Google Play 2018 Best App list out! Pick out 5 apps that can boost yourself, just 5 steps to nourish your 2019 and accompany you every day of your own growth.

Came to the end of the year, December is a "ready to go" day, the room needs cleaning, your body and mind also need cleaning ah! Take advantage of this time, reflect on yourself, and then start again!

Google Play 2018 Best App list, for you to take stock of 5 self-growing apps, only 5 steps, can nourish your 2019, lead your day to become better and stronger. (You will like:"oneness Cards divination" to your year-end reminder: Live in the present, there is happiness )

The first step is to clean the mind--a question diary: A Question of self-reflection

Remember, as a child always with a password notebook, record your every day? Through writing, not only to record their own life drip, but also to talk with their own, overtaken by events after the scroll, can always let memories pour into the heart, every day is your growth footsteps.

But in the time of hand, those diaries have long been sealed in the depths of the drawer, and those writing power is not as good as the past, always staring at the blank page dazed, slow to write.

The "Problem Diary" uses a question-and-answer approach, asking you a questions every day, like: "Are you happy now? "Through the question, guide you to write down the mood and thoughts of the day." A year from then, you will also ask the same question and take you to examine last year's changes with this year. (You'll like: think offline: Why should you buy a notebook for yourself?) )

Ready to talk to yourself? These records will be linked to you now with the past.

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The second step is to clean the body--Drink water aquarium (drink Aquarium)

After cleaning the mind, the body also needs to clean, through drinking water, metabolize the waste in your body!

Every sip of water will bring you a different small fish, and the water in the fish tank will increase. Turn the amount of water you drink into a visual effect and drink more! The program will also be based on your weight, give daily water intake advice, you can also manually enter the water intake target. (You will like: The more beautiful you drink! 6 correct "drinking water methods")

Let your aquarium buzz up! Put down the handshake Cup, become a water girl or water boy, health and purse at the same time both!

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The third step is to keep the body clean-recipes & amp; cooking

Body metabolism process, but also to keep the body clean, so do not eat foreign food! Cook your own food, eat healthily and at ease, and share it with friends and family for a wonderful meal.

Still thinking: "What are you going to eat today? ", there are more than millions of recipes in it, so that you do not have to worry about every meal!" Whether it's a sinful dessert, a vegetable snack, a fitness organic dish, it's all there. You don't have to pay for a plane ticket, you can taste national cuisine at home.

Good cooking is also a talent! Let you capture the hearts and stomachs of friends and family.

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Step fourth, invest in your own ──drops: Learn 31 of new languages

Next, invest in their own language skills, language regardless of national boundaries, learning a new language is to open up a new horizon!

Just a finger, you can learn 31 languages, English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French or German, is not a problem! What's more, it only takes 5 minutes a day to learn through 100% visualization to make language learning more fun and painless to learn.

Let these language vocabulary, like water droplets generally permeate your life!

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Step fifth, invest in the future-saving artifacts-easy to operate, painless savings

The future must also be a good investment, learn the language, to save a bucket of gold, ready to explore the world!

However, as a small capital family, want to have the first bucket of life, we must develop a good habit of saving. Saving money is not difficult at all, just need to find the right way to save their own, there are different challenges in the program, such as "52 Weeks Challenge Mode": The first week to save 10 yuan, the second week daily save 20 yuan ... and so on.

In this new year, set yourself the goal of saving money and give yourself more possibilities. (You will like: Save 6000 yuan a month, so that you have the first bucket of gold and small lucky )

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Don't be afraid to grow up lonely on the road, these apps accompany you to move forward, and do not fear the growth of the road is very difficult, as long as you accumulate every day, the end of the year to review, you will find: The original is not so difficult! As long as you make up your mind to practice your every day, your footsteps will be more and more bright. Just do it!