of the need to make this summer different, flirtation with the six or July calendar is full of activity plans large and small. Looking at the pictures of the graffiti of friends and relatives on the blue sky, I can't help but think of the excitement of the summer's own summer vacation.Although summer is so much in love and hate, and the sun is the sun's sun, it has to admit that it adds a lot of colors to the memory of the memory.

Have you ever been able to spend the summer vacations this year, or have you brought some regrets to the sneak of autumn?At the beginning of the summer, someone took a film, someone recorded it, and if you didn't know how to catch the summer's tail, let's take a look at our guide, and take a good time with the good times!

chases the sun, the water in the beach is essential!

Don't make sexy bikini get into wardrobe cold palace, make sure it makes its appearance now, and then on top of the Pupp print beach dress , with a lighter weight of woven bag , with the most attractive pure gold transfer sticker , showing the unique taste of the world and a low profile.The summer beach is the outdoor runway, and you are undoubtedly the most brilliant beating queen!

Summer choice : 7crash / I love the beach tidal waves / Venus Veil 999 pure gold foil transfer sticker

If you don't have time to go to the beach, or if you prefer to relax at home, then only one of the scented candles is filled with a lazy, lazy vacation atmosphere, as if it was in the hotel room of the Seaview Hotel.When the candle is melted, it can be used as a massage essential oil, not only to satisfy the sense of smell, but also to comfort the body and

Summer Selections : Sniff Sincts for Vacation Candles -Bondi Bondon Bank

Fitting time, gadgets are the focus!

In the summertime, it's so easy to wear simple simplicity, but not to be too plain and uninteresting.The eye-catching accessories will always have the effects of the dragon's eye, and it is hard for the passersby to not look at you. brightly colored hair band makes it easy to get hair, refreshing and probabilistic.

Summer time selection : 7crash multifunction party hair

The title of summer sweetheart is never yours, but sometimes it's too sweet for you to be a bit greasy.In fact, the beauty of beauty can also be very individual. In a modern style that emphasizes personal style, it is a good choice to get started with accessories.In addition to the hair band of the dead, you can also look at the features of the neutral and tacit colocation , with the type of sweet and sweet style, who can't learn to learn from it!

Summer on tight : Library Brass Smith Trades Series Vol.3

Drink quickly and cool all over!

In the summer, the cold beer is like a gas-soft drink, and it's a lot of people's breath.When you come home from work and open the refrigerator to give yourself a beer, it's a whole craving. If the bottle opener is a small helper, it's a big shot in the ice cube the cup, and it's really important to stop you from drinking. …

Summer choice : QUALY Lottery Opener / Fred & Friends false modeling ice maker / Fred & Friends Munk Scream

Exquisite maintenance, with sweet and beautiful legs!

Streets with hot air and steam are also used for ice cream. The long legs of the line are the most beautiful in the streets. miniskirt is an integral classic role of summer wardrobe, a high profile and a high waist design, and a small heart-modified figure.However, the foot cannot help but sweat and sweat from the high temperature, and the of the fragrance maintenance group is easy to remove the embarrassment of annoyance.

Summer on tight : DONNA CHANG summer limited foot fragrance maintenance group / 7crash High Lumbar Mini-

The Boy Scout is not in the heart, the office is floated!

During the summer vacation, the total number of playmates sneaked into the stream to play with water, and from time to time, the water was the most far from the race.After growing up, it's best to be stuck in the office in the summer, and it is fortunate that there are pebbles and ripples that can be relied upon to look back on their childhood.

Summer choice : Celerite pebbles / KOAN + pen

Fresh and full, fast, energetic, beautiful!

When you don't have your appetite in the summer, you can get a little bit early, get yourself a cup squeezed juice before you go out, and you won't be beaten in a hot day. You still remember to use Creative Water Cup , which is full of design and fun, and make sure that everyone will use high score to say they are cute!

Summer Games : QUALY Twister Drawers / mugthing red radish

I really don't want to end in the summer, but the speed of the passage of time is fast. Fortunately, there are still good designs to keep us in a good mood. Before the end of the summer, I remember wandering by womany every day, yo.

Text: Womany EC/Bai Xinyun ShinYun Pai

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