Women are obsessed with you to hit "Global Women's Impact Forum Globe woman Impact summit" event site, back to the scene of the touch and strength, influence, there is my definition! " This Panel invited the first speaker to talk to the stage again, to share their breakthroughs and changes in the year, let us see the influence is definitely not a moment, but with faith and love of perseverance, and find themselves in it, that moment of you, will shine.

2018, women's fans "global Women's Impact forum summit" came in the second year, the Forum was divided into three parts of the Panel, Keynote and share, invited to the first speaker: "Teach for Taiwan" Founder & amp; CEO Liu Anting, " Cotton Le Yue "founder Linnings, United Nations Children's Goodwill Ambassador Chen Meiling, again with the Taiwan to talk about, share what breakthroughs and changes in the year, because we believe that influence is not a moment, but over the years, but also invited to the head of the Standard Chartered Public affairs and marketing Office Gillian Chen Chen Yingxun, GSK Taiwan General manager Anjana Narain, and the reader of women fans, eight Immortals, the author of "15 Degrees of bravery: a 900-day confession of the dusty girl" Chen Ning to share his story.

On the day of November 22, more than 400 people gathered, some from the Nantou, Yunlin, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Medium, the whole station in different areas. Although it comes from different places, the same thing is that everyone is looking forward to seeing the influence of women tonight and exploring how influence is defined. Share your own story, you are the one who influences, and everyone is the positive influence of this era. Invite you to return to the night of the moved, with us bravely raise your hand, shout out: "Influence, there is my definition!" 」

Here's a moment for you to focus on the evening Panel's wonderful moments, and three speakers on the conversation and sharing.

Influence is not a moment, it is a drip of the

Liu Anting: "The best self-interest is altruism." 」

This is the year Liu Anting and the team stand together, this year "Teach for Taiwan" into the sixth session of the recruitment program to "what good job!" The concept does extend, that the work can be meaningful, choose what you are doing, love what you believe, and promote more beauty in society. This year, for her is like a seed, she and partners, as well as the recruitment of this group of teachers, everyone has experienced a lot of internal squeezing, but these squeezes are the only way to metamorphosis, in order to germinate new expectations and prospects.

The stars shine so that everyone can find the stars that belong to them.

Little Prince.

Mananting shared the Little Prince's classic quote: "The stars shine to make it possible for everyone to find their own stars." Often someone says to her, "You are so great!" "The word great is like sacrificing dedication to get a change." She did not feel how great she was, thinking that it was the interaction between people, life and life, through everyone she met, what she saw in each other, what she learned, even if it was just a heartwarming little thought, enough to touch anyone around her, she said: "In fact, we are the most harvested people." "(Extended reading:"little Prince "Psychology: Guarding the most innocent dreams in your heart )

In the sixth year of "Teaching for Taiwan", everything was done, not just by her, but by everyone who was ready, and by everyone who was unique and different. In this year's "Teaching for Taiwan" greeted the arrival of the first and second male leaders, for members in the gender breakthrough and change, Liu Anting said with a smile: "Such a difference can make the team richer." "Like our society in general, there is by no means only one person turning the whole society, everyone is one of the screws, seemingly small but unique and indispensable, everyone can be the influence of this land." (Extended reading: Don't trust me personally!) Interview with Liu Anting: It's not me who has influence, it's the faith I believe in )

Linnings: "Learn to surrender and be yourself effortlessly." 」

2018, was a year of Linnings expansion, experienced many unknowns and learned to surrender. Currently committed to the development of environmental, female and family-friendly living supplies, the practice of sustainable living methods, the establishment of community organic agricultural products shop and women's hand workshop, based on fair trade and social enterprises. It also opens the latest plan, Ananda Tree House, to continue to advance life with love.

Linnings shared the gestures she had recently learned, inviting everyone on the scene to raise their hands: "Imagine a earth in front of your chest, with your hands across the Earth, middle finger linked to the middle finger." "She tells us that this action is a reminder that whether it's your thoughts, your actions or the breath that comes out, you end up back in yourself, we're with everything in the world, and she goes on to say," I'm with you on stage, too. 」

This year, she faced an unprecedented test and expansion, opening an environmental company in Nepal and flying again to Nepal at the beginning of the year. Her mother will always be before he went abroad, with a red envelope bag to write down feelings and blessings, the top wrote: "Bless the lovely dear daughter: This work to hear more to see more thinking, God to your test is the ability of the team, listen to the views of many parties, the Guardian God of the whole universe will bless you." ' This time, her mother also felt that it was a brand new journey for Linnings.

In addition to change and expansion, she also learned to "surrender", shared because the store is refurbished, and the plan always can't keep up with the change, so she often collapses, freaks, freaks, walks halfway to cry: "But I tell myself, then cry!" "Accept these imperfections and accept your bad moods, and these subservient will become a force, accept it, and you will move on."

