" The most distant distance in the world is not life and death, but rather, I stand in front of you and you play with a mobile phone."

The boundaries between real and virtual are increasingly blurred. Smart phones are the transmission lines between the two, and we manipulate the virtual images and words on the screen and then bring about real world transformations and occurrences: your fingertips are always falling, sliding, click-through, hits, clicks.Even if you may be trapped in a subway train with a large shoe box, you have already lined up on the streets of Taipei, laid down the latest coat for the fashion apparel restaurant in the London street … " …

smartphones have taken advantage of their convenience, immediacy, and rich variety of functions, and it has been very significant for our lives whether or not it has brought about a bad change.Even if you are not a proponent of a smartphone or complain that your friends are attracted to you, sometimes you can't help but envy others as if you have a Doraemon, you can quickly solve the problem of a problem. The owner doesn't feel anxious, as if he left the "Keys to the World".

Smart intelligence?You

Designers to exhibit "Wall" from 2008, 2009 "rain", 2010 "invisible", "no change" in 2011, and "smart" for the fifth session of the year?" Every year, the annual progress of the exhibition is challenging the impossible, and there are many innovative breakthroughs.Unlike the broader themes of the past, a special exhibition may include a variety of "smart phones," which are completely focused on "smartphones" and the subject matter is limited. The biggest challenge is how to create different surprises.Exhibits designers interpret the works in a positive way, and make a special plan for the difference between the two lines. The public can choose to show their views in an angle of opinion and opposition, and allow the viewer to think about the good or bad of the products of the new era. Even if they cannot make a conclusion, they can also start their own development.

with ben's favorite

"Buy and buy CD" It's like, you have to "generalize" the whole book, even if you don't like some of it."The concept of" freelomable choice "is also being felt at the scene," says Ensign Lee, who is on the scene of the "Physical App download show": "The display of the gallery will be displayed on the App icon."

The physical part is out of date, and the virtual aspect is a mobile phone Smart App.In the process of creating a large number of designs, it is not easy to turn the virtual support into real money assistance, but they believe that "because the good things are done, good things will happen."

Exhibits First

Aged silent (designer: Huang Dorn)

"When we are remembered, what do people want to remember?"A handshake or a mobile phone?" Designers are talking about life and death.Will it be more popular in smartphones and in the future of life, and even mourn a person who uses the mobile phone he used to use?In the presence of photographs, text messages from it, and downloaded apps, it is implicit in his memory, as if it was a footnote in the life of the owner.

finger blocker (designer: baud)

It's hard to stop your fingers from being on the screen, a bell, and a slight shock to see who is calling you immediately.In the past, at least as long as we left the computer, we could return to real life. Today, it's like putting the remote control on your own, restricting your gaze and your fingers.Now lock up the phone, block the most slippage area, give your fingers a break.

Sometimes the design makes people feel a little bit away from understanding or to be close to them. However, this exhibition looks at the phenomenon of "bowing to the head" in a daily routine, and believes that the public can smile at the exhibition and enjoy the opportunity to reflect on it while enjoying it.

[2012 smart? 5th Designer, Planning,

Extension: 9/14-9/24

Location: Taiwan Designer Week North Yuen Mountain Theatre Theme Gallery,

Smart, Learn More Exhibit

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