The Korean people's dissatisfaction with the long-standing inferiority of the sexes and the gender bias in the judiciary has accumulated to the limit. The 2018 was one of the most tumultuous years of the Korean gender movement, from the #MeToo movement, the Hora revolution, the solidarity of 270,000 of people, people no longer silent, and no longer fight alone, they came forward to protest, demanding that the community pay attention to the rights and interests of women.

South Korea, which used to give the impression of "male inferiority", began to make new changes in 2018! In May, at Seoul Hui MTR Station, there was a mass march to protest against the "Hongda poaching incident"; in June, South Korean women began the revolution; in September, the Korean feminist movement reached its peak, with 270,000 netizens in solidarity with Hora, demanding that the government severely punish "pornographic retaliation". We began to hear voices suppressed for a long time, and people were no longer silent and were no longer fighting alone.

The 2018 Global Gender Gap Report, which gender gap and ranking in education, health, economics and politics, ranks 115th out of 149 countries, while India, which used to be named the "most dangerous country for women in the world", ranks 108.

The surge in the gender movement in South Korea this year also reflects the no longer tolerance for domestic conditions, from #MeToo to opposition to revenge pornography, which could be seen this year as the development of the Korean gender movement.

#MeToo movement to ignite anger in Korean women's hearts

On May 19, the biggest protest erupted since the South Korean #MeToo movement. At Seoul Hui MTR station, marchers wore a red, big red like the anger in their hearts, they felt the gender bias in the judiciary, and hoped that the Government would pay attention to women's voices and rights.

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Originally, only 2000 people were expected to march, and the number of people in the day had to break to 12,000, and why was there such a march? The detonation point is "Hongda steal incident" [Note 1], the victim of Hongda steal incident is male, the police completed the case within 12 days, and compared, in the detection of pornographic website "soranet", women were photographed on the film, it took 17 years to close the site, the speed of investigation is significantly different, making women dissatisfied, The Government is of the view that there is a clear gender preference in the investigation of cases of gender-based violence.

South Korean director Zhang Hengzun was invited to Taiwan on June 3 to talk about the impact of #MeToo on South Korean showbiz, saying: "South Korea's society is affected by male hegemony in some way, which is a lesson for Korean society!" "and said #MeToo movement has allowed South Korea to begin to reflect and review.

In fact, at the beginning of 2018 years, there were #MeToo parties in South Korea-such as the former secretary of presidential candidate An Xizheng, who, in March, publicly charged on the show and An Xizheng sexually assaulted 4 times. A number of entertainers have also been charged in showbiz, such as "Walk With God" Wu Dazhong, "weightlifting goblins" Cao in the show, South Korea #MeToo movement all the way to the performing arts, politics, arts and religious circles.

"Break free from the bouquet" of the revolutionary movement, break the social stereotype of women

South Korean women in the past have been asked to wear "bouquet"── go out to make up, leave a long hair, and this year, they choose to take off this bundle, bravely to do themselves, and break the social standards and restrictions on "beauty", scream out of their hearts of the beautiful manifesto: Face is my freedom, I do not have to curry favor with anyone!

Well-known beauty makeup Youtuber Park (Lina Bae), on June 4 this year, decided to get rid of South Korea to women put on the "bouquet"── makeup is polite, uploaded a vegan film, encourage people not to be bound by social stereotypes. "

At the beginning of the film, she was wearing a face, interspersed with South Korea's criticism of female face, such as "vegan terror attack", "makeup is a kind of politeness" and so on, if you wear makeup after it? began to appear "men do not like big makeup", "makeup is too strong!" "And so on, at last she chose to remove the makeup from her face and told the public:" You are a special existence ", not necessarily beautiful, let alone because of the eyes of others and forget themselves.

