Handsome Lady takes you to see Nicole Kidman, how to grow and transform in two marriages, from a protected princess to a queen who opens her hands and hugs others.

Nikoki Kidman (Nicole Kidman) blonde, his hands and eyes, always exudes elegant fairy qi, at the age of 15 began to perform the supporting role of MV and TV series, until 1989, the performance of "Air Vietnam Horizon" (Dead Calm), only began to get attention.

In 1990, she Atenco with Tom Cruise (Days of Thunder), and the two met and fell in love. Nicole Kidman, who was only 23 years old, entered the auditorium with Atenco, who was the immortal companion in the eyes of everyone at the time.

Do you think Nicole Kidman's life, like a fairy tale, has lived a happy life in the future?

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The enviable marriage, which lasted 10 years, was decided by the two men in 2001 to part ways. Nikoki Kidman once fell into a confused, do not want to face the fact of divorce, she chose to bury herself in the work. But she never blamed and resented, saying only blandly: "I was too young and too hasty." "She has no regrets, because they have loved and had a happy time."

After divorce, you don't have to be in a daze.

When the talented Nicole Kidman married, in the eyes of the media, became an adjunct to the Hollywood superstar husband, she was branded "Tom Cruise's Wife" label, her professional and performance talent was so neglected.

At the age of 33, the Princess divorced the prince, the Princess with pain, through the performance of the film, through the role to practice themselves. With a song and dance film "Moulin Mill" (Moulin rouge!), shortlisted for the best actress of the Oscars, in the play to show their acting and singing, like with the world announced: I can play can also sing!

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In the Hours of the 2002, she wore a fake nose, played British writer Woolf, and won the Oscar for Best actress and Golden Globe for best theatrical film heroine.

At the World Women's summit in 2015, she admitted: "To be honest, I was running away from my real life, and the best thing about being an actor is that you can immerse yourself in another person's life and become another person for a certain period of time." 」

After his divorce from Tommy, Nicole Kidman always wanted to talk more about the past. In an exclusive interview with New York this year (2018), she talked about the past: "I got married at a very young age, but it didn't give me any power." I got married because I loved him, and married a man of power who saved me from sexual harassment and I was well protected. "Her words, vaguely, that sexual harassment is already the norm in Hollywood, that Hollywood is unequal in gender power, and that even well-known actresses still need male power to shade," he added.

She thanked the past, whether it is happiness or pain, have achieved their present self, after the divorce, she began to learn to grow and become herself. (You will like:"I choose to be my own Queen" Hong Kong-born Princess of Denmark decisively divorced )

After I remarried, I was in love with my life now.

At the age of 38, Nikoki Kidman, who met her current husband, Keith Urban, who married in 2006 and had 2 daughters, described their feelings as saying: "We are two lonely souls, destined to meet each other when we are willing to open our hearts, and we are a complex that is easy to be frightened and brave." 」

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She constantly ploughing in the drama, and strive to break through the acting, but also in the play outside the choice of their own influence, into the public good and for social issues to speak out. In 2006, she served as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Women's Association, speaking out for women who had been hit by violence.

In addition to the actual action outside the play, she also more consciously chose theatrical works, hoping to convey her concerns and ideas through the role. In the 2016, Nicole Kidman was involved in the performance and production of the album "The Beautiful Mind", in which she played the battered woman, saying that she often broke down and cried after closing, but also because of this role, more close to the mood and situation of battered women. That same year, in Lion, she played a mother who adopted an Indian child and, on her own fan page, set up a pro bono donation campaign to help orphans get home.

Some people describe it as saying that after Nicole Kidman divorced, his career began to soar. She has said a word, but in response: "It is not just luck alone, you must be willing to let these things happen, but also willing to compromise, willing to change." "(You will like:" gender Watch "finally cries for the boy!) Brad Pitt: "After divorce, I learn to be a better father")

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In two marriages, she went from being a protected princess to being the Queen who hugged others with her hands open.

Nikoki Kidman courage to accompany you line:

Regret is absurd, so I never regret it.

Nikoki Kidman

When you have a chance to start over, that's all good.

Nikoki Kidman

Those Hollywood actresses are not given the opportunity to be sought by myself, and my career is created by myself.

Nikoki Kidman

People can tell you what to do, but life is limited, and you should ask yourself: How exactly do I want to live?

Nikoki Kidman