Interview with Li China, for the ideal to leave home, no one more than thousand that understanding of the girls ' bitterness, like can not fall root of the dandelion, tired want to live, but can not bear roots, had to let themselves fly higher. In the days of dream-chasing in Taipei, there was no income for three years, "but you will laugh for your dreams." "Thousand that looked at me earnestly, in a positive tone, and as if to be sure of myself."

Chanian [Note 1], how many times in a lifetime can there be?

The first time to wear a graduation robe, holding flowers and laughing and shouting finally graduated; the first time to leave home, the heart panicked and looked forward to looking for a job, the first time received a notice of admission, excited to sleep; the first time to find that willing in the rainy days, for you to prop up an umbrella, accompany you pacing home people.

December 2018, Li Chu released the New Taiwan Language album "Chanian Tsai", this all-Taiwan album is her 11 years of hope, starting from the "Chanian", one song after another, telling the story of every woman's life. The story of a woman, good and important, Li Chu that become a sea, become a woman's sea, full of all melancholy and joy, all soft and tenacious.

She held out her hand to the women: come, you say, I listen.

Chanian, prop up every setback with a smile

Li Chu that in the bones there is obstinate, identified as thinking, to do. In 2007, she came to Taipei alone from Nantou, and her dream was to sing, and when she said it, she was going to do it. Li China in Taipei after three years without income days, but how bitter, did not want to give up singing. (Recommended reading: The pain makes her grow more!) Li Chu: "Even if you get hurt, be brave to Love")

Single-handedly into the jungle, Taipei's bustling bright dazzling, but also dazzling, let the feeling of loneliness infinitely enlarged. Realistic problems have to be illuminated by one by one, rent, salary, three meals ... Li Chu that person, biting teeth also have to face all the reality, because I believe that on this side of the Earth, there will be people willing to give her stage, let her sing loudly.

At the age of 24, Li Chu stood on the avenue of Stars, a white long garment, with the most familiar Taiwan language singing Jiang "Silent Flower", with a tone, charm, 16 points, congratulations pass. Since then, thousands of steps have been on the road to acting, and the road has never stopped and never looked back: "I haven't thought about giving up since the first day I stepped into showbiz." "A lot of setbacks, can't bear to say, more can not bear to give up," but you will laugh for the dream. "Thousand that looked at me earnestly, in a positive tone, and as if to be sure of myself."

"My impression of the Taipei girls is that we have to laugh, very sweet, with the most beautiful smile to cater to all things," Li Chu that crooked head thought a bit, "but usually such a girl behind, you think, really very sad, she is for what to insist on that smile." 」

Taipei to the winter, Ruan also become an adult. After 30 of me, there will be people who are not willing [note 2]

For the ideal northward fight, no one more understand the girl's bitterness, in a foreign place lonely, like can not fall the root of the dandelion, tired of wanting to live, but can not bear roots, had to let themselves fly higher. Late at night, always question themselves, why come? Why stick to it? Shake your head, or do not want to give up, so with a smile to prop up their own.

Check SB's heart, scar clothes Daddy control [Note 3]

Occasionally, occasionally, real life in our body to draw a different shades of scars, may be love, is a job, is a family, is friendship. These bruises eventually become scars, even if a touch of pain, but also on behalf of you have come. Thousand that side of the comparison, said their stomach, there is also internal bleeding knife a scar: "But that is me, may be what I have experienced, others have not experienced, is to grow, is honed, is precious." (Recommended reading: psychology reflects on happiness: embracing the inevitable scars and finding the meaning of life )

Chanian Ah, there are many kinds of interpretation, she is so fragile, occasionally can not control tears, or strong, wipe tears or smile to continue. Chanian, she's every one of you.

The mood is the same, changing the name can not make fate change

November 22 this year, Li China on his birthday announced the change of name, Na Zi took off the female, symbolizing the liberation of the bondage. In her body, masculinity and femininity intersect, work, a brain forward, no fear, "like I said to the agent today:" Fill my itinerary! " ' I'm a workaholic and the more I work, the happier I am. "Thousand that hearty laughter instantly filled the entire interview scene."

