In early November, the Scottish Government announced the inclusion of LGBT issues in school education in the hope of removing discrimination and violence, which can be said to be a d&i change at the national level. Can't you imagine gender education? Better to see how Scotland does it.

"We did it! This is a very commemorative victory! 」

On November 8, the Scottish Inclusive Education lgbtq+, which campaigned to promote the rights and interests of education in Scotland, wrote on Twitter that the Scottish Government would adopt their advice to reduce bullying and discrimination To fully integrate lgbtq+ issues into school education, while Scotland has also become the first country in the world to support the inclusion of lgbtq+ in education.

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Scotland's deputy first minister, Sweeney, said: "Our education must be able to support everyone and reach their potential, which is why it is so important for young students to include diversity in school education. 」

In the future, all Scottish public schools must teach gay, intersex, transgender and other community-related issues, including lgbtq+ 's history, proper terminology, identity, and ways to coexist with ethnic groups and eliminate prejudices. At the same time, the Scottish Government will also provide new educational resources and free teacher training courses to support the scheme.

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The elimination of bullying and discrimination is bound to be integrated into pluralistic education

Scotland's move not only promotes the right of lgbtq+ students to be taught, but also makes all children proud of their uniqueness, no longer discriminated against, no more bullies, and children learn to be inclusive.

According to figures provided by the Organization for Inclusive education, 9 out of every 10 lgbtq+ students in Scotland have ever met a homophobic at school, and 27% said they had attempted suicide because of bullying, and the survey showed that students ' lack of awareness of gender characteristics and intersex was also biased.

To eliminate prejudice and bullying, we cannot rely solely on moral education, and Jordan Daly, founder of inclusive Education, believes that lgbtq+ education is more about companionship: "At the age of 12, I struggled because of my comrade's status," he said. "What I really need is someone to tell me that history has been great lgbtq+ Model figures, and those people are in the same situation as me, such as Alan [Note 1], Martha Johnson [Note 2]. 」

Advocates of the initiative believe that all ages are suitable for lgbtq+ education, including primary schools. Discrimination and bully Lingyuan in ignorance, ignorance produces fear, fear breeds hatred, violence is born, and what gay education expects is to arouse people's awareness of pluralism, to unravel doubts about the lgbtq+ community, and if people can eliminate myths, opposites can naturally disappear.

Pluralistic education, which should be horizontal, inter-ethnic and ethnic exchanges, should also be vertical, from the change of time between learning the same, seeking progress. Leading children to understand gender, cognitive sexual orientation, awareness of human life and unique, will be a major progress in human rights, but also a national d&i change (diversity& Inclusion). (Recommended reading: Let employees have a sense of belonging, the rapid growth of the enterprise D&i have you ever heard of it? )

Scotland also banned gay education before the establishment of affirmative action milestones

In fact, before the promotion of gay education, the Scottish Government implemented the 28th clause (Section 28) in 1988, which prohibited school institutions from doing positive publicity for comrades. The bill originated in the 1980, when the world's first AIDS case occurred, the patient is a group of gay men.

In the past, human beings knew nothing about AIDS, mistakenly equated AIDS with comrades, and the ravages of disease gradually caused social panic, and public discontent with comrades increased, so in 1998 the Scottish Government implemented the 28th Act, which prohibited talking about gay issues head-on in schools. It was not until 2001 that Scotland repealed the provision. Therefore, the gay education now promoted by Scotland has its historical significance and influence, and makes all people see the dawn of affirmative action. (Recommended reading: British House of Lords member Liz Barker interview (below): Talking about LGBT is not progress, but fundamental rights )

Looking at Taiwan from the perspective of gay education in Scotland and striving for affirmative action, we are absolutely strong enough to continue to promote affirmative education in a land that has nurtured all kinds of cultures and is inclusive of multiracial races. If you also focus on gender, pay attention to affirmative action, at the end of each year women's fans will comb the gender event, expected to release the shortlist in 12/10, invite you to pay attention together!