Women are obsessed with the selection of workplace notes, accompanying you to examine work, life and self. Pull inevitably, but seek between ideal and reality, find a balance that belongs exclusively to you.

Women are obsessed with work, don't let work be reduced to a reluctant stoop. You, it's worth a stage where you can shine and heat.


Work and life can never be balanced, and what kind of job you choose will also determine the shape you live in.

I remember a classmate raising his hand and asking me what to do if there was a conflict between "yearning for life" and "Job choice".

How should it be balanced between work and life? This is probably a psychological problem for many people, in school is, out of society is also.

I thought about it, so, "work and life can never be balanced, or even need to be balanced." Work and life are not 55 waves of life, work and life step in with each other, participate in each other, can not be divided. What kind of job you choose also represents the pattern of life you are willing to accept. Your work will determine the shape of your life. 」

How does work and life pinch? The problem was also a great nuisance to me at one point.

Still at school, that year, the campus full of nervous atmosphere, everyone frowned to write a resume, tie wearing a suit, ready to play adults. At that time, I was often intimidated, as if out of the campus to start work, happy life is bound to end. You can hardly talk about dreams, or imagine freedom.

The "work" of a long generation is a way to make a living, you have to swallow your breath, you have to work hard, the job is to feed you, not to let you believe.

But our generation is no longer like this, we are very greedy, work closer to a pursuit of value, a reluctance to compromise the practice, a principle of dependence on life, work with you as the center, expand the wider world outward, every step of the work, and finally let you return to their own.

For me, this is real, living the same job.


Life is so short, don't take the time to do what you don't do.

There will be no one in the world who can persecute himself more than you, and there is no way for the Devil's boss to be in the mouth.

I also think, if our imagination of the work, can only be the boss to account for a password one action, then I think it is too sad. In a woman fan without a boss, you do everything, the most fundamental thing is to ask yourself, I have no way to convince myself?

I believe that one thing you do with your life and do it casually with you, everyone knows it.

I believe that one thing you care about, and you just follow the trend to force force, everyone is looking at the heart.

If you can, please do what you really care about, please do what will make you feel pain, please do what you are willing to pay the time.


There are many people who can give you the love to pay you, and you are the only one who can give self-worth.

Why should you be financially independent?

It's about making life your home run, it's about having your own personality, it's about being able to define your workplace. Economic independence, you no longer have reason to say that parents do not allow you to study abroad do not allow you to pursue dreams, you no longer have the excuse to refuse to make changes.

I am talking about economic independence is not an exchange of capital, not because of money, so you can be free, we should have this freedom, the point is, you take your economic independence, with your innate freedom to do?

The so-called freedom, is that you have an independent will, to decide how to do a job, from which to establish the identification of the work. If you have your own thoughts at work, any study or growth is not for the company, but to achieve yourself.

There are many people who can give you love and pay you, and you are the only one who can give self-worth.

Your soul is upright, you teach yourself skills, because you don't want to be a boring person, you don't want to be bored, because you don't have to live without flesh and blood, you have a desire for work, because you treat yourself to live only once in life.


Don't owe others, don't fail yourself.

"Don't owe others, don't fail yourself." ' It's a word I often say to myself.

Say what others want to hear and replicate the easiest kind of success. That kind of success is beautiful and smooth, but live to the end but feel nothing. I like Ma Yun said a word is not chicken soup, he said my life most regret is to create Alibaba, if there is an afterlife, I will not do the same choice.

Shut up and let go of yourself and let everyone be convinced that you like your thoughts. Be more patient with yourself, and don't rely on the applause given by others. Do not live in other people's world to find a sense of existence, back to their own way to practice, you should realize that you are very important, you do not need to please.

"When you are ready to type and play the dynamic, slow down, in fact, often you cross that impulse, there is nothing to say." 」

Slow down, is waiting to think clearly, is to confirm this sentence to live up to themselves, is not anxious to be willing to recognize. Before you want to give your opinion wisely, let's take a slow look before you say words.


desire to work with what kind of person, first become such a person.

Be the A want to cooperate with is the corporate culture of women fans, if you want to work with a very strong and mobile team partner, first ask yourself is not a good player? If you can choose, would you like to work with yourself, would you like to be led by yourself?

At first I didn't understand, I came to the workplace, only willing to be a "favorite person." So in the face of "leadership" two words at a loss, to the team members of praise far more than the substance of the proposal, and the warm good, refused to give back on the fear of injury and QI.

Until one day Wei Xuan told me, "audrey, if you just want team members to like you, then you really live up to these people who work with you. "I got it later."

Youth is not equal to heavy, I hope my youth carry the pain of growth, deeply look at their own shortcomings, solid forward, I hope my team members are also, we take the road of pain together, looking back when the feeling is too worthwhile, so laugh clouds light wind.

We don't forget to tell ourselves what kind of people we want to work with, and we become like that first.


We all need a turn of courage, a little dare to different spirit, a kind of discard applause of the propensity.

Rather than questioning how hard you have to work, ask, why do you move forward? Do not miss their life because of success, do not use false diligence to deceive themselves, stop claiming for whom to sacrifice for whom, but in the end just use busy to put off their own vanity.

If you are so successful but you are not happy, then what exactly is alive for? If you are a good boy in the system but you hate yourself, then, what are you working on?

Stop on track other people's logic to live, treat hollow disease, start by coming out of the definite answer. No longer abide by the competitive "upward spirit", to enjoy the world's uncertainty.

Do not talk about the romantic feelings of tall, find their own propositions have also been cliché, whether in the workplace or living in the river and lake, we need a turn of courage, a little dare to different spirit, a kind of abandonment of applause of the propensity.