The power of women comes from the strong belief in the heart. Take you to see the "fragile power" through the Hollywood actress roundtable!

The "roundtable" of the Hollywood Reporter, a talk show for the annual collaboration with the Academy Awards. The people who were invited to attend, usually the directors, writers, actors and actresses who were shortlisted for this season's Oscars, kicked off the Oscars through a way of talking about it.

The 2017 actress roundtable, which explores Hollywood's long-running storm of sex scandals, invited six actresses to speak out for themselves with a wide range of women, including Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Laurence Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Emasdon (Emma Stone), Grammy Award winner Mary J. Blige, Alison Sengennie (Allison Janney) and Secharonan (Saoirse Ronan).

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And in 2018, six actresses were invited to shine on this year's drama: Rachel Wyz of the favourite, Rachel Weizs, "The Wife," and Glenn Close, "If Bill Street can talk."-"if Bir Jie could speak." (Regina King) (If Beale Street could talk); Nicole Destroyer, "The Eliminated boys" (Boy erased) and the Destroyer (Kidman); The birth of a Superstar (a) (a Lady Gaga, the goddess of Star is Born; Catherine Hahn (Kathryn Hahn) of non-pregnant private life.

The theme of the actress round table was "vulnerable forces" (s a strength in vulnerability), with six actresses wearing a red, showing a strong but gentle tinge of women, talking together about the career path of actresses, and #MeToo and time ' s Up movement, so that Hollywood's ecology has been what kind of impact and change. (In the same field scene:#METOO interview with Itochu Weaving: breaking the Japanese sexual assault silence, I bet who will believe me )

Girls, you're not a fringe figure in society.

Rachel Wyz

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Performing the 18th century British version of the witty "palace bucket drama" "The Love" of Rachel Wyz, said that as an actor, they are responsible for interpreting the story, hoping that through the role of the performance, let the growing girls say to the screen: "That is me!" "Find your own role, and know" I am the protagonist of the push story, not the fringe character! "She said firmly.

She also says that when people talk about men being "strong," it's usually that they're muscular, but when it comes to women being "strong," it doesn't mean we're like bodybuilders, we're talking about women's fortitude, women's power is far greater than men's, because our power comes from our influence. (same field scene: Live Strike | Global women's Impact Forum: Influence, is the choice not to give up )

Speaking of #MeToo and Time's up campaign, she said it allowed women around the world to find each other and took each other's hands and bravely pointed to sexual harassment: "me too! "These forces of clustering are enough to shake up the whole society."

As women, the most important thing is that we feed our souls and hearts.

Grenk Rose.

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Grenk rose to perform "The Good Wife", after 14 years of production, finally to be released this year, the film is adapted from Megwoliz Meg Wolitzer's novel of the same name, the original and screenwriter are women, point out that the film industry has more and more female input. As an actor, she also hopes to tell the story of more strong women through her role, to help women in the world grow up, and to develop more possibilities.

In the play, she plays a sacrifice of her dreams and talents, only to achieve her husband's literary career, and even to accommodate her husband's infidelity. and presenter Matthew Belloni asked why the film needed to be filmed for so long. Glenn Close joked: "Because it's" wife, "the short words convey the role of being a woman and playing in society, which is usually not so easy.

Through the role, it also reminded her of her mother, her mother fell in love with her father at the age of 18, but on her deathbed, her mother said to her, "In this life, I have done nothing." "Let her not forget for a long while, as a wife or mother, often must sacrifice herself, she believes that women in any case, must be independent and self-living, she said softly:" We can have children, but also can do those as women must bear the "natural things", but we have to feed their souls and hearts, That's one of our jobs, too. "Remind women never to lose their souls."

As the conversation turned to the #MeToo movement, she shared her early personal stories in showbiz. "I remember it was an audition when I was reading the script and there was a very famous big Curry actor who put his hand on my lap ..." She was very aware of such a move, which had nothing to do with the audition and the character, recalling: "Why would he do that? "The atmosphere of the moment condensed, so frightened that the whole body could not move, and the matter was deeply imprinted in her heart. Therefore, she believes that the duty of being an actress is to ensure that these cultures of injustice against women will disappear completely in the future so that women can have equal status and remuneration.

