Women's fans select quotes to give you warmth. Love is the purest and most complex emotion of human beings, love and be Loved by everything, since it can not be controlled, it is appropriate and addictive to enjoy it.

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word. Everyone in love has a different subject, there will be their own model and rhythm, do not have to worry, the right person will always come, in the right time.


Always thought I was different from he baorong. It turns out that when you're lonely, all the people are the same.

Chunguang leakage

"Number 16th, April 16. April 16, 1960 one minute before three o'clock in the afternoon you're with me, because you and I will remember this minute. From now on we are friends for a minute, that's the truth, you can't change it because it's over. 」

In the film, no one can love who, but that eternal minute, but lingering for a lifetime.

Wang Jiawei film in the "Zhang Guorong Royal" is from then on, if the Times to make heroes, that Wang home Wei must have built half Zhang Guorong. Alfie is depressed in it like Lost, love like a soul loss, play a story that no one loves each other but resides into the era of love classics.

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Everyone should allow themselves to have chaotic space and power, and I want to admit that I am confused. Love can be free, chaos can be felt.

Zheng Yi Nong

After several upheavals, looking back from life to find clues, face every difficulty. Perhaps it is also very much like Pluto, Pluto, the Lonely Planet that has been delisted, through death and rebirth, through chaos, far away to see the light of freedom, understand, the original strength has been in their own body.

The words of the farmer are like coming from a far planet, "I believe, and I want to encourage everyone that every kind of love is free, and that every kind of chaos can be embraced."

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I think I have to let myself well before I have the opportunity for all parties to be good, to be able to accept love, but also to have the ability to love, this is a more healthy feeling.

Tian Fu Zhen

I know that I am a complete and independent individual, in love, I do not want to force themselves, and do not want to force each other.

If lovelorn, still will be sad, but will not feel that life lost a piece, because I am complete. "Like two circles," Tian Fu Zhen raised his hand to two circles: "The two people who fell in love were two full circles, less each other, and I was still myself." 」

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We will not be able to narrate the emotion called love, but this may be cheating, perhaps our love is for their own.

There's no party in the grass east.

Now Taiwan's social system has a fixed model, as if we all have to follow the rules, people are always commenting on each other, "we have to read, read books to go to work, we have to have some kind of political tendency, believe in a certain religion, otherwise we do not know how to communicate with people." But music is completely outside the society of another system, a bit like art, literature bar, it must have a core, the most magical things, but no one can tell what that is, and in order to achieve that goal, we are willing to invest, just to find out the point of fit. 」

Music to the world Xuan is dependent, and for Liu Li is not thinking "why not?" "Choice; Hui had been in order to listen to a wild platform to climb the wall of the field, the same thing also happened in the building, she used the only money left in Kaohsiung, but did not have the money to buy the tickets of the spring, had to watch the friend enter, their ears affixed to the wall.

Music, is their rich, no money, want to always live with the existence of it, it is difficult to describe the specific love.

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When you make sure that love is your belief, you should be desperate to believe what you want.

Wei Ning

"In the play everything changes too fast, in fact, life is also, always constantly changing, cherish is the most important, faith is also." "When you believe in one thing, you have to be unapologetic."

There is a word very appropriate Wei Ning in the years of the state: "began to see the mountain is a mountain, the middle of the mountain is not a mountain, the last look at the mountains or mountains." "She said," You used to think it was a mountain, and then why do you think it's not a mountain? Because you're thinking of something else, you don't have it in your eyes. 」

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