The subsequent response of the NIU Chengze incident can see the presumption of guilt of the media and society, the speech of the responsible victim, and so on, which has many similarities with the bottleneck and predicament of the follow-up development of the #MeToo movement, so what should we do next?

December 5 outbreak of NIU Chengze involved in sexual assault, he ended the police transcript on 7th, said: "I have been sentenced to death!" Niu Chengze is dead! ", he told the police, is with the woman towards" the direction of communication between male and female friends ", puzzled why will be reported, and the woman produced a record of dialogue, two days before the incident before the mutual communication software, refute the relationship between the two people, face niu Chengze" Lovers said. "

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The subsequent response of the Niu Chengze incident can be seen in a number of situations, such as the presumption of guilt between the media and society, the speech of the responsible victim, and many similarities with the bottleneck and predicament of the subsequent development of the #MeToo movement.

#MeToo movement [Note 1] since October last year, it has been fermented for a year now, according to the Freedom Times, #MeToo while allowing women to be brave enough to persecute sexual violence, there have also been criticisms of the campaign to increase the number of false accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault; On the other hand, men are falsely accused for fear, began to draw a line with women, trying to avoid communication and contact, resulting in a "gender segregation" situation, known as the "pence effect" (pence effect). Pence, from US vice President Mike Pence, has said he would avoid being alone with any woman other than his wife, creating a "pence code" in the workplace.

And the follow-up response to the Niu Chengze incident, also happens to be able to work with #MeToo development process, encountered questions and difficulties of dialogue, such as media witch hunt doubts, blame the victims of the speech continued to backlash.

Niu Chengze said, "I have been the most punished, Niu Chengze is dead, we do not rush to throw all the stones down." "At present, the law has not yet given a judgment, and the community is generally based on their own experience to determine, or the media reported that the trial has not been judged, in the network of verbal charges, the overall public opinion directed to the accused must be guilty, which also makes people have false accusations of anxiety: (Extended reading: women accuse sexual assault for false accusations?) Listen to the male fear in the #MeToo )

In addition, the speech of the responsible victims, Kangkang in the interview, said: "You are accosted why you go home with him, you will not let the boy misunderstand you have a crush on him?" "The occurrence of sexual assault, will inevitably see:" That is the girl does not know to protect themselves! " "That's what you don't know love myself!" "Such comments as being a problem for the victims themselves will lead to sexual assault," he thought.

You may feel a little angry to see this, however, it is also the dilemma and challenge that #MeToo movement has encountered in various countries.

The dilemma and discussion of #MeToo movement

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United States: #ProtectOurBoys

In 1993, Dicanio pointed out that there were about 2-10% in the misrepresentation of sexual assault, while in 2016, the results of a study by Claire E. Ferguson and John M. Malouff, Archives of sexual Behavior, found that 5.2% Cases are false reporting of sexual assault. And research shows that in recent years, the proportion of false reporting of sexual assault in the United States has gradually climbed, so there has been a #ProtectOurBoys of the label, to condemn false reporting. According to the BBC's 2017 report, #MeToo influence and publicity have helped to change the gender culture, but because men are afraid of being falsely accused, men are beginning to give up pursuing women, fearing bad or a discrepancy between the two sides: "will be offended from the pursuit." Men start to avoid women, as if they had an "anorexia". Some businesses may even choose not to hire female employees in case there is a chance of "workplace sexual harassment."

"The #Metoo was intended to encourage women victims to stand up and speak out and create a safer workplace environment. "All men should not be seen as" bad people. " Catherine Deneuve, France's veteran actress, on January 9 this year accused the #MeToo movement of radicalization, as if a modern version of the "witch hunt" had been staged.

The "#MeToo" movement, still whoop, was selected as TIME's Man of the year in 2017.

Korea: I'm starting to fear women

On March 8 this year, international 38 women's Day, South Korea Seoul Hundreds of people dressed in black, holding high the "#MeToo" slogan. But South Korean men say the #MeToo movement has left them with fear, and the workplace can only try to avoid interacting with female colleagues so as not to create unnecessary misunderstandings, and the Korean media also point out that more and more men have "anorexia."

Be especially careful when talking to a female colleague: "What I say can be seen as a charge of sexual harassment, depending on how women interpret it." It's a good hassle to talk to them now. 」

Ask your boss not to arrange a business trip with a female colleague: "Spend a long time with a female colleague, so choose to avoid a situation where there may be a misunderstanding." I also almost use the Internet to contact female colleagues, so it is safer. "

Women become invisible in the office: "Not doing anything wrong, but being asked by their male colleagues to leave their party, deeply feeling that management is trying to avoid any contact with women." 」

Japan: I was brave enough to testify, but in exchange for criticism

After Japanese journalist Ito knitted out of Japan #MeToo first shot, instead of being sympathetic, she was criticized and even suspected of lying: "Using the beauty of the book, want to become famous." (Extended reading:#METOO interview with Itochu Weaving: breaking the Japanese sexual assault silence, I bet who will believe me )

norms of Japanese law for victims of sexual assault: Now you have to scream and resist, say you are "not agreeable," and let the other side inflict atrocities to hurt, the law will be able to protect the right to pursue justice afterwards. Not only the law, but also the society has norms for survivors of sexual assault: When you come forward, you have to look miserable, weak enough, and unable to speak well, and your clothes must be plain.

