Do you believe you have superpowers, too? Let the global women's Impact forum tell you! This Keynote invited to the head of Standard Chartered public affairs and marketing Office Gillian Chen Chen Yingxun, GSK Taiwan general manager Anjana Narain, show us the influence, is from the daily practice, influence is not out of reach, as long as you believe that they also believe that every day, These daily will be your superpowers!

November 22, 2018, women's fans "global Women's Impact forum summit" came to the second session, this day, we invite you to join hands bravely raise your hand to ask questions, not only for their own voice, but also for others to speak out. The forum is divided into three parts panel, Keynote and share, the last one takes everyone straight to the panel, by accumulating changes, feel the energy of influence, from the "Love" in your heart, the key trend Keynote, invited to the head of Standard Chartered public Affairs & amp; Marketing Office Gillian Chen Chen Yingxun, GSK Taiwan general manager Anjana Narain, take you to understand what is "influence", how influence is defined by themselves, and how we should practice influence. Believe in yourself, brave and determined to say: "Influence, there is my definition!" 」。 (Extended reading: Live Direct Hit | Global women's Impact Forum: Influence, is the choice not to give up )

Before Keynote began, host Wan Yun talked about why influence must be defined by me? and influence, what can it be? It is hoped that through these two issues, more cross-border imagination and creativity will be brought about. and invited to BCCT (British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei) Taipei City British Overseas Business Association, as a Gwis strategic partner.

BCCT's CEO, Steven Parker, took the stage to share his mood under the stage in fluent Chinese: "Originally my task on stage is to speak Bcct, but allow me to share, the heart only two words: Moved, envious!" "For the front Panel of the talk, he was most impressed by the" love and do not give up ", but also feel very envious, sincerely said:" Envy girls! " He said he could not imagine that if there were three male speakers on the stage today, would there be so many people sitting here listening? He believes that this is an era of female influence, and that men need to learn from women.

Superpowers, from your daily life.

The first speaker of Keynote was Anjana Narain, who had planned to enter the financial industry and was the hottest area of the MBA at the time. During a visit, she found that the hospital lacked enough medical resources to cause the patient's wounds to heal, so the hospital was always filled with rotten breath, and she thought about what she could do? and decided to invest in the medical biotech industry, hope to get up every morning, do everything can have influence, expect to improve people's health and life.

Before Anjana took the stage, the three key words that gave the audience influence through the film: optimism, courage, voice.

Do women own superpowers? Can a woman's voice create a difference? Anjana mentioned superpowers, in fact, all come from your daily practice. When you are in life, can be brave for their own voice and self-motivation, this is the superpower, absolutely do not underestimate what you insist on doing everything, can affect the family, the community, and even the world.

Anjana shared the true story of 3 female influences, including Anne. Anne Frank, Malala (Malala), Mina (Meena). Among them, about Anne. Frank, her 13-year-old birthday present, a diary, wrote about every day of World War II, a diary that became a true testimony to the extermination of Jews in Germany during World War Two. Anjana asked everyone, "can you imagine every day of this child?" In the case of a daily need to hide and hide, in exchange for us to be able to insist on writing down every day? "She is not for fame, only to record every day, in order to let future generations can see, and so every day to insist on things, has become an influence, but also a woman's superpowers."

She also stressed that when you insist on doing something, it doesn't have to be perfect all the time, saying, "Sometimes it's going to be a little bad!" But it doesn't matter! "Encourage people to learn to love themselves, to find their passion, to find out what you have to do in life, and then to listen to their voices, to maintain" sincerity ", from" sincere departure. " (Extended reading: interview with GSK general manager Anjana Narain: Stop blaming yourself for imperfections)

"Don't be afraid of deformation, turn your mind, cross out, life is fun!" 」

The second Keynote-in-chief is Gillian Chen Yingxun, head of public affairs and marketing at Standard Chartered Bank. Gillian's career has been deformed and evolved, and she has moved from a reporter to the current Standard Chartered public Relations Office and Marketing director. Gillian is looking forward to tomorrow before going to bed every day, so why is she so looking forward to every day? She gave everyone three none: Fearless, infinite, clear conscience.

