Today is the 22-year anniversary of Pengwan's death and the day of Taiwan's feminism. 22 years ago, the Pengwan homicide promoted women's right to night, and allowed the sexual assault Crime Prevention and Control Act, which had been on hold for two years, to pass. Don't forget the rights of women in exchange for their lives this day.

December 31, 1996 is the darkest, but also the brightest, day for women's rights in Taiwan. The Hitachi Court Mallet, shelving the two-year law on the prevention and control of sexual assault offences, was passed. This is with blood and tears, is the death of Pengwan, in exchange for women's safety and security legislation.

On the evening of November 30, 1996, Pengwan, director of the SNP women's Department, who was actively involved in the feminist movement, boarded a plane to Kaohsiung to attend the SNP provisional National Congress on December 1, which was of great importance to her and to Taiwanese women, as she proposed the One-fourth safeguard clause on women's political participation To be voted on at the meeting, if passed, the nomination of party public office on behalf of the future SNP would have to have one-fourth female candidates. (Recommended reading: You should rebuild "Education for gender equality": don't have the next Pengwan and Ye Yongji )

For Taiwanese society, the One-fourth clause is historic because, in the past, there were no laws or orders that so guaranteed the number of women in politics. In order to pass this clause, until the first night before the whole generation, Pengwan also specifically went to the DPP national representative caucus to sleep in the Tsim Mei Hotel, trying to lobby every party member to support the terms, when people dubbed Pengwan "Peng One-fourth", she was humorous response, hope can be called "Peng One-second."

Photo | Pengwan Foundation

The next day in the whole generation, the DPP announced the adoption of the "Women's political participation one-fourth protection clause", but the meeting did not see the most important promoter Pengwan, party members suspicious wrong, hurriedly reported to the police. On the afternoon of December 3, police found the remains of the multi-knife Pengwan in a guava garden in Kaoshung pine. According to the monitor image speculation, Pengwan killed time should be away from the sharp beauty hotel, she took a taxi, but did not expect the car to sail to a road, so the police will lock the murderer to the taxi driver, began a large-scale pursuit of the murderer, but the case is uncertain, the murderer is still inconclusive.

Pengwan homicide illuminates women's night return

The Pengwan homicide cast a shock bomb on the community, the public began to have fear of taking taxis, and the women who had been neglected night safety, finally get attention. The National women's online launch of the "Feminist Fire Night Road Parade", chanting "Women want power, not violence", while co-sponsoring more than tens of thousands of students on the Internet, November 30 as Taiwan feminist Day, to commemorate the contribution of Pengwan to the rights and interests of Taiwan women. In addition to fighting for women's rights on the day of the march, gay groups also came forward to fight for the right to Japan. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" for women's rights is also on the street! Trump takes office, woman marches into Washington )

People at the scene of the day shouted:

"Women want the right to night, comrades want the right to day!" 」

"Politics is not your game, it's our blood and our tears." 」

As the protests grew, the Legislative Yuan passed the Sexual Assault and Prevention Act, which was shelved for two years. The Taipei municipal government has set up a women's protection center to set up a 24-hour special line to protect women's safety. The Ministry of Education has also established the Gender Equality Commission in the coming year, which stipulates that there must be gender parity in schools and promotes gender equality, which is the source of the Law on Gender Equality education today.

The woman's way home was finally illuminated.

Photo | SNP

Don't give up hope, even though it takes time to fight for rights and interests

Pengwan, who spent his life betting on the women's movement and fighting for gender affirmative action, was a very feminist politician in Taiwan at the time. Inspired by the history of American women's transport, she has promoted women's feminism at all levels since her return from the United States, and has walked into the grassroots level to listen to the hearts and minds. At the age of 43, she went to the United States to study for a master's degree and delve into women's issues. She talked about the unequal education of women in the country, about the restrictions on women's manners and political participation in the society, and about the long-words speech discrimination, and the dullness of the Society:

Women not only should not be self-defeating, but more must recognize their own potential and limitations, brave to go to another floor.

Pengwan, what's the other trick? -talking about women's settling down

Today, the 20 prosecution period has passed, who the murderer is, is no longer the focus of our attention.

Pengwan uses life to promote women's feminist progress, so that women can have a voice in politics, and women's one-fourth provisions have evolved with the times, gradually from the protection of the number of places to participate in politics, to the principle of gender ratio, can protect both men and women, which is why Taiwan Feminist Day (the anniversary of the death of Pengwan) is so important. Despite the time-consuming struggle for gender rights, change has been taking place and everyone should never give up hope.

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