Commuters of you, stop being anorexic! For you to select 5 apps, let you find the rhythm and pace of the day, start learning to master the time, feel the present! Start looking forward to the arrival of each day!

As an office worker, do you feel tired and tired of going to work every day? Every day looking for the weekend to come quickly, but work and life is inseparable, work is also a part of your life, not only to earn money, but also in the work of learning and growth. (Recommended reading:"Women fans say work" Understand the lack, is the beginning of rapid growth )

Let go of your anorexia and pick out 5 apps for you throughout the day to keep your workday in order, focus and improve efficiency while you're working, relax and get energy when you're home, and make every tomorrow worth looking forward to!

Day ──todoist: Planning Your Life

Hands are always a pile of to-do items, written on the note paper messy, a new task suddenly came in, the order has to be rewritten, let you feel very troubled? You can use this APP, the operation interface is simple, not complex, no need to learn to operate, you can immediately list your task list, accompany you to plan a full day trip, whether business or private, you can master, so that you no longer feel anxious! It also gives you a clear idea of what to do next, eliminating the time it takes to rummage through tasks in your brain.

In addition to listing task lists on the page, you can also add external pages to tasks, such as Gmail letters, or pages you are currently viewing. There is also the Karma game mechanism, which, in a visual way, shows how many tasks you have accomplished each day, setting daily and weekly goals, reviewing your efficiency trend chart, and seeing if you are making progress every day.

Brainstorming Time──idea note-Flash capsule, express note, voice notes, quick record of your thoughts

Morning meeting time, the content of the meeting is all over the place, has not woken up the head melon, lethargic can not remember? Or is your light suddenly at first glance, but there is no pen or paper at hand to write? (Recommended reading: offline Thinking: Why should you buy a notebook for yourself?) )

You can use the Idea Note, do not need to click on the APP, on your phone desktop can be immediately recorded operation, through speech recognition, to help you save typing time, directly into the text, to help you quickly write down all things, but also keep the voice file, so that you can always review.

Lunch Break--what to eat

Every lunchtime, everyone asks, "What do you want to eat?" "Light this question can want to break the head, ask the other person's opinion, not get" do not know! " "Yes" is all you can do! "The answer. Rest time is so precious, take a good grasp of the meal time is AH!

With this app, there are two modes for you to choose "Guess" and "help me ask God", the little doll will ask you a question, and then help you find the "food" lurking in your heart, while linking the map function, let you find the heart of the food.

Not only lunch, your three meals, late supper, or afternoon tea have fallen! Let you never worry!

  • Ios
  • Andriod (not on the shelves, but with similar apps)

Afternoon again focus-tidal-sleep, focus, relaxation and meditation

After lunch, go on to work! In the afternoon, usually will be lethargic, eyelids more and more heavy, rather than early morning focus and efficiency, but the work still has to continue, this time can only with the Zhou Gong resistance?

This app has two features at the same time: white noise and tomato clock, tomato clock let you cultivate 25 minutes into the focus state, and give 5 minutes of rest time, so that you keep the rhythm and spirit of work, at the same time with the white noise of nature, so that you in a state of concentration, you can also get a comfortable state of mind, and Feed your heart. (Recommended reading: you should be the tomato clock work method: to focus also to rest, in order to be efficient)

Get a good night's sleep and start--little sleep.

After returning home from work, is the whole body still tight? Before going to bed must be a good pressure relief, in order to have a good quality of sleep, sleep is your source of energy! (Recommended reading: Seven good evening habits, so that your every tomorrow is full of productivity )

Through white noise and meditation, you can take you to a relaxed state, not only a single choice of white noise, but also a mix to create your most relaxed sound space, not only to provide pressure relief, sleep-helping function, but also to monitor the quality of your sleep. If you are used to sleeping late, this app is also very suitable for you do not sleep after 12 o'clock midnight, you can turn on the bedtime reminder, exhort you should go to bed!

In addition to helping you sleep at night at night, there are also lunch break settings, a total of four modes for you to choose from, let you rest for a while, fill the electricity and continue.

  • Ios
  • Andriod (not on the shelves)

After work, you don't have to give up the life you want to have.

5 apps accompany you every day, let you find their own rhythm and pace, greatly improve your work efficiency, will not be chased by time, but by your own time, you will have more time, feel the present and learn more new things. (Recommended reading:"women fan Internship Notes" after work, do not have to give up the life you originally wanted to have )

Here, want to send a woman fan editor-in-chief Audrey said:

Work and life can never be balanced, or even need to be balanced. Work and life are not 55 waves of life, work and life step in with each other, participate in each other, can not be divided. What kind of job you choose also represents the pattern of life you are willing to accept. Your work will determine the shape of your life.

Woman fan Editor-in-chief Audrey

You, worthy of a better quality of life! Become a better self. (Recommended reading:"Women obsessed with work" The job you choose determines the shape of your life )