Life is heavy, and when you close your eyes, you are afraid that you will fall into the boundless darkness. And Chen Qizhen's song can gently pick up each falling person, tell you, you still have a sea of their own, belong to their own light.

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Some people say that Chen Qizhen's voice is ethereal, light and ethereal. In my young memory, Chen Qizhen is close to the ground, Voldemort, with the city, traffic, and the footsteps of pedestrians into one, sound for life and sing. Every morning, every commute, every quiet late night, when I close my eyes and listen to Chen Qizhen's songs, there is always a picture: a delicate back, carrying a guitar, with the most gentle posture, pick up every falling person, she will say, let me hold you.

Chen Qizhen in the eyes of the world, occasionally cruel malice, but she always choose to be gentle to stay. On the show, she watched the film "Song of the Rangers" shed tears and said, "It is true that our world is an imperfect world, and sometimes I always feel that I am playing the role of a translator." "She is a singer, also carrying the role of translation, the brain of the image into words, is willing to take on all."

Following the flower's Posture trilogy, the 20 anniversary of the debut, Chen Qizhen last week launched the Observer four song-the first triangulated album "Sofa Sea", if the flower posture is to talk about the beauty of rebirth, then the Observer four song is a embrace of the pain of life practice, the first triangulated release of the Mv〈 damage ", rock substrate, Revealing the damage that exists anytime, anywhere in life, and finally looking straight at the crowd with resolute eyes: You can stab me, but I will still hold my own beauty, self-reliant and born. So in the new song so singing: "Do not want to hear who's success, do not want to hear who's failure, do not want to hear whose disappointment, do not want to curry favor with who's expectations." (Recommended reading: practicing an unflattering life, Oprah: "Never do anything for others that is not true! ")

Talk about life, Chen Qizhen mind delicate, like can be aware of you all. The imperceptible emotions of life, she magnifies it and magnifies it, and then says to you, hey, look at the wound here, but don't worry, we'll be fine. Chen Qizhen is not a fairy, she really exists in life, in the joys and sorrows of each of us. 20 anniversary, those about life, Chen Qizhen has always wanted to say this to you:

If we really love our lives, we are willing to trust our own feelings, we can fly to a higher place to look at ourselves, perhaps closer to what we want, we want nothing but a pure breath, want to see a favorite performance, want to sing with sex, so simple.

On the helmet gallop, life for Chen Qizhen is the direct appearance of feeling, happy when you laugh, sad when you cry, to trust and catch every feeling. Without the estrangement of self-deception and roundabout creation, you will see yourself more real. Perhaps when you look directly at your emotions, you will find that there is really not much desire, but to sing with the fun. As she said in "80% perfect life," choosing what she wanted most, a person still smiled; discard the best of herself, turn off the lights, and the real self will come back. (Recommended reading: Find yourself a Role model, but don't ask yourself to be her )

Life is nowhere to be a turning place, as long as we can still go, fortunately, we can.

Listen to Chen Qizhen's song, there is pain in the inside, let people tears pain. But life is not always so sad, she believes there is a light hit on the body, can go down with hope. Her lyrics are like a confession to life, at the same time in the end to save themselves, gently from the sea to pick up, from now on no longer wander: "When you feel small fragile and vulnerable, it is possible that you are already the sun in the eyes of others." 」

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Gradually become adults of us, fortunately every day has the opportunity to become a better person.

When we were young, we used to say, "If one day I become the kind of adult I hate, please tell me." "But when you grow up, you occasionally feel like you have lost control of your life, and you can only go with the crowds, and laugh at yourself for being such an adult after all." But she says we're still on the road, and all the good and bad will go with time, and if you feel like you're going in the wrong direction, don't be afraid, turning around is that you have a chance to change at any time. It's never too late to be a better self.

There are always people who will use some kind of illogical way to let you know that you are still being understood.

How independent people, will also want to have the heart to belong, sometimes you will feel that no one knows themselves, no one wants to listen to their own words, but rest assured that there is such a person, in his way to care for you, or perhaps he is now in your side, but you have not noticed, like "mayfly" singing, one day, You can find the ocean that holds you.

The weak self, is also the general softness, also has the burden of unbearable. Keep the present happiness for the future, I have done so, but the taste of happiness has gone awry.

The reason why people like Chen Qizhen so much is perhaps because she is like a big sister, understand that everyone has softness, do not need to always pretend to be strong, in the emotional attack when frankly accept it, you will become more resilient people, able to face every difficulty.

睽违 five years Release album, Chen Qizhen want to talk about never change, life has its tall, but also has its fragile subtle place, may everyone can open their hands to embrace every moment of life.