Nat once described Pikka Pikka as a very designed wipe with its brand stories , and let everyone begin to notice that this fine fabric, which can even be used to wash your face, is not only a variety of styling, but also a feature of each style!

Now, let's watch this wipe-out design show!

Cute Animal Designs — Long and Rabbit

This is a very special one, Pikka Pikka specifically asked Japanese designers to create a limited number of designs (), which is very popular in Japan, and limited in the number of Taiwanese-induced.I like it. It's a beautiful color, a lovely and happy dragon and a rabbit design plan, but it's a gift from your own use!

Animal: Dragon Design >

The pattern is quite lively and colourful!There's a lot of joy in the mood.
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Rabbit Design >

When you see a happy little rabbit in there, you feel good, as if you returned to your childhood …
> > I

Pikka Giry Collection is a joint style with a number of distinguished women in all walks of life. Each one represents a different girl, represents a different story, more representative of what you want to be a unique character!There are many different colors that can represent different feelings for you every day!

Pikka G irl Collection by Elaw

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Elab Wong, a star makeup artist who has worked on color cosmetics for many years, is now one of The Lok Studio founders.He has been involved in many films and international boutiques, and has helped comfort the ice, the music, the Angelababy, and the Hollywood stars.

Elaw likes to add colors to different faces.Love the skin and music, and follow the Lord, and this is the way she lives.

Elaw believes that the ability to make make-up in the human world is to add a gorgeous color to others and to their own lives.The small part also felt that Elaw was really charming, and let this Pikka Giry Collection by Elaw add a lot of flavor.

Pikka Giry Collection by Julina Ribeiro

Rulina Ribeiro is a senior behind-the-scenes actor in the advertising industry in Hong Kong, with the main job being interviewing, new faces looking for advertisements, and television advertising.Like many different people, they like photography, tourism, and new things, and they have a wide range of eyes.

This is also my favorite color, fun and creative, believing that girls are hard to resist it!
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Pikka Girl Collection by May J.

May J., brand May J. The designer and the founder of the.

May J. He studied at Vivienne Westwood, George, and later years in Seoul Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week. In 2007, he won the title of China's new designer, the MTV Supercup of the Year, and was awarded the title of the MTV Supercup of the Year.

This is very resistant to the stylish design, and it is a fashion trend, a fashionable and fashionable girl, who feels very well suited for this!
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Pikka Giry Collection by Tina

Tina Lv – As a fashion circle in 2004, she is the chief broker in the professional model company.The job is responsible for Chinese and foreign model broking businesses, including China's famous famous model and the world's top 50 supermodels.

How can a woman have no high-heeled shoes? Through Tina's idea of high heels, let's see women's unique and stubborn charisma!
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Pikka Giry Collection by Jessie Li

Jessie Li, Shanghai Girl, once a flat model, is now a student and actress of the Beijing Film Academy, and the visibility of the film is increasing.

She says that making models and actors is more of her interest than her work now, and she likes to show her beauty in front of the camera, leaving behind a shadow of youth.Although fame was growing, she still felt she was an ordinary girl.

Perhaps she is the best picture of a girl in our age, and constantly wants to be able to emit heat and to make efforts to make it the most unique, but the other side of private is ordinary and simple!

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Pikka Girl Collection by Sio

Sio is a Macau multi-creator.She has been an advertising director of Philips Electronics, and has been coordinating a number of activities including watches, documentary directors, Hong Kong and China.

The concept of design for Sio is through the eyes, and we see and observe that the role and position of the world and woman can be fickle. Every single one of you, you know, is unique in the world!

Jeans Style – Pikka Giry Collection

This is also a design that I really like. It's very much like the feeling of wiping out the glasses with the clothes angle, and the color is very soft and beautiful, and it's very tempted to collect it!

flower series

There are also three new models of the new packaging, and the small part feels that these three colors are fresh and fit to enjoy the cool eyebrows!!

> crisp dot-dot style


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Optical series — Water Blue, Lakewater Green, Lavender Purple

In addition to the lovely WiKe Cobb Series, Pikka Pikka also has an optical monumenture in the color of a prime.If you are a clean and low-key reader, this is a very practical one!

(All models at a time!

the introduction of Pikka Pikka , are you moving?

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