In the 2017 ranking of gender affirmative action, 144 countries in the world, Japan only got 114, Japan's women are still in a weak and oppressive environment, the occurrence of sexual assault in society is generally considered to be "the victim's own problem."

China: #RiceBunny (Mil)

China ranked 100th out of 144 countries in the world in terms of gender affirmative action in 2017.

When China encountered #MeToo movement, in the case of CCTV host Zhu June harassing female interns, the incident broke out, the relevant news was quickly deleted, Twitter also can not find the relevant topic, as if everything never happened. Gender advocates argue that China is still generally a male-dominated structure, noting that "the culture of rape is still strong".

The Chinese government sees #MeToo movement as a "subversive force", and even the "#MeToo" label has been blocked and scrutinized, and netizens have created their own "#RiceBunny" (Mil) with similar homophonic labels.

#MeToo is also our too!

After reading the criticism and questioning of Niu Chengze's sexual assault and #MeToo movement, you may be confused, "How do I judge, can I protect myself and not hurt each other?" "How do I avoid mistaken understanding?" 」

"only YES means yes" did not agree, is sexual assault!

The modern Women's foundation, under this slogan, advocates for sexual assault, encourages "communication and transparency" before engaging in sex, in order to avoid misunderstandings in the perception of "sexual consent" and to reduce the risk of harm. Whether or not it is an intimate relationship between the two, as long as it is a sexual active party, it is the responsibility to confirm the other party, is in a "fully sober" state of "consent" to sexual conduct, rather than "not to say, equal to willing", and the invited Party also has the right to exercise the "right to sexual consent", as Long are not equivalent to sexual consent.

So, what is the "right to sexual consent"? (Excerpt from Hyundai Women's Foundation )

  1. Any adult has a "right to sexual consent" and any gender should enjoy the equivalent "right to sexual consent".
  2. Sexual conduct requires the consent of both "parties" to happen, and neither party "silence", "no resistance" or "no refusal" represents consent to sexual conduct.
  3. Both parties are involved in sexually related activities in a "fully aware" situation, and the use of medication, alcohol or physical discomfort causes confusion and does not represent consent to sexual activity.
  4. Both parties are subject to "voluntary", "active" participation in sexual activities, are threatened, intimidated or oppressed by power, and do not represent consent to sexual conduct.
  5. Even if you first agree to sexual behavior, as long as you do not want to have sex in the process, or do not agree with the form of sexual intercourse, you can be a stopover to stop.
  6. Do not always obtain the other person's "sexual consent" because they have the status of a current or former partner, as well as respect each other's decision.
  7. The right to sexual consent is not reduced by the person wearing or entering any place, and even if one of the parties is wearing a cool, out-of-night shop, it does not mean agreeing to have sex with anyone.

Stop blaming, be gentle.

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#MeToo movement is not just about saying "I"── personal experience, but also bringing out the experience of more survivors, calling on society to pay attention to the issue of sexual violence and the overall environment, to stop blame, silence and neglect. " If society continues to blame the victims, the victims will be afraid to seek assistance because they fear public opinion, which will create a vicious circle and continue to fuel the occurrence of sexual violence.

Expect that one day, everyone will be free, do not have to worry about being violated, and the #MeToo's label can disappear completely. At this time, we want to be gentle company, listen to the pain of survivors, in the #MeToo movement, everyone's voice, is a force, let the survivors know that they are not a person, we take on each other, we are building a safe room for talk, so that both women and men can be brave to say: "we too! 」

Women's fans and the modern Women's foundation to create a " face sexual assault-accompanying, telling, restoring the road to gender education " page, so that victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment have a window to tell the pain, through online anonymity to say the experience of victimization, modern women's foundation professionals will respond online and give psychological support, and referred to the appropriate social units, accompanying institutions, so that online companionship actually produce offline action, gentle repair, give strength.

At the same time, you are invited to review this year's gender events and take a closer look at the current process of gender development through the2018 Global Gender Impact Awards. We believe that the spread of gender awareness, the elimination of gender-based violence, and the creation of a gender-friendly environment are efforts from everyone, the cumulative kinetic energy from every event, from every fearless look, from every real voice. No one is a bystander, everyone is influential, inviting more people to witness and achieve gender change.

[Note 1]:"me too" first appeared in the anti-sexual assault campaign launched by Black feminist Lannabeuch (Tarana Burke) in 2006. And in 2017, because of the Hollywood actress Ashley Judd, accusing ace producer Havivinstein (Harvey Weinstein) of libel and sexual harassment, actress Ellie was attended (Alyssa Milano) then tweeted "# metoo", encouraging women who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted to speak out about these experiences together and to make society pay attention to the problem of sexual violence, the campaign has begun to spread around the world.