In September, McDonald's employees rose to protest, calling on McDonald's to stop ignoring sexual harassment cases. Together to see how #MeToo movement moves from politics and showbiz to the blue-collar class.

McDonald's employees in 10 cities, including Chicago, Kansas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orleans, Orlando and San Francisco, took to the streets in September to protest McDonald's long-neglected sexual harassment in the workplace, a cross-regional protest that brought #MeToo movement from politics and showbiz to the Labor class and 2018 Best gender Community action at the global-level impact awards. (invite you to focus on:2018 Global Gender Impact Awards )

McDonald's employees replaced the word "M" #MeToo with McDonald's Golden Arch, chanting: "Time is up! Clown "," McDonald's, stop sexual harassment! "McDonald's is called upon to value employee rights and strengthen the sexual harassment complaints pipeline."

McDonald's employees three claims: prevention, education, assurance

"You have a good figure, do you have white chocolate in your body? 」

According to a report received by the nonprofit American Women's Law Center, a 15-year-old McDonald's cashier, who was so harassed by a male employee, told store manager raise that: "You can never win this war. "A Chicago employee said the manager had asked her if she wanted to see his penis, and she wanted to expose it and was fired for it."

In 2016, the Hart Research Association published a data that 40% of fast-food restaurant employees said they had been sexually harassed and 42% believed they were helpless in the face of sexual harassment because you couldn't afford to lose your job.

In fact, as early as May, 10 McDonald's employees complained to the United States Fair Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), McDonald's long-term neglect of workplace sexual harassment incident, after the incident, McDonald's statement will not tolerate any sexual harassment, and confidently said that the company attaches great importance to employee complaints. But the staff did not see any of McDonald's acts after the complaint.

Inspired by #MeToo campaign, McDonald's employees in the United States decided not to be silent, asked McDonald's to face up to the matter, and joined 18 nonprofits, including the March, National Domestic Workers Alliance (American Family Labor Union) three major claims :

It is time to strengthen the company's policy to combat sexual harassment.

It is time to conduct mandatory training for all managers and employees on sexual harassment.

It is time to listen to the voices of labor and initiative groups and to ensure that no more McDonald's employees are sexually harassed.

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Do you want to survive or tolerate sexual harassment?

For blue-collar workers, they are at a disadvantage in vocal channels, economic resources, and have little ability to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace, and according to the American Women's Law Center, more than millions of workers, especially women from minority groups, must face these sexual harassment, which is already rooted in their work. Most people will choose to swallow their breath, and the few who come forward to report it are either fired, gossip and ridiculed, or ignored. So when victims encounter sexual harassment, they are forced to make decisions between keeping their jobs and tolerating them.

Sexual harassment brings victims not only the pain and suffering of the body and mind: anxiety, insomnia, depression, long-term more likely to affect work performance, resulting in reduced efficiency of employees, enterprise loss of talent. Business owners are the most capable of forcing intervention in unfair cases, and the responsibility of superiors is not only to train employees ' abilities, but also to create a safe and friendly workplace environment for all. The United States Catalyst (Catalyst), an organization dedicated to promoting an inclusive workplace culture (diversity and Inclusion, D&i), published 9 guidelines , including six preventive measures and three responses, to help business owners fight and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace:


  1. (a) Clearly establish a policy of tolerance for sexual harassment 0 and make a public commitment with a positive attitude.
  2. Set guidelines to make employees aware of what constitutes "appropriate" workplace interpersonal interaction.
  3. Create processes to imagine how sexual harassment affects women and minority communities.
  4. Explain all complaint channels to help employees understand the resources they can use more quickly.
  5. Accelerate the upgrading of women's representation at all levels, including boards of directors.
  6. Train all leaders to understand all forms of sexual harassment.


  1. Fair and prompt investigation of all complaints.
  2. Respect the victims and keep track of incidents of sexual harassment.
  3. Respect and understand victims, especially after trauma, to reserve space for them.

Building a gender-friendly workplace must build up all parties, and companies can work to eliminate any scenarios that can cause harm, establish clear norms for interpersonal interaction, avoid creating ambiguity, and, in addition, actively understand how employees feel.

If you've ever had sexual harassment in the workplace, if you also want to improve the gender situation in your career, invite you to join a Partner program and be creative and have no influence.