Women fan November Team Blog content, you read the first woman fan article, is also written by Audrey? Interview with the woman fan editor-in-chief Audrey, see her from 0 to 1 "ing" editing road, is with courage and 120 points of preparation, and a little silly, only to become who she is now. If you want to read a wonderful team interview in the future, you are welcome to join the Partner program.

Many readers know women's fans, first from the understanding of Audrey, I am no exception. When I came back from studying in England, I happened to see two articles: an interview with Wang Ming and He Tianxiang (one of the "See Comrades" series of interviews), and the other, an interview with Zhang Xiaohong, the title Let The Eye Shine: "Feminist efforts, in order to let feminism die", to the core, are Audrey written, soft and lyrical tone , the narrative based on the story of the characters, so that women are obsessed with the sharp environment of gender writing, has become a particularly gentle existence. (Extended reading:"See Comrade" Wang Tianming x He xiang: 30 years so fast, we forgot to count in the blink of an flash )

At that time, Taiwanese media rarely talked about lgbtq+ and feminism. Women's fans on the stand, in addition to gender issues as the core of the interview is very popular, there is another popular, also by the editor of their own production, called " Single diary/Relationship Diary ", just four hundred or five hundred words, brings comfort to many people, these soft text deal with the diversity of relationships, flip the tragic impression of singles, from different gender identities, write relationships can also be what it looks like." I mentioned the good of the single diary, and Audrey said that in fact someone was saying: a feminist, why write this kind of thing?

But fortunately they wrote, many people in the sleepless night to sleep. Feminism, caring for negative life experience and intimate relationship, feminism is developed according to female or feminine life experience, it is plural type, and continues to change evolution. People do not need to bet themselves to meet the definition of the college, very happy in Taiwan, feminist practice also has women fans, translated into a better absorption of daily nutrients, released through a variety of content forms. The beginning of this genre can begin with the lives of many women fans, and today, let me start with the story of Audrey.

Audrey's encounter with a woman fan

Audrey and women fans meet to learn sister to run the new exposition, at that time, the new creation or a buzzword, but the school sister is very worried about no one to go, Dong Knock to find her, said people too few, please she came to visit, she went, location in the ordinary classroom building, corner downstairs, basement door of the first unit, is a woman fan

At that time Audrey Silly Leng Leng, see women fan Rainbow logo,"feel so beautiful ah, go over, do not know why began to introduce themselves, said he big five will go to Lyon Exchange, can write something to women fans. "audrey imitated himself, who was a bit silly during college. When Shi Xuan look at Audrey, may think this small Niko tone big, very interesting, said two weeks after a woman fan intern interview, hope to see you.

Audrey didn't think much, two weeks later went to the interview, to the scene, found that the interview is a woman fan loyal readers, only she is not. "The interview has a question about" the relationship between women fans and me ", everyone's answer is great, I brainstorm, said that women are obsessed with a forest, inclusive a variety of different animals in which to live. With that, I took a peek at the back and someone was nodding. "She laughs. Later, she was selected as a woman fan intern, joining a women's fan job.

Women are obsessed with the entrance to the new world, and through practical operation and exploration, she gradually knows what the new media is doing and what she can do. Women are obsessed with giving her a lot of trust and empowerment, so that Audrey, who has just graduated, has done a lot of action directly. During her internship, she worked with interns on the first psychological test, self-produced planning film, and the first interview. Before has never written an interview with her, think back to the first article, a person touch the stone crossing the river, "really is written two weeks also write not good, very discouraged." I stared, always thought that she was born to interview the expert, only to know that the original is so groping all the way. We have been able to walk more painless and faster on our way to the bedding of our predecessors.

From the cheerleading team to the striker, act in your own way.