Removing the female word is not a negation, because Li Chu never conceals his delicate side, she confessed, she also has a fragile, need to protect the time. No gender temperament two yuan bundled, people can live a lot of yuan, in the work, life between let the character flow freely, Li Chu that live good bright eyes moving.

But she turned a turn, "I was asked to take off the female word there is no bad, I think the mood is still more important." "Thousand nod to Yourself," I have always believed that good things will happen, because you are sad every day, very negative to face things, no matter how to change the name, how rich, you will not be happy. 」

I always believed that something good would happen.

Li Chu that

The album "Chanian" has a song called "Doodle Good", is her own words, thousands of that style of philosophy, the opportunity to rush, but the day is good, you do not have to give me all, do not have to give me the best, because my mother from childhood told her: "The Ordinary of life is blessed." Recall the mother said this sentence, thousand that tone is very sure, every word every word is very hard, in her to become a singer on the way, even now, took the Admiralty Golden Horse, also do not forget these seven words.

34-year-old Li China, all the way humbly forward, when the singer on the solid singing, the whole platform of the album on the word grinding pronunciation, when the actor on the steady practice, to ponder the various shapes of women, there is a strong such as "vegetable Goddess" in the mound, there is love desperate such as "Juliet" Julie. Chanian so much possible with plasticity, do not be limited by the environment, age. Really want to say at what age should do something, she thought, should just do their own good.

She said she was a person who felt strong, and had never lived a life before, and had experienced it through her identity as an actor. Each female role has its own difficulties, compared to the conclusion of good and evil, she prefers to go to perfunctory the context of the life behind each character, why selfish? Why are you helpless? Why are you optimistic? It comes from there. I think that's why Li Chu can sing the hearts of women of every age, 20 years old, 30 years old momentum, 40 years of stability, 50 years of calm, layers of progress, penetrating the heart.

There are many layers of people, she wants to be careful to peel off, happy in the sad, meticulous attention. Now thousands of that, very want to play a comedy, like Zhou Xingchi's comedy. She said you see, there is a story behind Zhou Xingchi's comedy, there is sadness, there is experience, sadness to the extreme to become a comedy. "The God of Gamblers" she looked at hundreds of times, and every time she looked at it, she read more people's emotions. Deep into people's emotions, you know that there is no absolute joy and sorrow. (Recommended reading:"World Adventure Week" Life is a tragedy, far from a comedy )

Positive energy is nature, and it can be practiced.

Whether it is in the film "Juliet" playing the Sensational love of Julie, or the TV series "Psychic Girl" in the delicate gay feelings of Alice, Li China in the feelings of the various characters travel freely. With actors and singers as the identity of the penetration of the human heart, thousands of that bring a positive energy, whether in the community of the word for word, or interview to the present word, I deeply feel, can not help but ask why?

It's nature, but it can be practiced, too. In the three years when Taipei had no income, she used to write positive energy words on the wall, such as "Believe" and "have good things happen," and laughed, "If you don't believe you can do it, the farther away it is from you." "As long as you believe, something good will happen, and she has no doubt about it."

If you don't believe you can do it, the more distant this thing is from you.

Li Chu that

Keeping positive energy, and partly because of influence, every patch, every point of communication with fans, thousands of people want to convey positive thinking, because you never know how your behavior and words will help others to talk. Including women who have experienced the cruelty of reality in this "Chanian" album and Still Believe in love and trust in hope. Negative emotions occasionally have, thousands of that still hope to become a listener, for everyone to inject positive energy.

There are too many difficulties in life, thousands of that can always open their hands, say not important, you say, I listen.

Edit PostScript

When we talk about positive energy, thousand that is thinking about a certain aspect is similar to tolerance. She suddenly asked, "Have you ever seen the Jubilee strategy?" "I nod, of course, sleep chase."

"Then how do you think the Queen can be so forgiving? 」

Indeed, to be as good a temper as the Queen of Richard, it takes more time to cultivate. Thousand that think that "tolerance" is the necessity of life: tolerance can be selfless dedication to the heart of love, not to forgive others, in the work of communication, but also with the mentality of solving things, rather than being manipulated by emotions, to make things smoother.

It is not easy to be as tolerant as the Queen of Richard, but in positive energy we can practice with thousands of them and look at each difficulty and setback head on.

Maybe we can start by writing walls first?