On December 6, Imollet was photographed interacting with Harrison, the female model of PLAYBOY magazine. She performed "Her wrong education" this year, the background of the story set in the 1990 years, a lesbian was forced to send to the gay corrective camp, but she found that 20 years later, there is still "sexual orientation treatment" situation, that view of Taiwan?

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Chloe Imollet, a child star, was pictured interacting with Kate Harrison, the female model of PLAYBOY magazine, on December 6, kissing in the street and making a generous flash and out of the closet. In the past is the male interaction with Chloe, has never publicly spoken of their sexual orientation, the current relationship between the two people has not yet formally responded to, but this news, resulting in a lively discussion between fans and netizens, positive and negative views are available, but most of the message to express blessing: "As long as happiness is good!" 」

However, Chloe has always supported LGBTQ rights, and the interview said: "I think do not assume that anyone's sexual, we are all people, but also try to be with the people we love, and become the best of their own," (Recommended reading: The referendum is gay | We grow old together, but the hospital bed is out of nowhere

In "Her wrong education" plays the lesbian, the reason for the performance: I have two gay brothers

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Imollet also performed this year's "her Wrong education" (The Miseducation of Cameron Post), adapted from a novel of the same name, about a lesbian who was forced to send to a gay corrective camp and then still chose to face her true self.

She would perform the film, saying it was because she had four older brothers, two of whom were comrades. In her eyes, the elder brother is no different from others, but still because of sexual orientation and was bullied, which makes her feel very heartache, and for a long time can not forget, so she determined to protect them, more efforts to speak for the LGBTQ community, she had in the British gay media "gay Times" interview, said: "I have to tell people, Even if you're gay, it's no big deal! Please be proud of your identity and raise your flag for everyone to see! "At my age, I have decided to speak out for comrades, women and all vulnerable human rights," she said, arguing that no one should be seen in a different light, whether sexual, gender or colour, and that they should not be separated from each other by volume labels. (Recommended reading:"Zhang Tiezhi" I am a gay man, I am a comrade, refusing the age of silence )

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The background of "her wrong education" is set in the 1990, but Chloe found that 20 years later, there are still cases of homosexuality as a condition, and forced children to carry out "sexual orientation treatment", she felt the importance of the topic, said: "I grew up in Georgia, the town has a lot of forced correction comrades, So this film is very much in line with the image of my hometown. I've always felt that sexual orientation therapy is a very old topic, but I find it legal in 37 U.S. states and only illegal in a few states, what does that mean? Basically sexual orientation therapy, which is legal in the United States, is the problem. 」

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Sexual orientation Therapy

Conversion Therapy

According to Wikipedia, an attempt to convert people from bisexual or homosexual to heterosexual through psychological or spiritual intervention is a form of pseudoscience. There is no reliable evidence that sexual orientation can be changed, and medical institutions warn that conversion therapy is ineffective and can have serious harmful consequences, and that the United States, British medical institutions and government agencies agree that conversion therapy is potentially harmful. Some parts of Europe, the Americas and Asia have legislated to ban the implementation of conversion therapies.

Reference data:https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT%E8%BF%B4%E8%BD%89%E6%B2%BB%E7%99%82

Do you think sexual orientation therapy is far away from us? Did you know that there are still institutions in Taiwan that are sexually inclined to treat? Let's take a look at the current situation of "sexual orientation therapy" in Taiwan.

"Sexual orientation is not a disease! 」

Taiwan still has "Taiwan out of Egypt Guidance Association", according to Wind media reported on November 5 this year, Chen Sihao said: "The international out of the Egyptian organization has been dissolved, only Taiwan's out of Egypt is still doing the wrong thing." 」

The "Out of Egypt" movement groups, often calling themselves "gay counselling groups", have always believed that comrades are not born, but are acquired, and can be transformed into heterosexuality through counselling, persuasion or religious prayer, or from same-sex tendencies.

In the "Out of Egypt" campaign, there are many people who appear to say that they are "former comrades", claiming that they are through institutional tutoring, from homosexuality to heterosexual, such as this year's nine-in-one election of the "Gender equality Education Law" television debate, the opposing representative Guo Davi himself as a "former comrade", he thought that comrades are just a Lifestyle ", can be selected by their own. (Recommended reading: response to "former comrade" Guo Davi, us to correct same-sex group founder apology "Cure is false")

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Exodus International, founded in Canada, was first founded by Gary Cooper and Michael Bussee. Michael Bussee, founder of the group, apologized in 2007 for not being able to change a person's sexual orientation through any corrective means, and instead of turning any comrade into heterosexual, he disintegrated the self-perception of these people; former leader Jeremy Marks and Darlene Bogle more recognized his gay identity. Darlene Bogle said that during the tutoring, lesbians were so frustrated that they could not be corrected that they later chose to commit suicide. The international organization out of Egypt was formally dissolved in 2013.

In February this year, the Department of Health and Blessings identified a ban on "sexual orientation reversal therapy", which could be punishable by up to three years ' imprisonment in the future if "sexual orientation reversal treatment" were provided. Shi Chongliang, director of the medical department of Weifu, said through the Central News agency that both the World Psychiatric Association, the United Nations Human Rights Council and the World Health Organization believed that sexual orientation was innate and not a disease, and that any treatment that claimed to reverse sexual orientation was not recognized by science or medicine. The Taizhong government also released a news release in May 2016 that the Weifu department should also explicitly prohibit "rotational treatment" of the medical nature of the public or traditional therapies.

Through Imollet's performance in "her wrong education", she realized that homosexuality is still considered a condition and forced to be gay. " In the case of sexual orientation therapy, we can also see that there are groups or former comrades in Taiwan who claim that sexual orientation can be changed through treatment, but there are already many organizations in the world, and the founders and leaders who have provided reverse treatment in the past have made it clear that " Sexual orientation "can not be changed, those who are treated, only by the environment and peer pressure, choose to suppress themselves, and produce the so-called" transformation. " But a person's will and heart, can not be subject to others, it will be a kind of harm, only gentle and kind to each person's unique soul, respect each other's sexual toward, can reduce harm and fear.