She shared with you that on the morning of the same day, she received the "2018 Taiwan Enterprise Perpetual Award on behalf of Standard Chartered Bank, which won four awards, including the" Three Sustainable Model Foreign Enterprise Award ", the" financial and Insurance Group Social Inclusion Award ", the" Talent Development Award "and the" Gender Equality Award ", which are the highest awards of foreign banks. She was so impressed that she was almost all male standing on the stage, and she was the only woman who made her aware of gender equality and had a long way to go, and told herself that it was up to her to start by herself.

As long as do their favorite things, is a kind of influence, because at that time you, the heart is full of love, will radiate light, do their favorite things, "difficult is not difficult is not the key, dare not!" "She said firmly. (Extended reading: do what you like in order to exert influence!) Interview with Gillian, head of public Affairs & amp; marketing, Standard Chartered bank

Gillian spent eight years, experiencing ups and downs in the middle, from cross-industry to manager, to now general manager. At first, she was a journalist, then cross-industry into the science and technology industry, but also as the general manager of Zurich Life Taiwan Branch, to the current Standard Chartered Bank Public Relations office and marketing head. Career paths continue to change, she describes it as a Lego building block that would have been long, round, square, but when you turn your mind, like a combination of these different shapes of Lego bricks, it can be a Christmas tree, or a house, and say, "When you have an idea in your heart, don't be afraid of deformation, these deformed recombination, It's going to be a force. 」

"At first, the insurance industry was the three major industries I didn't want to enter. "Why would she later choose to enter Zurich life?" She shared, in fact, because of curiosity, will want to know what kind of business this is, a century-old industry in which there must be moving stories or reasons. She said that at that time Zurich in order to protect the policy, in the two World War, the policy buried in the park, she heard, the scalp is numb! She decided to put in and discover more stories. After investing in the insurance industry, she broke her past impression of the insurance industry and found that the knowledge content of the insurance industry was very high. "Turn your mind, the mood will be different, and you will start to think about what I can do every day." 」

Work is not equal to career, it means what you do.

Gillian believes that work is not just a job, or a career, but a lifetime with everyone, in the future can be proud to say: "hey! Do you know? I did something a month in a certain year. She used the Chinese art of war to share her three kinds of thinking about her work: fighting, guarding, and conspiring.

"War" is Earn respect, she stressed not to argue, to fight for what, but you insist on doing things, will be respected. "Do" is not just for promotion, when you also firmly believe in their own persistence, your efforts will be seen, recognized and respected, then these opportunities, will be given to me by others, not I want to come.

"Shou" is no successor, no success! Your efforts, took down the city, succeeded, after that? ' We have to look back, ' she said. ' Those who support you behind your back, know how to thank and give back, so that success is called. '

"Conspiracy" is Native skills, she said that in fact everyone has Super Power, she examples of their own: "I will do logical thinking, like cocoon see the nuances and veins, in the Find out the answer", told us to first find their own internal characteristics and make good use of it, it will show your strength and beauty.

Gillian finally gave you three keywords in the film:

Without fear of be fearless", she mentioned Kathrine Switzer, the first female runner to run into a marathon, because the women at the time were not allowed to take part in the marathon, but Kathrine insisted on competing, and during the run, others had been trying to take her off the runway and rip off her back number, Kathrine boyfriend rushed forward, hard to the resistance of the people knocked Open. Kathrine's insistence: "I just want to run" and became the first woman to sign up and finish the Boston Marathon. (Extended reading: The first woman to run into a marathon )

"Infinity Without limits", the legendary middle and long distance runner in the 70, Steve Prefontaine, who died in a car accident at the age of 24, has a very important belief that he wants to run further and faster every day because life is short, and Gillian says, "It's right." 」

"The clear-conscience is you." Follow your heart!" To be yourself, the most important thing is to follow your own heart.

Through the sharing of Keynote two speakers, Anjana said: "Believe in yourself, everyone has superpowers",gillian said: "Work is not equal to career, but on behalf of you as a person", let us see the influence, is from your daily practice, whether in the work, thought, action, You must first believe in yourself, and persevere in putting your time into it, and in the dark, turn your thoughts, accept the present and adjust your mood, and start bravely. Playing influence is not out of reach, as long as you believe that you also believe that every day, these daily will be your superpower!