Audrey has a trait, as warm as the sun is warm, thinking that she grew up is a group of leaders, but she shook rocker, Smile said completely not, "in fact, I grew up is sidekick, will be within the scope of ability, do their own feeling comfortable things." "In college, she held events in the foreign language department, often as a cheerleader, and even was responsible for pressing doors at the event site. I can't believe, the contrast is too big, two people talk about here to laugh together, smile but also see her self-exposed gentle ideas, is to encourage reading here you: There is really nothing can not do, do not use the volume label on yourself, you can.

Wei Xuan asked her to be the Intern editor, so as to convince her, "just because you used to be a cheerleader, you should try different in women's fans!" She also observed that women are obsessed with things that can be groped and resilient, that she enjoys groping practices, and that the new media environment gives her a great sense of freedom of movement and excitement.

"Women's fans have always had an atmosphere: in their own way, redefine things to do, we were in the media, no one is a news background, to do anything, from 0 to 1, the business body, the ability value, the understanding and definition of things, team cohesion and trust, all the same." 」

from 0 to 1, it was a magical moment that happened to her at the age of 22, 23, and she said Lucky.

After the internship, the big five she went to Lyon to exchange, just happened to happen to France ready to get married. Audrey in France to participate in the March, write Lyon's gay rights process, she was very impressed, "the parade is not just comrades, there are heterosexual couples pushing prams to participate, I looked at the shock, realized that this is the parade should have the appearance." "France is a conservative Catholic country, and same-sex marriage laws are still pushing, so Audrey is aware that nothing is going to be done."

Back from France, she returned to the women's fan, the editorial office in addition to the then editor-in-chief Tanya, only one of her editors. "Really a lot of things to do, but a lot of things will not do, to their own many disappointments, hate iron, every day to tell themselves, to grow up, a little faster, a good way to find, after all, we all believe in you, during that time there is a lot of dialogue with their own." audrey this person, very himself, but also like to give himself a golden sentence at each stage, then I told myself a word, uncomfortable, are the beginning of growth. "Just go straight ahead with that sentence." (Extended reading:"Uncomfortable, is the beginning of growth" write a letter to you who is confused about your work )

Audrey gave me the impression, has been no fear of the person, this interview, only to see her has not so sure of the moment, is with courage and 120 points of preparation, there is a bit of silly break through, only now Audrey.

Audrey, who is about 1.5 and 24 years old, received a chance to go to a big speech. That is the large field of two hundred or three hundred people, and the pan-scientific Zheng Guowei Talk, the organizer invited is actually the CEO Wei Xuan, Wei Xuan but the opportunity to Audrey, which let Audrey startled. "I was still looking at myself in the attitude of a little girl, how can I think on behalf of a woman obsessed with big talk?" "Wei Xuan told her that you have not always imagined what a woman's fan's media future is? That's not what you're talking about, who is it?

After that speech, she began to find a way to affirm herself, and clearly saw that women were obsessed with their own milestones, bringing about real change in society. She also said she was lucky to meet editors who had hot thoughts on the subject, and she always remembers watching the news together and doing the first night of the gender issue.

Cultivate gender issues, have blood, and have moments of frustration.

One night, everyone in women fans eat together, see a Celebrity affair news made a lot of trouble, "other media to discuss things, not the way we want to look, while eating everyone feel angry, the presence of four internship editors, on the spot made an editor loose, together to discuss how to respond to this event, why there is a problem, Should have any point of view, act that evening. 」

In the 2016, women were obsessed with CFG sex hacker pine, the first in Asia, and also handled too much gender-based violence news. "That day I think back to how much I've written about gender news, especially sexual violence, from being a woman's fan to 2016, and I'm particularly keen to shed tears, God, how many such reports we're going to write, how many times we're going to disassemble the problem, and things will be possible to solve." Will it be futile for all the things I do? How many appeals do the world have to change? (Extended reading:"Because of the feeling, so action" sex hacker pine: Anger, can change the world )

Feeling futile, especially when you are so enthusiastic and spend almost all your time trying to promote gender change at work, she tells me that, in fact, there is no magic moment to happen, "not in a moment suddenly become very confident, disheartened also follow me for a while." Just slowly in different places, I get a little strength, so I will "slowly" these two words add in, there is "slowly get better, just good!" 』」

At the CFG scene, she saw a lot of people willing to do something about gender, "a lot of people have emotions, but stop sad and sad and don't know what action they can do." Let everyone know what to do next, is a woman fan can try, the next way to spread out. Of course, the next step is how to shop, and we want more people to join the discussion. 」

Do the editor, what the hell is the matter?

