Give your comrades a collection of Christmas illustrations, in the cool December, the love of comrades is as warm as the love of ordinary people.

Christmas Eve, Lights rising, lively street is holding hands to stroll the small couple, sideburns, cheeks red; the side of the child pulled mother's hand, asked Santa Claus tonight will give a gift to themselves? In the blessed peace of the night, every pair of lovers, every family, is sharing warmth with their loved ones ... all kinds of love are running in the city, and so are comrades, who embrace the other half in the cold December, kiss on the sofa, or hold hands with their children for dinner.

They are gay partners, are gay families, but the nature of love will never be different because of gender, Christmas Eve, they live so ordinary, ordinary as you and me.

No matter what I call you, Love will never change.

Hi, Santa Claus:

I know you will come to give a present today, so I have set up the Christmas tree, I am looking forward to Oh, I am actually a little worried that you will send the wrong gift, the last time you sent a red car, but I want white, Dad listened to all the time to laugh, dad than the expression is a bit strange.

Every year, dads will take me and my sister to decorate the Christmas tree, sister that stalker, want to rob me to set the stars, I said the top stars only I can put. Dad later said to rotate every year. Hmm, just don't care, I'm going to stick to Dad's shoulder later.

Oh, by the right, yesterday I told my classmates that dad would take me to decorate the Christmas tree. Students have been asking why "dads", I said is the dads, there are two, which will not be clear, is dad than and father Ah, sometimes I will use height score, high dad than, short father, sometimes I say short father, dad than will laugh very exaggerated.

Don't you send the wrong gift again this year oh, I made it very obvious last time, I want that white car car oh, Dad.

We all look forward to the happy days of being quarreled by our children.

Remember that day I and my boss leave, carrying you to the hospital for inspection, it is the first time to clearly see the child in your belly, the doctor said, you see, the head here, before only a little bit, now gradually can see the appearance. You hold my hand tightly, the eyes are a little red, I shake back, tightly affixed to your face read a crybaby. You hit me on the forehead: you're the one.

Actually, I want to say thank you, thank you.

We all know how difficult it is to go all the way, comrades want to have children, to first raise a sum of money, undergo artificial reproduction surgery, accept the failure again and again, but also to the doctor again and again out of the cabinet. The doctor told us that the day of successful conception, you cried a runny nose a tear, I smiled and said ugly, but still hold you tightly.

Sometimes we sit on the couch and imagine the baby being born. "Must be very noisy, then do not have to sleep." "But I know we are all willing, I want to be with you by the children crying in the middle of the night to sleep, I want to take the children with you to parents day, I want to join you, love our family." (Recommended reading: referendum is gay | We grow old together, but the hospital bed is out of nowhere )

Walk on the road, don't be afraid of other people's eyes

They're Gay, aren't they?

Well, yes, we're gay. Walking in the street will occasionally be seen by passers-by with a strange eye, at the beginning he will be a little embarrassed, immediately put the holding of the hand loosened, calm back into the pocket. I put my hand into his pocket and said Don't be afraid.

Yes, don't be afraid. There's nothing wrong with us falling in love.

He yelled without fear, just feeling a little hot.

That day we were two sitting in the park, a street lamp just hit us, his head against me, said that the Christmas tree is so beautiful, the family also want to put one. I'll go back to him. Well, we also put on a Christmas tree at home, our home.

Because of you, I don't hate Christmas at first.


On Christmas Eve, we did not arrange any itinerary, even a movie did not look, soaked a pot of tea, you said winter is going to spend this way. So the two decided to nest at home, two dogs, a pair of people, outside the window to see our reflection, so beautiful.

I used to hate Christmas, walking on the road are in pairs, even if you buy a cup to buy a double to have a discount. Then lead you home to meet your parents, declare themselves out of the closet, at first they are very angry, gradually accept, because I said to them, and you are the happiness is real.

Thank you, it's you. Let me have an excuse to buy a couple's cup.

A pair of people, how good.

As long as you fall in love, there is hope.

Dad Why don't they agree to your marriage? 」

Originally thought he is still small, do not understand what is Pingquan cast, that day results out, he cried his face full of runny nose, rubbed on my trousers. I crouched down and said to him: child, do not give up hope, sometimes you will feel that the world is full of malice, but also gentle and kind to all. Now we don't agree that we are getting married because we are afraid. All we have to do is let them get to know their comrades slowly. (Recommended reading: written after the referendum invoicing: what we have to do is not change millions of people, but communicate with the two or three people around us )

The child nodded with a listened intelligently of light.

That day the hard-to-soothe and noisy child went to bed, and when he got home, he asked me what was going on, and I told him the child's question. Then he smiled and said it was OK, don't worry, don't we still love each other now?

I thought for a moment, too, as long as we are still in love, there is hope.

Gay Partner's love is nothing different, they have also experienced love, quarrel, break up after peace ... these love of the beautiful process, comrades also have the power to experience. Although this year's referendum result is disappointing, but only six months before the release of the Constitution No. 748, we can focus on the May 24 next year, let Love is love, so that those who love also have a warm home:)