After the release of the pigment film, so far 6 million people to watch, in addition to receiving many personal attacks of malicious remarks, Park also received death threats: "Some people will say," You (the body) simply can not put into the bouquet! " "Someone even threatened me to find me and kill me." 」

"Break free from the corset" movement, not only Park came forward, South Korean women also began in the community media, posted to destroy cosmetics, write protest signs with cosmetics, or cut off long hair photos, to respond to this movement, challenge South Korean Society for Women's stereotypes and restrictions.

Social movement "The courage of inconvenience", 270,000 netizens co-sponsored with Homer

September, to the peak of the Korean feminist movement, 270,000 of thousands of netizens came forward to co-sponsor the Hora, because this is not only a case, but women may have encountered the normal ──"revenge pornography."

Women's fan Sex elementary school Hall

Revenge erotic

Revenge porn

According to Wikipedia, it refers to a means of retaliation for the arbitrary dissemination of images, such as photographs or films containing pornographic content of others, without the consent of others. These pornographic images usually come from a partner who has an intimate relationship with the perpetrator, may be obtained with the partner's knowledge and consent, or may be filmed when the partner does not know. Actors with these audio and video files may use revenge erotic intent as a means of extortion, sowing their partners to continue their intimate relationships, or continuing to have sex. Or spread the pornographic images in order to punish the partner for ending the relationship between the two men.

September 13, South Korean actress Hora, was accused of violence by her ex-boyfriend, she proposed three degrees of extrajudicial settlement, but all talk and failure. But why would she keep asking for reconciliation?

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October 4, we saw the truth, the media released a piece of elevator surveillance video footage, exposed the reasons behind, the ex-boyfriend to expose the "sex film" as a threat, but also threatened to provide the film to the media, so that the hora of the Performing Arts road destroyed, she then confessed to the occurrence of this matter. The Seoul Jiangnan Police Department applied to the Court for a detention order on suspicion of injury or threat, but the court found that there was no relevant evidence to prove the fact that the film had been leaked and therefore dismissed the detention order. (Extended reading: Gender Express | With Hora boyfriend threatening to release sex film, 270,000 netizens in solidarity with the wrong is not her )

This makes South Korean women angry, from the "Hongda steal incident" to the Hora incident, the judicial decision, reflects the problem of gender inequality. The network has launched a joint action in solidarity with the Hora, 270,000 netizens co-sponsored, hoping to severely punish the "pornographic revenge" of the perpetrators. Under South Korean law, petitions signed by more than 200,000 people will be entertained.

On the October 6, South Korean women launched the "Inconvenient Courage" (also translated: uncomfortable courage) movement, tens of thousands of people once again gathered in the Seoul City Hui station, advocating that the judiciary should severely punish women who steal, sex films threaten women, and demand an increase in the sentence. In the wake of the campaign, the South Korean government has also made changes in its behaviour, developing a change in sentence from 3 to 5 years.

The surge of feminist movement in South Korea and the Awakening of women's consciousness

Through #MeToo and the influence of the Korean feminist movement, we have seen the awakening of female consciousness. More and more people are willing to come forward and challenge the patriarchal society, this group of people come forward, not just for their own voice, but for all women to fight for a better tomorrow. When more and more voices appear, diverse, different, real, you can establish a vocal network, providing the parties with peace of mind to say the export environment.

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When the Korean feminist movement sounded, there was also a negative outcry that the feminist movement was too radical, overdone, and even produced a "pence effect" [Note 2], men began to fear contact with women, and even "anorexic" situations occurred, some experts believe that there may be gender antagonism, and more women think that " "I'm not a feminist when my own person restricts his own", as if he doesn't follow the feminist movement. (Extended reading: Gender Newsletter | Niu Chengze after sexual assault: the presumption of guilt, the victim of blame, the challenge of #MeToo movement )

And the collision of these positive and negative opinions, in fact, just opened up the gender dialogue. Topics that used to be considered not to be openly talked about can now be openly talked about and discussed on the side; women from the past can only be silent position, to be able to really voice and series experience, this year saw that change continues to occur, and in the future, we look forward to seeing more changes, in more countries to take root.

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