This year is the second session of the women's fan of the Global women's Influence forum, with the theme "Influence, I define", inviting eight speakers to talk about what women's influence is. Through the direct strike, together to relive the female ambassador Yi Yitiu and Li China, as well as the courage to burn the girl Chen Ning, they share their own story moved. Women fans CEO Zhang Wei Xuan also gave you a word, will give you a full year of strength!

This year, women's fans global women impact summit"came to the second session, which was divided into three parts of the panel (talk), Keynote (keynote speech) and share (sharing).

We invite this year's two women Ambassadors Yi Yitiu and Li China, as well as women fans, "15 degrees of bravery: the 900-day confession of the dusty girl" Chen Ning, to share their influence stories with us, and invited the first speaker: Teach founder and CEO Liu Anting for Taiwan, and the founder of Cotton Le Yue, Lin Tzu. , United Nations Children's Goodwill Ambassador Chen Meiling, again with the Taiwan Panel to talk about, share the breakthrough and change in the year, the last Keynote, we invited the Standard Chartered public affairs and marketing office head Gillian Chen Chen Yingxun, and GSK Taiwan general manager Anjana Narai N, lead us from the perspective of the world and think about "how influence has my definition." (Extended reading: Live Direct Hit | Global women's Impact Forum: Influence, is the choice not to give up )

Purple ribbon on the wrist: influence, in your hands.

10 minutes before the event began, the entire performance hall was almost full, and this year's Women's Forum, like last year, was held in the Prudential Performance Hall, but unlike in previous years, all the spectators on the left hand wrist were strapped with purple ribbons.

This year's admission is very different from previous years, unlike the traditional "admission by ticket", this year every audience is based on the left hand of the "purple ribbon admission." At the time of check-in, women fans, in addition to giving each audience a selection of gifts for women, also by women's fans, personally for all 400 spectators, each with a purple ribbon, on each person's wrist tied a bow.

"Tie the Bow", this action is very delicate and delicate, but also need a lot of patience, to help the scene so many spectators do, it really took a lot of time, manpower, but women fans in addition to hope that this action, can build more women fans and the audience more interaction, closer to the reader, but also hope that this printed on the "influence, With my definition of "ribbon, through the womanyor to each audience, can be in the night of the Women's Forum to give you the strength, so that each audience can take the faith and strength of women fans back to play their own influence." (Extended reading: the influence of power to give you quotes: Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark )

Women's Impact Forum 2018: International perspectives and sharing of women's experiences

At the beginning of the event, women fans of the operation of the long and co-founder Chen Yi Zhen Tanya First introduction, in the audience warm applause, for the women's Power forum to kick off.

Tanya said 2018 was a "feminine influence" and an "exhilarating" year, with New York securities appearing as the first female leader in more than 226 years this year, Ethiopia electing its first female president, and the BBC female anchor successfully won a gender pay war, with female influence taking place around the world, Change the world. So compared to 4 domestic speakers invited last year, women fans have invited 8 speakers from home and abroad this year, hoping to start with Taiwan and introduce an "international perspective" to find their own influence with readers.

Presenter Woman fan Editor-in-chief Audrey relay to the stage, she first welcomed from Kaohsiung, Taichung, Nantou, Tainan and other Taiwan friends, especially came to the women's Influence forum site, together with us to find " The answer to what is influence, I hope that through this year's theme-Influence, I define, can allow women's experience to link, share co-creation, to create a stage for women.

Women's ambassador Yi Yitiu and Li Chu: blank pages mean the biggest possibility

This year's Women's Impact Forum is honored to invite two well-known actresses, Yi Yitiu and Li China, to serve as this female influence ambassador.

Walking on the actor's way, this year has been Yi Yitiu's 12th year, this year she is also in the film "Detonation Point", the wonderful interpretation of the role of Kim Min to the inspector, left a deep impression on many viewers. Before becoming an actor, Yi Yitiu, who was a skinny man on stage, was once a handball player and had represented the country in many international competitions.

Why did you finally choose to be an actor? In an exclusive interview with women's fans, Yi Yitiu said the reason for being an actor was "the hope that women's real experiences will be seen and heard." Although no longer hitters the ball, Yi Yitiu felt that handball was similar to some part of the performance work because it required "teamwork." She believes that public figures have a "social responsibility" because of their "influence", so she often works with partners to think about how to weave a female character and provide more possibilities for the role to influence the audience before preparing to play a role. (Extended reading: I believe in truth!) Interview with "Detonation Point" Yi Yitiu: I look forward to my role, can let the female experience share )

Another female ambassador, Li China, cross-legged film, stage play, TV series, but also won the Admiralty, Golden Horse and other awards, in 2015, Li Chu that has served as a woman fan of the first 525 I love my festival of sharing guests, today is her 睽违 three years, the last time to return to the scene of women's fan activities, and today for her, is a day of great significance.

"Don't mention birthdays! "Li China's humour also made the scene laugh."