I want to have the right to tell stories.

Raymond Gina, Gene.

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"Not just being drawn to a good story, but the creator has to be a partner, so that I can play, and I want to have the right to tell a story," said Rebecca King, who starred in the Black family's "What if Bill Street can talk" and why she decided to take part in the show. 」

Through the show, she wanted to create a safe space for girls, full of "Love" and Away from fear, and she thought that women were gradually beginning to speak out for themselves, and that those voices would grow louder, #MeToo and Time's up to make a group of women's voices, and she began to have more conversations with actresses of the same age, She said such a wave of movement, is a series of "sisterhood", so that each other can support each other, in the workplace on the road is no longer lonely or afraid.

Every woman is great and has the courage to repair and heal her loved one.

Nikoki Kidman

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Nikoki Kidman shares her role in "The Eliminated Boy" and "Destroyer," which seems to be very different from character, but the same is all women, but also have the same persistence--hope to heal the loved one, although in the process of seeking ways, will continue to hurt, but they still have the courage to repair and cure.

and "Destroyer" is the work of American female director Kathleen Kuzma (Karyn Kusama), Nicole Kidman said: "Hope there will be more female director of the film", looking forward to more women's input in the film circle, she also stressed the importance of "information sharing", that actresses should give each other strength, said: " Whether it is relevant experience, or some confusion, I hope that the new generation of actresses can communicate with us more, to ask us any questions, we are willing to share. 」

Reborn in the play and explore your innermost heart.

Goddess Kaka

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The goddess Kaka, who challenged the big screen for the first time, said she used to create a "self on stage", create a "goddess Kaka" and arm herself with these images, and because she was involved in the show, she was no longer able to dominate and control "that role", but had to work with others, saying: 」

She also paid tribute to the actors present and would do so because she thought singing and acting were very different moods, saying: "When performing music, the audience at the scene reacts, and that feedback inspires me; But the actor has to dig into his heart alone, projecting himself into the role." "Through this performance, she began to unload the original armed, began to examine the heart and expose the scars, in the role of healing themselves, from the rebirth."

At the age of 19, she began to engage in the music industry, has been harassed and sexually assaulted in the past, and has been subjected to violence, when she asked the top for help, but no one wants to reach out, "You know, men are like" boys ' Club ", cover each other's work. "No one wants to lose their existing power and status, so they choose to turn a blind eye. She thought it was a good start to the #MeToo and Time's up campaign, hoping that through such a campaign, women's conversations would come together, not just for equal pay for work of equality, but also for the fight against violence. She also found that men began to stand with women and encouraged women to speak out bravely, a sport that is an important milestone in gender.

Personal stories that are exclusive to individuals make me feel excited by reinterpreting them.

Catherine Hahn

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Catherine Hahn said that in "non-pregnant private life," is the process of playing a middle-aged woman to conceive, when she read the script, completely unable to imagine this "unknown child", said: "I can not imagine, also do not smell baby powder flavor." "She thought it was a very personal emotion and story, and although she felt a distance and could not immediately recognize the emotions of the characters, she enjoyed the process of dismantling and assembling personas, saying," Through the show, I was able to experience or witness the journey of these characters, whether small people or great women in history. " "and through their own interpretation of these stories, so that more people know."

Discussing the ecological changes in Hollywood, she was optimistic and very much looking forward to the day when women were equal, she said: "I can't wait for my children to grow up before I go back to the acting career I love." 」

Six actresses sit around, their age, cultural background, acting experience is not the same, but the same is--the same woman, in the career, may have experienced inequality and gender-based violence. And these pain, into a "fragile force", the use of this force, gently hold each other's hands, for themselves and the female community voice, these languages and actions, will interweave a love and equality of the future, so that the younger generation of girls, can have more courage and strength, become the protagonist of the promotion of the story. (Scene of the same field: TheJung Psychology of "Superwoman of the Divine": negative power and the self-sexual process of women )