Women's fans select quotes to give you warmth, although that night is difficult, but our footsteps will not stop, please look up, I am standing beside you, waiting for you to hold my hand.

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word.

It was a tough night, but our footsteps won't stop. In order to achieve a more gentle future, dry your tears together, redouble your efforts together, and go down firmly together, okay?


Children, be brave, there must be a glimmer of light for you to fight for human rights.

Ye Yongji, Mom.

Hey, give you the Pingquan to vote for the invoicing numbers, and you may be in a bit of a heavy mood at the moment. But, my dear, we walked so seriously on the road of affirmative action, and then please go on together, will you?


Sometimes we finally get up the courage to express our opinions, the results may not be heard, or not to listen to, do not think that this is a failure and turn away, you should keep trying!

Anjana Narain, general manager of GSK

"That day, someone from a pharmaceutical factory, I remember talking to us slowly and very patiently about the mission, philosophy, and work in the pharmaceutical industry, how it can help prevent disease, improve the lives of many people, and give people the opportunity to work with patients." "anjana said of the past, the speed of speech slowed down, there is light in the eyes," I am very concerned about these things, drugs and improve daily life is closely related, I have always hoped that my work can make me feel: what I do every day, it makes sense. " 」

Helping people without resources to improve their lives and get more fair treatment, Anjana says he is actually deeply influenced by his father. Anjana's father, a lawyer in India, often represents the bottom of society and the rights of the people, and struggles with the powerful who oppress.

"I see from him that the courage to do the right thing, the ability to stand up for others, is the primary value. What I learned from home is that if something is unjust, it has to be said. 」

But to put it out, there is no guarantee that it will be heard, and Anjana, looking back on his experience in the workplace, said that whether you want to say it right or not, the method of communication is just as important, "If you want to say it and find that your voice is not being listened to, don't rush to think it's another person's fault, We are in communication, where can be improved, my frustration, is actually from myself? 」

Your voice may be right, but the other side doesn't necessarily understand why your voice is helpful and important to him, "We have to use the right approach, at the right time, with the right emphasis." 」

"And, you have to have the courage and perseverance to keep saying, sometimes we have a hard time to muster the courage to say, the first time we say no one hears, or no one listens, we think of failure and turn away." I think you can keep trying and remember to make sure that it's properly communicated. 」

Article: interview with GSK general manager Anjana Narain: Stop blaming yourself for imperfections


If what you want to do is not what the Elders control you, not what society rules you, please be brave enough to stand up for yourself and gently overthrow the world.

Tsing Feng

From an early age, the teacher's parents tell you what to achieve, the school to be admitted, and then the society tells you what kind of job you should find, how much income you should have, and what kind of life you should live. The "Winter" album reads: "There is no standard answer, often soda green answers; in fact, there is no answer, usually the only answer to life." 」

When it is about to be changed, think of those who insist gently, you are not alone, we are all there.

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Happiness, is not to come over on their own.

Cherry Meatballs

You in that big nerve is too happy figure, see yourself, sometimes have too naïve expectations, occasionally their feet stumble on their own, fell a big fall, but you have a similar persistence: wrestling does not get in the way, as long as you remember the road, is for what and run.

No matter the life experience a few potholes, grow up on the road stumbling, may you like small meatballs like Lotte forever.

If life continues to give you a test, or remember to be like a small meatballs, remember what is their own first heart.

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If you shed tears, remember to go to bed early.

Lu Guangzhong

"Lost is an obligation, we must be very willing, even in the confusion can be very handsome ah." 」

"For example, you can hold your chin bewildered, light a cigarette but not smoke." Let others see your confusion, can also be very pleasing to the delight. 」

In the face of all, Guang Zhong said, happiness is my choice of layout. His own unhappiness is also very able to cope with: "I think I will have a kind of personality division, unhappy time, there will be a few of me, such as angry me, comfort of me, we sit down to have a good chat, ask how, in fact, full of useful." 」

"Or with my divisive personality in the room looking at the mirror very ugly smile, smile on the good." 」

Article: leave a Yeah to the world! Interview Lu Guangzhong: "Happiness is the principle, confusion is the obligation"