November 22 Today, in addition to being Li China's birthday, today for her, there is a more significant significance, that is, she changed her name, from the original "Li China", changed to "Li Chu that", she said, will be "female" next to the word, is able to remove the frame, so that they can bravely forward, love themselves. (Extended reading: The pain makes her grow more!) Li Chu: "Even if you get hurt, be brave to Love")

When it comes to "what is female influence", Li Chu feels that female influence is "toughness" and "Love and tolerance", women are very good can do everything! Her first Taiwan album, to be released in December, is a women-themed, with different songs about different stages of the female story, she hopes that through this album, we can let more people know that women's stories are moving, and worthy of respect.

Yi Yitiu, for his part, felt that although women were oppressed to some extent in this society, being oppressed could also exert a great influence if they could expose their situation and speak bravely. So if you start from the individual, how do you find your own influence? Yi Yitiu felt that "to explore their own appearance, know the life they want to pursue, and know how to love themselves", you can find their own value.

The last two women's ambassadors, give you two words, hope to accompany you bravely forward, find their own influence.

People have the right to grieve, but make sure they are happier.

Li Chu that

Blank pages mean the greatest possibility, and no matter what you lose or want to pursue, you can start all over again.

Yi Yitiu

Fan powder sharing: "15 degrees of bravery" Chen Ning's fearless Confession

In August this year, the Women's Fan Powder Association, is the first time we met Chen Ning, at that time wearing a pressure coat of her, there are people in the field are hard to forget the sweet smile.

Chen Ning in 2015, encountered Taiwan's biggest public security accident-Eight Immortals dust explosion, when she had 58% burns, after three years of rehabilitation, she published the first book, "15 Degrees of bravery" this year, recorded her three years of heart journey. (Extended reading: Eight Immortals dust storm girl Chen Ning: Other people's eyes and judgments, and can't define you )

"Thank you for the women's fans, today let me stand here as a big fan, to share my story with you." "In a long skirt, Chen Ning held the microphone in his hand and stood in the middle of the stage.

"Have you ever felt that life is a lot like walking through a tunnel?" "Chen Ning, with a smile of temperament, asked everyone present. She felt that life was like walking in a very dark, long tunnel, while walking, looking for light, on the way, we will have a lot of choices, choose to the left, or to the right, choose to stay at home today, or come to this speech, "and more than three years ago, I chose to go to eight Immortals paradise." 」

Recall Eight Immortals dust storm occurred, Chen Ning said, at that time a yellow dazzling light to her, "bang" after a loud bang, she was surrounded by a blaze, "like after 100 years." "She recalled her struggling to run out of the fire and couldn't even cry, remembering that she scolded," What a rotten organizer! " "Because of the large number of dead and wounded, 58% of the body burned her, it took three hours before she finally got into the ambulance."

We often bless sick, injured people: "Early recovery", but Chen Ning said, in fact, the word "early", for the injured, more is a kind of "helpless."

A year after the accident, every day three or four the change of medicine, like "the whole body of the skin glued up and then ripped up and then ripped open"; for skin grafts, she shaved off all her hair, became a "bald head" and felt like a "hairy dog with no dignity at all"; The first time she learned to stand back, she "touched! "The direct fall to the ground, blood moored from the wound spilled, she looked at the ceiling in despair, but prayed for heaven to let herself" deteriorate. "

Chen Ning said she realized that for a survivor, the scariest is often not "want to live, but not live", but "clearly live, but do not want to go," when her body and mind are close to death, the driving force is almost left ──"do not want to let the family cry."

Listening to such a poignant journey of mind, looking at the present Chen Ning, standing upright on the stage, holding the stage firmly speaking of their own story, the audience's eyes are heartache, more is "admire."

In addition to desperation, Chen Ning said that her second extension of the mood is "I am not willing", she felt that with what an accident can be doomed to her life?

I am not willing, with what an accident can be doomed to my life?

Chen Ning

She decided her only concession, the disaster left on her uneven skin, and other concessions, she did not allow, so she began to carry out high-intensity rehabilitation every day, a year later, she returned to society, began to work, and even to travel.

Return to the original life, of course, will encounter difficulties, Chen Ning said with a smile, once took the bus, had been asked by an old gentleman the cause of the injury, she confessed because eight immortals dust burst, unexpectedly was lectured: "You ashamed, is love to play!" So ruin the rest of your "Such words thrust hard into her heart." However, Chen Ning immediately went on to say with positive optimism that such an example was a minority, "and thank the majority of the community for their concern for the eight Immortals injured." 」

Let her really regain her chance, is in a time to ride the MRT. The weather was very hot at the time, looking at the car girls are wearing sleeveless, shorts, showing smooth skin, compared to the body pressure clothing limit of their own, she had to be sadly lowered her head, but glanced at the opposite window of their own reflection, the reflection of the girl grew long hair, painted a faint makeup, Chen Ning only realized that they really walked very far, Looking at his reflection, Chen Ning said: "I do not pity her at all, but I admire her very much." "(Extended reading: Eight Immortals dust storm girl Chen Ning: from" I'm not Enough "to" I'm really Beautiful ")

From that moment on, Chen Ning is no longer in order not to let the family cry and insist, nor for the uncomfortable mood, and bite teeth to live, she said, from that moment, "I am finally ready to meet a better self, I want to" perfect "the two words to replace, the good into my life. Chen Ning said, in the face of the pain of life, if you can use a brave badge, or an experience, through, to see it, then will not be different?

