"Different families have different flavours, some are thicker, some are a little lighter, some are a little bit special." "Jinlan soy sauce in Pingquan cast on the eve of the upload of a gay family film, sparking a lively discussion among netizens, won praise." In the past, many enterprises have expressed their support for LGBT through their products, and what benefits can this bring to the products?

"Different families have different tastes, some are thicker, some are a little lighter, some are special, as long as they let each other on the table, taste the temperature of love, happiness is enough to make people aftertaste." 」

A pot of shiny brine cooked on the stove, mother and girl nest beside the hearth taste, and then someone pushed open the door, the little girl turned back, to the door of the woman who looked like just off work said: "Mom you come back!" 」

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11/24 Pingquan on the eve of the throw, a lesbian family film in the face of viral by netizens forwarding, online 10 hours There are 5190 retweets, everyone surprised is that the film is actually from Jinlan soy sauce! The traditional food company, which founded more than one, has cast a shock bomb in the community, so sensitive to the timing of advertising to support gay marriage. Under the film was praised, said to use NT dollars to let Jinlan off the shelves, thanks to Jinlan willing to support same-sex marriage.

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There was, of course, a questionable voice, arguing that the ad did not explicitly state that the pair were same-sex couples, while advertising director Bernard Chang wrote on Facebook :

I admire and appreciate the vision of Jinlan, willing to jump off the past food advertising safety framework, the preparatory process Jinlan also quite support the design, technical Department of the proposal. If you like this ad, before the Saturday referendum, please let the relatives and friends around you see, whether he supports or does not support marriage affirmative action, please let him know that gay families and heterosexual families, as long as there is love, the rest is not different at all.

Jinlan soy sauce As a traditional enterprise, openly support LGBT, is reflected in D&i (diversity& Inclusion) has been emphasizing the "to create a friendly, inclusive of different sexual orientation of the workplace environment." In foreign countries, we also see enterprises in different ways to support comrades, such as Doritos (multi-force) in 15 to launch a rainbow limited version, not only packaging, inside the Corn Flakes are also rainbow color. And the sellout can't buy it, you have to donate more than 10 dollars to the organization that supports same-sex marriage, "It gets Better Project," and multi-force will send the Rainbow Limited edition to your home. Despite the high threshold, it was snapped up by the people abroad. (Recommended reading: Facebook small Revolution: A small step in the change of dating images, a big step in gender affirmative action )

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14 Burger King launched "Proud Whopper (Pride Hua fort)" To change Burger King's signature burger into a rainbow package, and the customers who ate it at first wondered: "Isn't this the usual fort Hua?" What's different? "Finally, I see the words printed on the inner packaging," We're all the same inside (we're all the same inside) "only to discover Burger King's ingenuity, yes, LGBT and the average person nothing different, do not have to distinguish in particular! And the customer's response to the film also has 7 million views on the network, generating 21 million of dollars worth of media exposure, about 450,000 bloggers on the network mentioned the event.

In This article , the World Economic Forum, WEF, mentioned that excluding LGBT communities can be a huge loss for businesses, and that the United States could increase by 90 per cent a year if companies could retain LGBT talent and customers through a multi-inclusive policy Billions of dollars in income. The LGBT Capital report also notes that LGBT communities can consume up to $3.7 trillion a year, and the Asia-Pacific region can reach $1.1 trillion. Faced with such a huge consumer market, what companies can do is choose to come forward and speak out for LGBT. You can combine marketing with your own products, organize and collaborate with LGBT organizations, and most importantly, don't be afraid to stand up for support, build a friendly social environment, and be one of the corporate social responsibilities. (Recommended reading: Facebook tweet, big attitude of business: support for legalization of same-sex marriage )

Looking back at the advertising of Jinlan soy sauce, or feel good, in Taiwan Pingquan cast on the eve of the most sensitive wave drop ads, take advantage of the take advantage, No. 22nd on the line so far, there have been more than 9,000 retweets, more than 610,000 views, the bottom of most for positive feedback and support, It has also succeeded in changing the image and reputation of the vintage food brand in the hearts of the younger generation.