There are always anorexia in life, sometimes you can be lazy, play waste, lie on the ground and get up again, you will find the energy of life again!

In the rush to checkout, the guests in front of you suddenly slow down, put on white clothes will always be stained with sauces, usually remember to bring umbrellas, but did not carry an umbrella on the day of the storm and the mood occasionally anorexic, if the heart of the little murmur painted out what would it look like?

Natalya Lobanova, an illustrator from London, England, often shares the trivial things that life often encounters on IG, paints everyone's daily voice, and makes people look at the heart and smile: My life is not perfect, is not inspirational, but I live happy on the good!

I know that slippery IG is a waste of time, but it just can't be controlled.

Picture |@natalyalobanova

You: "I have a 30-minute gap to do something meaningful to pass the time." 」

Brain: "Or you can consider slipping Facebook, IG to see other people's ostentatious text, and end up in endless self-loathing." 」

You: "It sounds bad. 」

Brain: "Yes, and you'll have no reason to be obsessed with it." 」

You: "All right." "(silently turn on the phone)

When is it going to go into winter?

Picture |@natalyalobanova

Go out in the morning: it's so smart to wear 12 layers of clothes in this weather!

Noon: (quickly submerged by sweaters to suffocate)

Once in a while, I want to play waste, huh?

Picture |@natalyalobanova

Life: I've given you everything, talent, opportunity, support, please do something!

Me: No. (AO Jiao face)

Why am I different from the actual me in the mirror at home?

Picture |@natalyalobanova

Look in the mirror at home: Today's self looks So perfect!

See your haggard face in the MRT window: ha ... I don't care, I really don't care.

Sometimes it's good to surrender with a white flag.

You: "From now on, I will not be defeated by any small setback." 」

(Encounter minor setbacks)

You: Haha, don't care (show up state)

Cat master: Shut up, stupid human

Cat slave: "It must be cool to talk to animals!" 」

Cat master: "Shut up and give me food quickly." 」

Cat slave: "It's about the same as I expected." 」

Things can't be done, so deal with it tomorrow!

(Piling up a mountain of work)

9:00: Wow! I have a lot of tasks to do!

12:00: (Dazed)

16:00: (Still in a daze)

19:00: Oh well, I think it's a little too late to do it now.

As long as it looks handsome.

Outside look: Put on the boots I look impeccable!

In fact, inside the length of this: no stealth socks will be a good.

Perfect jeans, where to find

I don't know why, every time you pick jeans, you can only meet two of these needs:

  1. The waistline is just right.
  2. Buttocks and thighs are just fine.
  3. your favorite style.

Fall and climb up again? No, thanks, I'm okay here.

Jesus Christ: "When you are in trouble, you have two choices, give up or stick to it." 」

You: "Well, I give up." (Paralyzed on the ground) "

God: "Wait, no! You shouldn't have done that! 」

You: "It's okay, I'm good to stay here ~"

Have you ever had this kind of everyday little mur mur, too? The little shredded thoughts in life are drawn in particular to cause a sense of communion. Life is fast and slow, you don't have to go straight ahead, sometimes you can be lazy, play waste, lie on the ground and get up again, you will find the energy of life again!