The real catwalk in Times Square, New York, showed diversity and true beauty, vigorously countered Victoria's secrets, and shouted, "I am the definition of beauty!" "When you find confidence, it's the beginning of beauty."

December 3, in New York Times Square, held a "real catwalk"──the real catwalk, you see more than 200 models, you will not have only one appearance: long hair women, slim figure, they come from different ages, skin color, height, body shape, gender, everyone shows incomparable confidence, Show every trait in the body, even if it is fat or tattoo.

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Khrystyana Kazakova, founder of the Real catwalk, is the runner-up for the 24th season of the American supermodel Battle of Life and death. Speaking about why the catwalk would be held, she said: "Let everyone show themselves and love themselves." "Stressing that this catwalk is diverse," We don't have a model standard and everyone is welcome to join us. Jari Jones, a transgender model, also said: "Since we can't beat them, we're going to do better!" "Vigorously counter the narrow definition of beauty in the famous lingerie show" Victoria's Secret "(Victoria's Secret).

Ed Razek, Victoria's Secret marketing chief, was asked in a November interview in the fashion magazine Vogue Why Victoria's secret did not have transgender and plump models, and he responded: "We invited plump models in 2000, but both then and now, Everyone is not interested. "And for transgender models, he said:" Victoria is a fantastic, entertaining show. 」

The Real catwalk offers a stage to show diversity and beauty, with models proud to show themselves in Times Square, with a 33-year-old model, Kazakova, saying: "I'm starting to feel age discrimination in the industry I'm in." "She showed a mature beauty on this show and encouraged all mums and grandmothers to come forward together.

The real catwalk makes everyone believe that they can be so dazzling, let us feel the diversity and true beauty together!

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The beauty of the media reappears, not a mirror

"Beauty and self-confidence" is closely related to the reappearance of the media, we have looked at the TV, yearning for who can become the appearance, to whose dress and appearance as a reference, but "beauty" only one kind of appearance? Why would it be defined by someone else?

In recent years, there have also been a growing number of actresses breaking the rules of "beauty," as Jennifer Laurence once said: "In Hollywood, I am obese and often considered a fat actor." I eat as much as I do mountain people. I'm probably the only one of all actresses who doesn't have to worry about anorexia rumors! I will never let myself hungry, I am invincible! I'm not going to let the little girl watching "The Hunger Game" say, "I wish it looked like Katenis, so I don't want to have this dinner! "" She said she loved the figure of her flesh and meat! Also hope that through their own, so that girls can become themselves, like themselves.

The beauty reproduced in the media is not your full-body mirror, your heart is, listen to the heart, watch yourself, from now on, their own beauty, defined by themselves. Turn off the TV, close the magazine, start with the recovery of self-confidence!

Your beauty, from your confidence.

At this time, you should want to ask: "Then how do I find self-confidence?" "Here are some of the stories and ways you've selected different people to find confidence."

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Watanabe Straight--sexy, is what I said to count!

In Gucci's official Instagram, my photos blew up a world-class swearing war, and everyone was surprised by my charisma, right? But I only out of 2% power has been fascinated by so many people, there are more opportunities to feel my charm in the future Oh!

Watanabe Direct Beauty

Watanabe straight Beauty because joined the school volleyball team, the amount of exercise, the amount of food also increased, the figure has become plump, her sense of existence instantly upgraded, has become the students pay attention to, bully the object. After bullying, she wanted to kill herself at one point, but finally let her decide to live, and made up her mind to love herself more than anyone else, is a thought: "Stay calm and love yourself, otherwise who else will love you?" "From self-loathing to a step by step to accept themselves, in addition to embracing their own appearance, Watanabe direct beauty also listen to their own inner voice."

Watanabe direct beauty with their own strength, to collide with the world's narrow imagination of "beauty", there was a media asked her, sexy secret is what? She said: "Just eat a little more, like in the middle of the night to eat ramen noodles, so that fat evenly covered all over the body, so that it shines brightly ah." "Watanabe straight American nonsensical response, soft response to rigid frame, what is sexy?" I'm in charge! (Extended reading:"stories like Mine" Watanabe straight: I'm a feminist, not afraid to talk about yellow passages )

#girlgaze Plan--Take back the power to watch and reconstruct your appearance

Live to be what you want, you can be feminine and masculine, only you can construct your own appearance.

In the way of seeing, John Berger points out that "objectification" arises between looking and being seen, that men are viewers with authoritarianism, that women are the object of being watched, and that such subject-object relationships allow women to look worthy of "being seen" under social standards.

From now on, flip together to see the relationship with being seen, bring back the power to watch, and stare at yourself again! Take a picture of yourself and the photo will tell you: "It's my body, it's not perfect, but it's real. "You can also be the boundary that stares at society, stares at male subjects, and breaks the stereotype of society and the role of gender."

British photographer Amanda de Cadenet, who launched the #girlgaze program, hopes to jump from the object of desire through the photography of women's gaze, to be the subject of gazing at the other, to allow girls to construct themselves in the process, to open up more physical imaginations, to reconstruct their thoughts, and to redefine their identities. (Extended reading:#girlgaze girl photo collection: Gazing at your imperfections, like watching your own beauty )

Woman Fan co-founder & amp; CEO Zhang Wei Xuan-confidence, need to practice

Self-confidence, the most important thing is the value of positive thinking. Self-confidence is that no matter what the circumstances, do not lose confidence in their own, do not lose the faith to achieve the goal.

Zhang Wei Xuan

Wei Xuan has 4 practice methods to teach you how to find confidence.

  1. Turn fear into excitement: fear is negative thinking, excitement is positive thinking. Through this practice to observe their own way of thinking, whether it is positive thinking or negative thinking? Practice thinking positively to meet all the challenges and what you fear.
  2. Set the minimum to achieve the goal, from the practice to accumulate the belief in their own: from the most basic start of practice, such as an extra 30 minutes of early daily practice, you can make yourself more confident in yourself!
  3. Learn from mistakes and failures, and thanks to those experiences: the point is not to fall a few times, but to end up who can stand up and then run to the finish line. The experience of falling can make you adjust to the posture and attitude that best suits you.
  4. Pretending to be who you really are (fake it until you made it): not to be crocodile, it's a "copy" process. In copying, find the model you want, in the practice, find their own way of interpretation. (Extended reading:"Zhang Wei Xuan pen" We are not born with confidence, but can practice to have confidence in ourselves )

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Self-confidence, sounds very abstract, but if it exists, it will make you radiate incomparable charm, no longer fall into the eyes and comments of others, because you know: this is me! I'm so good and beautiful!