Women are obsessed with writing, inviting you to write down the weight of the text with a handwritten temperature. Society is not friendly enough, let women become obsessed with your hands, with you, we face together, change together.

Women are obsessed with writing and write down words that you believe and touch deep inside. The text has the power, the handwriting has the temperature, for you select the woman fan handwriting IG five post.

After the referendum, you can be sad and lost, but never deny the previous effort. Stick to the end, we must see that suitable for all people to survive the future.


My dear comrades and friends, because of malice, you will be angry, melancholy, agitated, crying, but don't let emotions go beyond what really matters because of malice. ⠀
Perhaps, my request for some people, very cruel, but, if we can change something together, we together, okay? ⠀

─ Fan ⠀


We must accept limited disappointment, but never lose endless hope. ⠀

─ Martin Luther King


The cost of discrimination is a waste of a group of people's talents, so that they can not rest assured that the community to play their talents.

──elizabeth Barker


Everyone's value does not need to be approved by others, you do not need to go through the judgment of others, in order to continue to go their own way.

─ Chen Qizhen


Brave, is that we know difficult, still willing to struggle out of the framework. ⠀

Women's fan-writing collection

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