, it was also selected that the co-authors had died before signing the joint contract, or that the employees had been coerced into signing by their employers.

What is Pingquan pitching? 14, 15 of affirmative action home

In order to counter the love of the alliance's discriminatory referendum, by Mioboya and other affirmative action launched by the "Rainbow Uprising on the eve of affirmative action" Pingquan cast, various affirmative action groups, including the marriage affirmative action platform, gay counseling hotline, partner Alliance and so on have responded to support.

Picture Source | The Rainbow Uprising on the eve of affirmative action

Pingquan voted, unprecedented within 72 hours, received 28,000 proposals. In the form of mass fundraising, 500,000 joint letters were collected in each of the two cases within 37 days, totalling 1 million co-sponsorship, with more than 90% pass rates across the referendum threshold, the fastest record of non-party dominance in the history of the referendum, and the two cases with the highest pass rates of all proposals in this referendum.

The 14th case of the referendum: Do you agree that the Civil law marriage Chapter guarantees the establishment of a marriage relationship between two persons of the same sex?
The 15th case of the referendum: Do you agree that the "Gender Equality Education Act" stipulates that gender equality education should be implemented at all stages of national education and that the content should cover such courses as emotional education, sex education and gay education?

What are the meanings of these two questions, the vernacular translation machine here:

The 14th case of the referendum: Do you agree to guarantee same-sex marriage by civil law marriage Zhangping and so on. (No other gay companion law)
The 15th case of the referendum: do you agree that with the Law on Gender Equality Education, the education, emotional education and awareness of comrade education can be implemented in national education.

Do you feel it? If you support gender equality and support children's respect for each other's gender and sexual orientation, both questions should be answered with "consent".

If you don't know the relationship between these proposals and yourself, but you never give a difference because of "people's Gender and sexual orientation," you're sure to vote for "consent." If you believe that children of different genders and sexual orientation deserve to see themselves in textbooks rather than being treated as monsters, you will cast "consent".

How many votes, the referendum is passed with the pass

Under what circumstances will the referendum in the case pass? Need to meet two conditions at the same time:

1. A party is required to have a larger number of votes than the other party
2. The party with a higher number of votes requires more than 4.95 million votes

It is important to vote on a public surrender that disagrees. Very affirmative partners, please be sure to vote in the 5 case, to "two good three Bad" remember: 10, 11, 123 cases do not agree, 14, 15 agree.

If everyone can pull 10 more people alone, they can pass the referendum in one fell swoop and give all those who live in Taiwan an equal, beautiful and loving future.

What are the possible legal effects of the five referendum, respectively?

"Within seven days" after the polls close, the election will announce the referendum result. If the referendum is passed, what is the possible impact of the five cases, respectively?

Lu Qiuyuan mentioned that none of the five cases had legal effect but had political effect and amounted to large polls that were enough to influence government decision-making. The AFL Follaw team, made up of professionals such as lawyers and prosecutors, points out that the five referendums will have legal effect and produce eight combinations as the five referendum results differ. (Welcome to see the detailed explanation of the AFL team )

On same-sex marriage (even case number: 10, 12, 14)

With regard to the public surrender of same-sex marriage, if both the Love Home referendum case (10th and 12) were passed, according to the legal team , "legislators must legislate to limit the use of special laws to protect same-sex marriage." The Executive Yuan must complete the preparation of the draft law at the end of February next year; The court must complete and pass the lex specialis by the end of May next year. 」

Of course, people can still put forward the interpretation of the Constitution, specifically discussed: whether the special law is contrary to the intention of the constitutional right to equality.

How to set up a special law that conforms to the right to equality will require more administrative costs. In Germany, for example, Germany had preceded the law on same-sex couples, but had decided to guarantee same-sex marriage under civil law because of difficulties in the implementation of the right to equality, which had led to more than 300 lawsuits.

Exonerated Guan Pa voted for the 14th case, according to the legal team, then "legislators must protect same-sex marriage in civil law, but also the most effective implementation of the interpretation of the letter No. 748 intention of the result." 」

Sex education on understanding comrades (odd Case Number: 11, 15)

With regard to the implementation of educational content that recognizes and respects comrades and respects the different gender temperament of each person in national education, if the 11th case of the love of the family is adopted, it will probably form a small and medium-sized textbook in the country, and no children should be taught to know their comrades, and everyone has a different gender temperament, regardless of gender and sexual orientation Everyone deserves to be loved for content. Similarly, it is necessary for the Executive Yuan to complete the preparation of the Law on Gender Equality education by the end of February next year; The court must complete the revision by the end of May next year.

If the 15th case is passed, the emotional education, the understanding of comrade education and sex education in sex education can no longer be only the rule of implementation, but directly become part of the gender equality Education law.

What if the result of the vote is contradictory?

At present, the expert accounts are divided into two main ways: the first is to say that the Lord Chancellor is to be released from the Constitution, and the second is the size, which is higher than the number of agreed votes in the two contradictory cases.

First of all, I think that in answer to the Lord Chancellor of Justice, including the election of the Main Committee Chen Ying Seal, the Faculty of Law of the University of Dongwu is also a lecturer Wang Dingyu, the legislative committee, especially the beautiful woman mentioned that if the referendum sponsor of the court review results do not conform to the content of the proposal, may call the Lord Chancellor to

Second, Liao Daci says, a professor at the Institute of Political Science at Sun Yat-sen University, thinks that the number of consents in the two cases can be compared with the Swiss practice, and the higher is regarded as the result of public opinion.

In addition, Liao Yuanhao, an associate professor of law at the political university, mentioned that in the matter of same-sex marriage, even if the results of the vote contradict each other, the legislative court may recognize same-sex marriage in the Civil Code in accordance with the Constitution, but the relationship between the relevant rights and obligations is also set out in the special law.

Referendum voting sequence and precautions

Voting time: 11/24 8:00-16:00
Voting age: At least 18 years of age
Carrying data: Identity card, seal, voting notice
Friends who have reached the age of 20, after voting for the election, remember to receive a public vote Oh!

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What else can I do tomorrow besides vote?

In addition to voting, this nine-in-one general election, ticket checking business complex, is wrong or by the hands of interested people, but also invite you to join the polling party Alliance, Common ticketing, the website here .

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Who's going to throw two good, three bad characters?

If you are about to communicate with your elders, you can mention that you are about to throw two good and three bad characters, including: Lin Huaimin, Jiang Xun , longsheng Taiwan , Huang Chunming, Bai Xianyong, Heshuo chairman Dong on behalf of 27 enterprises to take a stand, will be full of affirmative action, cast two good three bad.

Whatever the outcome of tomorrow, please sleep well tonight, the women's fan team gives all the people who are willing to move on on the road to affirmative action, one of the deepest and most hard hugs. We'll see you tomorrow, vote!