Which song did you live in in your youth? How many more stories have you accumulated across 20 years? Look at 10 stories, in Jiangmichi's 10 songs flow, grow their own unique beautiful appearance.

In a prelude, I knew I was screwed when I heard Jiangmichi's sentence, "How I envy you."

It has been a long time, a long time did not hear this song, my youth, unapologetic, ripping heart, are hidden in the melody. Every time I change the play, I can see my childhood from the words between the ventilation, quietly probe out, she opened a round big eyes said: "You are stunned here to do?" 」

I remember the familiar lyrics in the headset, "How I envy you for always turning and flying far away," and I can't move. Because the time has passed so long, I still envy you, after leaving me, always can, turn to fly, far away.

Is there a Jiangmichi in your youth? Contains 10 stories, 10 songs on demand, and share with you different wonderful stories that happen in the same time and space.

I just want to go a long way from you, Jiangmichi.


"After the lovelorn, I did not want to be a better person, because I know you will not see, when you leave, the sky began to rain, I can not tell whether it is tears or raindrops." 」

Dear, for you On demand a song "Don't Cry", want to talk to you about the benefits of lovelorn:

Don't cry, your eyes will swell and don't cry.

Lovelorn is also good and free without being tied to love.


"Remember high school, I have no confidence in their appearance, has always felt that I really bad to see, at this time I heard Jiangmichi's" mirror Lenovo ", there is a lyric written in this," Mirror is not a plane is a world, let me walk in it, I really beautiful not beautiful who will understand, How to play well outside the mirror ", suddenly feel that their inner world has played a big wave, from that time on, I began to have some confidence in themselves. 」

Thank you for liking this song, let us recall once again the courage given by mirror Lenovo:

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my face.

The eyes exude a little change that I don't know.


"As a child will be and like the people of the BBS water polo, MSN messages, mobile phone newsletters and so on are saved, these text memories and photo-style memories are somewhat different, through the flow of words, or can restore the dialogue at that time, every detail and emotion, read the letter of the kind of moving and warm." The love that has been given or received is recorded and sealed in some form, and when one day is examined again, we will be reminded that we have all been so earnest and deeply loved. 」

Every past, we have achieved who we are now. The past is good, the future will be better, on demand a "love letter of that year" to the past self:

The good things that go back to each other are shining on the yellowed letterhead.

It's a youth verse mark, and Mo Monster reads the heart and jumps.


"One night, the family had decided to go to the hospital the next day to see grandma who had been hospitalized for a long illness, but a phone call in the middle of the morning made the matter a permanent regret. In the taxi to the hospital, heard "dear how you are not by my side" This song, let my Tears instantly breakage, at this moment I can more appreciate every word in this song want to express the artistic conception. Not seeing grandma the last side is the biggest regret of my life, the most can not let go of the things. 」

Don't see Grandma The last side is regret, but in Grandma's heart, see your last look is you smile and say goodbye to her. For you on demand "Dear how you are not by my side", although grandma is not around, but eternal heart:

My dear, why aren't you by my side?

Live a day like a year.

The dark side of the sea, a whole piece of cloud.


"That day, I was powerless to walk in Huashan night, by the pressure of work slowly consumed enthusiasm and dreams of me, heard a song, is I think of that year's enthusiasm for the dream, with the pursuit of the future of the Friends of the song." Every time I hear this song, this former past will be a scene in my mind, so that I can pick up the enthusiasm of the past again, really want to thank those friends who are chasing dreams with me again. Because I understand that in front of the sky is not only clear, all difficulties are necessary process, and after the heavy rain, there will be a starry sky. This song is "Chasing the rain."

That year under the rain of the torrential, as if to congratulate our youth, after the young listen to "Chase The Rain", re-pick up the enthusiasm of life:

In the afternoon after the heavy rain

Back then,

One of the bunch is me.


"That day, it was your 30-year-old birthday, and I ordered the" room "song to send you. I always remember you on the eve of my college graduation, made a birthday wish and classic proposal words, in a burst of laughter, you come home very seriously asked me if I would like to marry you, I smiled and said to you, I consider to see. You said, you'll give me time. But honey, why haven't I thought about it, and you're out of the world? Everything in my life still has your shadow, a lot of places still leave your scent, from now on, I will put you in the deepest place in my heart, from now on, will help you look at the beauty of the world. 」

"Room" in me, one has left you, the other can not be separated from me. With the memories we share, I will continue to live:

The past that happened in this room.

Makes me see happiness for a short time.

Thought this was our home from now on.

It's where I collect my tears.


"And the former boyfriend know, is the student period thing, young and frivolous, we can not socialize for three months on the separation." When I was listening to a concert, I suddenly remembered him and immediately contacted him if I would accompany me to Tokyo for my birthday. He did not hesitate to promise and tell me that the trip was treated as a birthday present for me. I said you arranged the itinerary, I just want to go to the Tokyo Tower. It's going to be in Japanese. He, with a silly me, embarked on a sweet four-day, three-night journey in Tokyo. This sweet and romantic trip, let me fall in love with him again, is crazy unreservedly pay my feelings. Just love for nearly two years, this relationship is still over, do not want to say who is right who is wrong, at least we have been in love. 」

To the "Happiness of the Tokyo Tower" to the unreserved you, but also to your sweet past:

If you were still with me today, you'd be holding me on the streets of Shibuya.

It's just that love is over, and you walk in the distance. I watched the heart of Taipei slowly fog


"Even when I was a child, I knew that love sometimes really hurt people, but I still care about those who can always turn away and fly far away, selfish people, because hurt sometimes make themselves very selfish." From listening to the name Xu Zhimo to the present so long, I still do not like him, still do not understand love, but at least long great benefits, now feel not their own, far away, the farther the better, will not envy. 」

Those who stay will always envy those who go away, and always want to say out loud "How I envy You":

How I envy you, you can always turn around and fly far away.
My love is your heavy luggage tripping your determination to chase a new dream


"Every time I hear the prelude to lonely flight, I can't help but look into the sky and see the sound of the invisible airplane engine in the sky, through myself, the one who is growing up but doesn't want to grow up." It was an uncontrollable years, and just graduated from college was recruited by the National army to conduct compulsory military service. At that time of their own very silly, clinging to the feelings of the mud, is an unforgettable is also a different man forget. Light through refraction into a rainbow, some feelings through refraction will also appear different faces, those can not say the export of the like, repressed in the bottom of my heart, careful care of the trepidation, all beautiful like a huge bubble, can not predict in that moment of bursting, whether there has been such a trace of the moment of acquaintance smile? 」

How much courage does it take to let a person walk into his heart? On demand a "lonely flight" commemorates the good days of the past:

How can the clouds in the sky fly there without leaving a trace?
How I want to forget that I loved you so much waiting for one day everything was cloudy and clear.


Jiangmichi said: "Today, I sing the song of my favorite person, named after her the most anticipated concert in my life-" I love Jiangmichi. " I'm going to keep singing, and are you all here? 」

The latest song for You On Demand Jiangmichi: "We're all people with songs"

We're all people with songs, ordinary and rich.
Meet, separate, and feel waiting to be captured.

10 stories, 10 songs, Jiangmichi accompanied us through the second Decade. Would you also like to work with Jiangmichi for more than a decade?