"Invincible Destruction King 2" in addition to full of eggs, but also contains a lot of philosophy of life! Rev and Winnie Lou, perhaps a true friend relationship, is when you have your broad, I have my yearning, we can still bless each other.

Do you remember the "Invincible Destroyer" of the 2012? Those video games in our childhood memories: Marion, Elves, Sonic Boys, Fast Whirlwind, all become animated characters! In the first episode, the protagonist destroys Wang Leife in the video game "Repair Wang Ashiu", as a villain for 30 years, began to tire of being a bad guy, decided to run to other video game consoles, prove that he can also become a decent hero, but also with the video game "Sweet Sprint" in the Winnie Lou to become a good friend, together to carry out adventure.

and to "Invincible Destruction King 2", Rev and Winnie Lou in order to save the old machine, out of the video game machine bravely into the network world. In the online world, everything is personified, such as Google, Twitter, Ebay⋯⋯, and even the Disney Princess guest show. However, in the course of adventure, the friendship between Rev and Winnie Lou also faces a great test ... "Invincible Destroyer 2" in addition to a full of popular cultural terrier, in a funny way to describe the common network phenomenon in the modern world, the plot also revolves around Winnie Lou and Rev's friendship.

Selected four sentences "Invincible destruction King 2" movie quotes, take you to see the true meaning of life in the fun plot!

Note: The following micro-thunder, if you really really do not want to be blown thunder, can come to relive the no ray of "invincible Destruction King" first episode: All things have their own truth "invincible Destruction King"

If lost, sing to the "important water"

The secret to making a dream come true is: "Look at" important water "and sing your dream. "--Disney Princess

The secret to making your dreams come true:looking at "important of" and singing on your dreams.

Did you notice that? Disney princesses often see their reflection in the water, began to sing, like Huamulan will look at the manger, Snow White is looking at the wish well ... And in "Invincible Destruction King 2," the princesses said to the troubled Winnie Lou, if you do not know what to do, sing to the water! This remark sounds like self-black, in fact, quite deep meaning, "water" has the image of "Heart Mirror", when you see your face in the water, like through the mood to see their true thoughts.

You have a desire for the future, perhaps now encounter a lot of setbacks, but you are afraid, do not want to admit their shortcomings, fragile. However, the way to make a dream come true is to be honest with yourself, whether it is the good side or the bad side.

Who says it's not a friend to go each other?

No one rules that a friend must have the same dream-divine power

s no law saying-best friends have to have the same dream.

Winnie Lou, as a racer in "Sweet Sprint," is boring to the same game mode, so when she runs to "the deadly Moment", full of exciting and challenging racing games, let Winnie Lou rise to stay in the "deadly moment" idea, and the role of the game-divine power, more and more close. But for Rev, Winnie Lou is his best friend, and he wants both to end up back in the console, and even if the days are repeated, it's enough to have each other's company.

As a child, we have had such friends, eating also have to sit together, go to the toilet also to travel together, in the middle of the night nest in the bed, chatting about the boys in their secret love. But wait until after graduation to go their separate ways, began to have a new circle of life, the only intersection is left Facebook, when he changed the big sticker, silently left a sentence below: "How have you been?" 」

Perhaps once anxious, sad, but grow up, we all slowly know that the real friendship never need to look at the same future, but when you have your broad, I have my yearning, we can still bless each other.

Whose friendship hasn't been rammed?

Every friendship will change, and sometimes change will make the friendship more firm. -Divine Power

Every friendship changes, but good ones could is stronger.

Although Winnie Lou wants to stay at the "deadly moment," she is also worried about affecting her friendship with Rev, while Divine Power tells her that there is no constant relationship in the world, and sometimes challenges and changes will make friendships stronger. Rev was initially unable to understand Winnie Lou, but after the viral attack, Rev recognized his possessiveness and changed his mind to let Winnie live the life he had thought of. Because he believes that true friendship does not change by distance.

Sour sour, blindfold, let it go.

Picture | film "Invincible Destroyer 2"

The first rule of surfing the Internet: don't read messages. --Zan Sister

First rule of the Internet:do not read the comments.

Praise sister This sentence sounds absurd, but also points out the cruelty of the online world. We live in the information age, the big things of life are out of touch with the network, a photo, a sticker can cause a wide range of echoes, some people agree, there is opposition. Sometimes too much care about other people's ideas, but tied hands tied feet can not do their own.

"Do not read the message" Network code, in fact, can also extend to daily life, sometimes you just wear the clothes you want to wear, make your favorite makeup but be criticized, this time you are blindfolded, let these sour words with him to go! To be yourself, where else do you need the consent of others?

"Invincible Destroyer 2" inside in addition to a full laugh point, more point out a lot of life truth, is a worthy of repeated aftertaste of the animation film!