Originally a person to go, and then more and more people joined, Audrey said she was very later, only to realize that she was bringing an editorial team. "My feeling is that I was walking alone on the road, slowly found that a lot of people want to come over, can go forward together, the road is very wide, but also confident that women fans will always meet such people." 」

But at first, she was actually a little hesitant to be a Leader. Because in the framework of traditional understanding, the word "leader" has an attempt to win over others and to let everyone see me. But then she found out who you are, not because you become a leader, but need to change or camouflage, "to be yourself, you know you have this care in, let others see, let others walk less wrong ways, have the ability, can reach out to help others." 」

The Leader is the desire to have a good share with the community in which it resides. "The fundamental reason why the leader is needed is that he knows that there is a group of people who believe in him, that he wants to respond to the group's belief, and that a lot of times the concept is convincing me." Since we all have such a mission, I would like to come first to try the road, break into the look. 」

So when she's interviewing, she's going to ask the editor of the interview, "What kind of editor do you want to be, what kind of presentation and performance do you have in a woman's obsessed environment?" ' All the people who want to be editors should have thought about it. "I want the people I work with to be more aware of what he wants to be, to be right, to know what he wants, and that we have designed a direction for him to move more and more in this direction, because his care and care about the subject needs to be seen." 」

Audrey said that doing editors is therefore a more clear process, I listen to the more intimate process, she said, yes, also, content a big table, everyone from different departments, background, "so many people, in a table to discuss news and action, I sometimes think, this is really a great thing." 」

At this stage, women's fans are no longer from 0 to 1, but from 10 to 100, the need for more efficient and diverse learning and resilience, operating mode is also constantly changing and expanding, Audrey has been thinking about how to break through the new media operating model. "A lot of people see us and will feel like we're a media group. But back to the core, women fans from the community, we do any action is to do the Empower, the end is to respond to demand. Now we ask, what are the things that are vital to our users? How to make the service more in place? How can this intention be delivered to more people? 」

Audrey said that he is the editor of "ing", in various projects ing, as long as the user needs, whether unfamiliar or familiar with the topic, editing as a bridge to understand, "can always learn new things, really is the best part of the editor." 」

Women fans as a media community, what we want to do is not to tell the reader in a single direction, what you need and how to do it is right. Women fans as part of the media community, to symbiosis with readers, we also believe that readers and women are obsessed with growing relationships, this relationship is deep and long, with each other towards a broader distance.

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Content Partners last month, having been brainstorming about each other's traits, I gave Audrey the conclusion that she was like a sun. I asked Audrey, are you surprised by this conclusion? She said the surprise, because she often wondered whether her love for everyone had been successfully received, she thought of some practical problems, but she used the good metaphor method, "I want to know if the sun is not hot enough, or gentle breeze, or occasionally cloudy?" I hope it feels comfortable for everyone to receive this energy. 」

"However," she tilted her head, thought for a moment, and reached out, "now what I want to be is the sun and the moon, when the night is dark, and when you are willing to look up, he is going home with you," she said, putting her hands up, in her head, imitating the moon, "the woman is obsessed with readers, In the bones is a group of people who care about love, no matter what kind of behavior performance, denial, generosity, care, are looking for their own, love the people around them, love the world's methods. The characteristics of the moon are generous and delicate, and next, I also hope to carry forward the face of their own moon, know what people want, accompany them when they need them, and invite them to work with us to create content, continuous dialogue, and grow up with women when they have energy. 」