She also mentioned that it is necessary to practice using the mind to lead oneself to a better distance: "The heart has a feeling first, then the mind to complete." "Imagine in your head the images you want to change or become, and these images will lead you, make these imaginations come true, surrender to your immediate task, not only to believe in yourself, but also to trust others, and with trust, you can have a common creation." (Extended reading:BBC hundred women!) Interview with Cotton Le Yue founder Linnings: Everyone has the power to change the world )

Chen Meiling: "Acceptance is not perfect, continuous doing is influence." 」

This year is Chen Meiling Thanksgiving year, 62 years old, say her age, the audience under the stage are exclaiming: "Really fake?" It's a great maintenance, isn't it? "She is a singer in the popular RTHK, Southeast Asia, and an essay writer who has written 5 books, as well as UNICEF Asia Goodwill Ambassador, Japan Anticancer Association Smile Ambassador, Hong Kong Baptist University special professor, etc., active in various fields.

Why is she a year of gratitude this year? In March this year, she was awarded the Sunrise Medal by the Emperor of Japan, a privilege given by Japan to those who have contributed to the public of the country. When she heard about getting the medal, she kept thinking: "Why give it to me? What did I do? "In the course of this thought, she examines what she has done over the years. In 1986, she gave birth to her eldest son in Canada, because the child is still young, she took her son to the television station and other workplaces, many people said she is too greedy: "to husband, to have children, to work, everything!" "Because of this" age debate ", the position of working mothers and women in Japan has received renewed attention and even changed the law by adopting the equal work Opportunity law to ensure that women can also return to work after childbirth.

If she hadn't won the award, she said she didn't know what she was doing for so many years. In these contributions, she just holds: see one thing, can do a little, contribute a little, just try to do. Although many times will not do well, or to show people, or even attack, but she said: "More than 60 years of life really does not matter!" Influence is that you don't give up! "Encourage people do not have to worry about not doing well enough, as long as the continuous persistence, 60 years or 30 years later, and then look back, you will find that in fact, they have done a good job!" (Extended reading: interview with Chen Meiling: You don't like who you are today, you can change tomorrow )

When you go through the dark, believe in "Love"!

Go to the next Panel on the talk session, host Audrey asked: "When we start to want to exert influence, put ourselves into the time, encounter difficulties and darkness, what can be done?" "When you put in one thing, there will inevitably be a dark period, setbacks, failures, or criticism." When you decide to do something, someone else will definitely examine you, but it doesn't affect you, because it's only short-lived and most important: "It's not about doing it for yourself, it's about you" loving "it. "Chen Meiling said firmly, she also shared," 15 degrees of bravery: a dusty girl's 900-day confession "Chen Ning on the stage or book to share their own story, it is Chen Ning in the process of rehabilitation, looking for how to love themselves and find themselves, and these languages are from the heart, very deep and sincere, this moment she is influence. Chen Meiling also encourage everyone, study together do not give up, and find their favorite, once looking for their own, that is the beginning of influence, not for success, but for love.

She said vividly: "To speak, is to love!" "Looking at others all the times, if the self-centered words, the energy is to run inside, and said that beside the Liu Anting and Linnings, is the glittering people, jokingly said:" I should wear sunglasses, they are too bright! " 」

Liu Anting also share to life is not the right answer, in the process of completing a thing, absolutely do not hurry, endure and understand. She said she was an impatient person, raised a dog personality is also very impatient, mother will help the dog named "Not urgent", when she wants to call the dog: "Not in a hurry!" No hurry! "It's also a reminder that you're going to slow down." Slow down everything you do, "the person who can really solve the problem is the one who can stay with the problem for the longest time."

The person who can really solve the problem is the one who can stay with the problem for the longest time.

Behind the sacrifice, it's all kinds of love.

The audience at the stage, Keats raised his hand, asked a very real question, about everyone at work, often because of work at the expense of family or feelings, "bread and love" to take into account at the same time, in the process may sacrifice a lot of things, she asked: "Look back, the greatest sacrifice in life is what?" How do you face it? 」

Liu Anting shared a sentence: "Love is not a relative gaze, but we look in the same direction." "It's not just about the other half, it's about the people who accompany her on the journey of life." She shared that when she was 11 years old, her mother had breast cancer, her mother had immediate chemotherapy, was in pain during chemotherapy, and what she had sacrificed, but her mother insisted that she survive chemotherapy in order to see her grow up healthy and happy. This can not help but let her think about the nature of sacrifice, in fact, is love, is to pay the price of love, not to give up better in exchange for bad, we are learning to be loved and to love.

Chen Meiling, for his part, shared his personal insight into the sacrifice. Before her father died, she said that the woman she loved most was her mother and told her to listen to her mother: "I was studying in Canada, but my mother told me to come back and sing and make a little more money." "Then she thought she had a duty to listen to her mother, and thought it was her mother's fault, and why she was not allowed to continue to do what she wanted to do, and that was the darkest time of her. There is blame in the heart, think that this decision is a sacrifice, singing will not be good to hear. Later, she recognized that, in fact, the sacrifice is their own choice, "Your happiness and happiness is their own can decide, to adhere to their own choices, do not be victimized." ' She said so. If you compromise, do not think it is a sacrifice, or you will only always be in the cycle of blame and regret, things will not progress. She just said that after the next, she sang to become very nice: "Because my heart is different!" 」

In this forum of women's influence, in addition to defining what is influence and encouraging everyone to practice raising their hands, it is the way we speak for ourselves and one of the ways to become influential. When you raise your hand to ask questions, each question will take you very far and far away, the tone of fortitude, waist dry straight, arm straight, expression firmly say it! Influence is carefully brewed and fermented, from "love" set off, and with the "heart" input.