"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love in the world, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Freddy of the Queen's Choir and Mary, we don't have sex, but I don't want anyone but you.

"All my lovers have asked me why they can't replace Mary, and I say it's impossible." The only friend I have is Mary, and I don't want anyone else. "--Freddy

Freddy knew he was an alien in the family since he was a kid, and it must have been. He is not tame, resist boredom, and know that he has a wide span and can sing the throat, doomed to be either ordinary, to glow and heat, no stage, he will find one for himself, do not do rock star, he only do legends.

He keeps looking at himself that way. His youth, but also lonely. He majored in art, extremely keen on color, long affirmed the value of negative fashion, others see him only think it is shy boy. Meet Mary, in 1969, that year, Buddha Reddy 24 years old, Mary 19 years old, long before Freddy became famous, the Queen orchestra was born, Mary crossed the crowd to recognize him, embrace all his possibilities. She thought Freddy was beautiful and drew the first eyeliner for him.

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They like-minded, soon together, two people huddled in a narrow apartment, bathroom kitchen is shared with people, but feel broad mood, the future is vast, anything can happen. He relied more on her than he thought, on a lone life, with a reason to dock.

On Christmas night, he handed her a box, another box in the box, and then another box, with a ring in the final box, and Mary asked him, "Where should I put the ring?" "Freddy looked at her," The ring finger of the left hand, do you want to marry me. "She whispers, I would like I would."

He immediately began a series of touring performances, feeling the applause sounded, feeling the crowd rattling, feeling that the stage was born for himself, while feeling the body growing other desires, he could not resist, more intuitive primitive desire. Indeed, when he was with Mary, he felt very close, like back to the womb, someone willing to understand him and love him unconditionally, but he had other, he could not hide the feeling.

The night I chose to confess to Mary, he went back to their cohabitation apartment, "I'm bisexual, and I don't think this relationship is fair to you." "Mary was silent for a moment," No, dear Freddy, I think you may be gay. "Some part, he felt that he had abandoned her, he was in pain, but for him, he never loved her." He had no way of having sex with Mary, but he felt sincere feelings beside her. (Recommended reading:"VITA and VIRGINIA" Woolf and her encounter: love regardless of gender )

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She moved away from their apartment, but never moved away from having his life. Their relationship has been groped and tried and wrong, growing up to their own beauty. Love of my life can really be like this, there is a variety of companionship, there is no need to always be in the name, they give each other, is a longer love of support and assistance, she thanked him for his willingness to confess to him, he became the godfather of her children.

"Love of our life re ' ve hurt me

Re ' ve broken my heart and now you leave Me

Love of our life can ' t

Bring it back bring it back

Don ' t take it away from me

Because you don t know WhatsApp means to me "

They are the family in each other's lives, not related by blood, but the umbilical cord is tied, not together in the days, forever. From the first day of the encounter, she is his eternal queen, before going to bed, he will remember to light a lamp for her, lonely, will be the first to think of can call her, feel lonely, think of them at the beginning of the moment, really someone so understand themselves, she saw in his eyes in the morning light.

In 1987, Freddy diagnosed AIDS, there was no medication, he only told Mary, and asked her to keep it a secret, she kept her mouth shut. It was not until 1991 that Freddy issued a statement to the outside world, "I hereby confirm that I have been tested for HIV-positive AIDS." In the past I thought secrecy could protect the privacy of those around me. Now, however, it is time to let friends and fans know the truth. I hope you can work with my doctors and the world to fight AIDS. I have always been very focused on personal privacy, but also very few visits, please understand that the future will continue. 」

On the next day, Freddy died of bronchial pneumonia caused by AIDS. At the age of 45, he left more than half of his estate, mansion and future copyright fees to Mary, and the members of the orchestra, named after him, founded the Mo Churi Phoenix Trust to study aids disease.

After the death of Freddy, Mary picked up his bones for him and, in accordance with his last wishes, sprinkled the ashes to the unknown, and she kept them secret, never revealing the location. When Mary recalled Freddy, she said she was like losing her closest family, "He was everything to me except my son." No one has ever given me the same feeling. 」

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Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Freddy with his life to inquire, and he gorgeous and rock to live that answer, how lucky, there is Mary accompanied, as a friend, as a confidant, as a family, as an eternal lover. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" Love Is You accompany me to see a doctor, I see You aging )