I want to replace the word "perfect" and pull the good into my life.

Chen Ning

What does it mean to talk about the "15 in the title of" 15 Degrees of bravery "? Chen Ning said, 15 degrees is "small", "a little bit" meaning, perhaps everyone has experienced low tide, difficulties, but as long as we are willing to be a little more brave, more than that small step, the results will certainly be different. In the face of the future, perhaps we will have confusion, there are worries, but in fact, as long as living in the present, trying to make today's squares too good, strung together, will find "even if not brilliant, but also a meaningful day." 」

At the end of the sharing, Chen Ning responds to the theme of "female influence," and she feels that when a girl genuinely heals, explores, truly becomes herself, appreciates her uniqueness, and shares the light in her eyes to the world, she will receive a big gift shared with the world, which is everyone's unique "influence."

As long as we are willing to be a little more brave, take that small step more, the result will certainly be different.

Chen Ning

Trying to make today's squares too good, strung together, even if not brilliant, will be a meaningful day.

Chen Ning

Women's fans CEO Zhang Wei Xuan: Promise me that you will make every decision this year

After the courage girl Chen Ning to share, the women's Power Forum has entered this year's compact and wonderful Panel and Keynote Link, invited last year's speakers Liu Anting, Linnings, Chen Meiling in the form of talks, back to the women's Power forum site, with us to talk about how to find their own influence, in the Keynote link, We have also had the privilege of inviting two international speakers, Gillian Chen and Anjana Narain, to bring more international perspectives to the Women's Power Forum. (Extended reading: Live Strike | Global women's IMPACT forum Keynote: It's not hard, it doesn't matter, the point is dare not)

Eight speakers relay to share their "female power point of view", wonderful who will not let anyone, but also not lose humor, so that the atmosphere under the stage more and more enthusiastic, applause, laughter constantly, almost the performance hall roof to lift. In a dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere, this year's women's influence forum gradually came to an end, at the end of the speech, women fans of the big parents-Women fan CEO and CEO Zhang Wei Xuan, also at the end, give you some words.

Wei Xuan said she achieved last year's commitment this year, last year's Women's Forum at the end, Wei Xuan once asked the audience: "Do you want to stand here one day to share your story?" "Everyone who was there raised their hands, and this year women fans fulfilled last year's wishes, and were fortunate enough to invite Chen Ning, a woman's fan, to share her unique story.

Everyone has their own life story, and they all need to make a lot of choices for themselves. Seven years ago, before the creation of a woman fan, Wei Xuan had a lot of "seemingly better" choices, such as the opportunity to join a large film company and the opportunity to become a popular columnist. "All opportunities look better than starting this (women's fan) who didn't know what it was at the time," Wei Xuan said humbly. "The whole room burst into laughter.

Many people did not support her at the time, some said she gave up too many too good opportunities, her sister also advised her: "Do not do things that will make you fail", even her mother will still call her: "Daughter Ah, simply take a charge do not do well, too tired." "Their worries, heartache is not unreasonable, the road to start a business is rugged, bumpy, Wei Xuan said, in 100 network start-ups, there may be only 3 successful." (Extended reading:"av story" Zhang Wei Xuan: work is empty, unless there is love )

Seven years later, it's not easy for a woman fan to still be standing here. This summer, Wei Xuan was honored to be invited to the U.S. State Department as the CEO of a woman, she recalls, when the State Department told her that you were witnessing not only the history of women's infatuation, but also the change in personal life, but "all the people involved in women's fans, including readers, speakers, all together in Asia , Taiwan, began a campaign of gender enlightenment and the rise of women's consciousness. 」

The rise of female consciousness allows us to know how to listen to our voices and make every choice for ourselves in this fast time, Wei Xuan said to everyone present, "when you choose to participate, stay here, choose to ask questions, raise your hands, choose to tell stories, these choices are to help all the people in this land, write down a new history, A new moment. (Extended reading: Wei Xuan to the user book: Hey, come with us, will you? )

In this run of women's fans on the road, although there are many challenges, but Wei Xuan will still choose to adhere to the walk, but also thank you along the way there are women fans of the company and participation, and finally Wei Xuan also gave you a sentence: "Believe me you are very important, promise me this year you will do every choice for yourself." 」

Trust me, you're important, promise me you'll make every choice for yourself this year.

Zhang Wei Xuan

At the end of the forum, all the partners of the woman fan, whether in front of the scene or behind the scenes, come to the stage and hold hands and bow to the audience to express their gratitude. For seven years, women have been obsessed with walking on this path of gender, supporting this choice behind an entire team, even the audience on the stage, and you who are reading this article.

A deep bow, for the 2018 women's influence forum, painted a beautiful "comma", we hope that this year's forum can bring you some strength, so that you have the courage to do a good job of every choice, but also look forward to next year can meet each of you/you, with us to witness the influence of women.