"The final realization of the dream, are not the most talented, are to follow through," If you are also moved by this sentence, let the woman fan editor take you together to review, book unthinkable's commercial war annual conference site.

At the end of 8th this month, book unthinkable, the annual conference on Commercial Warfare, held in Tai straight Hua, was hosted by the "War managers ' Reading Club", which entered the fifth year, and in the late 2018, the comrades of the Reading club and new friends were invited to review the 2018 and Outlook 2019, and invited Kovinge mayor and She Wenxian (constitutional) short talk to share, continue the book will always be the core elements, for the party activities to inject sufficient knowledge content. The participants at the scene had a hot exchange from before the opening, and the ballroom, which was already gorgeous, was even brighter.

Talking about the origin of the commercial manager's Reading club, SMARTM founder Xu Jingtai (Jerry) to pull the time back to 2013 years, Jerry in the network to launch a questionnaire, want to find a few people reading together, who knows the night, get up to 420 people backfill questionnaire warm Echo, Let him decide to start the first reading session, in the second year of the Book Conference, Jerry met the current president of the Book Club Wang Yixuan (Allen), and the boss of the big straight Hua Happiness agency, not only cross-boundary, but also string the future cooperation, today's annual meeting venue, on the big straight.

As time goes by to 2017, Allen proposes to expand the idea of a book club, opening a roving briefing session and recruiting screening, ranging from Taipei and Taichung to Kaohsiung, from 40 people to 400 people, with cross-cutting middle and senior managers gathering, the organization getting bigger, unchanged is the purpose of the book Club, Cross-border communication ", to knowledge learning as the core, cross-domain professional exchange and sharing for Jingwei, develop everyone's reading habits, read, share, and grow together." (Extended reading: The first anniversary of the Fan Powder Association: "Believe in yourself, the road you walk will not be in vain")

Kovinge: Solve the problem, start with the known

The event opened, inviting Taipei mayor Kovinge to take the lead, the same is the signature white shirt with black suit pants, he trotted from the end of the stage to the central stage, pick up the microphone 20 minutes later, the mayor from the past experience in the medical system, extend the application of contemporary political views.

In the past, in order to solve the problem of long stay of emergency room patients in Taiwan Grand Hospital, he founded the Taiwan Big 7D Ward [Note 1], the introduction of statistical concepts, industrial technology and management concepts, the right medicine. For example, at that time, if the same disease was found, hospitalization at different times, the mortality rate is actually not the same, due to the low rate of hospitalization on weekdays, while holidays and continuous holidays will improve, the mortality rate is different from the difference between weekdays and holidays, so the dispatch of holiday and non-holiday medical staff.

From the statistical detection of problems, but also from the statistical management, together with other management policies, so that patients in the Taiwan large 7D ward, compared to other wards in the efficiency of hospitalization, hospitalization and mortality, reduce costs, improve the data, but also found that such wards are low interest rates.

"Taiwan's health care system now exists not in the most efficient state, but in the highest interest rate," Mayor Ke bluntly. "The political status quo that extends to Taiwan" does not exist with the greatest welfare of the people, but with the maximum maximization of the votes. 」

If we can draw on politics from medical care, "in the next 20 years, the progress of Taiwan's medicine is not the invention of new drugs, instruments, and new technologies, but the introduction of existing industrial management techniques to introduce medical care." In fact, in the next 20 years, the greatest progress in Taiwan's politics is not the invention of a new political party, a new political system, but the bringing into politics the industrial management technology that is already in place. "First understand the status quo, from the existing resources and ways to solve it."

Mayor Ko gave another case of medical treatment, the way to deal with cancer 20 years ago, to take the form of digging cancer cells and retaining a safe distance of 5 centimeters, such as breast cancer Three, the mayor of Koh in the direction near the heart drew a circle, signaling the entire chest wall to dig a large chunk, which will hurt other body tissues and organs, It also takes half a year to rebuild the viscera. And now the concept of cancer treatment, with chemotherapy, electrotherapy, gradually make cancer cells smaller. Two different surgical methods, in the case of a patient who can live for another 10 years, the quality of life of the former is worse than that of the latter, while the latter's cancer cells will remain on the body. "So, sometimes living with the enemy, you live longer." "Everyone echoed with a nod and a laugh, too.

In this passage, Mayor Ko believes that it can be applied to the democratic and free, pluralistic and open Taiwan values and political thinking, he said, "the so-called Transcendence of Blue and green is not to eliminate blue and green, but to let blue and green different thinking can survive in this society, establish rational dialogue, nor invent new political theory or political parties, but bring existing knowledge into 」

This conversation also echoes the reference in the preceding paragraph: "In this day and age, what we need is to solve the problem, the solution may not need to invent a new theory, the current human existing knowledge to fully play, so the conclusion, go home or to read." "Mayor Ko used this sentence to draw a summary for his sharing, but also caused a whole round of applause and cheers."

She Wenxian: If you want to flip your life, you must turn it into your own

In the second half of the party, She Wenxian (constitutional) brought the technique of reading expression, which was further dismantled into how to choose a book and how to make the expression structured. The constitutional brother, who started his training career, said that for the next 20 years, he wanted to put his heart on the storyteller and make the most grounded Taiwanese storyteller. Looking at the business platform that the Constitution is operating, including training, publishing, media, audio and video, and platform endorsement five categories, nearly 2,000 business training speeches, more than 90,000 people's participation, in fact, light training career has let the constitutional brother food and clothing, the total income of the other four types of business, accounting for less than 10% of his total income. (It is recommended that you see: no matter how many slash you have, the most important thing is to become "yourself")

Why to develop other causes other than training, the Constitution more share "publishing business is the propeller of the career of lecturers, when they (refers to the other four categories) have developed, can drive the price of training business up 10 times times." "In the development of personal career planning, you can think about how to liquidate in different models, if you want to flip life, but also encourage people to read, let themselves grow and learn."

Many people may want to know, how to choose the book, the constitution said that in fact there is no standard answer, parent-child, commercial management, art, people points. He likened the book to the choice of restaurants, some people like to read the sequel to the book, like a hotel chain, and some people prefer camping, like joining the book will bring a sense of participation, so in the choice of books, we can use the time dimension to think, short-term, can accept others to recommend, in the medium term, focus on their own desire It is necessary to develop a good habit of reading.

Accumulated over the world, the brother of the Gothic car also put 2-3 of books, pick up reading at your fingertips. If reading time is limited, read the core content of the book from the document SEAL, catalog, preface, and find the key chapter paragraphs you want to read. The Constitution is also particularly fond of reading the arrangement and structure of books, can edit the professional departure, understand the context of the book logic. Reading the focus of books is not much, in the depth of understanding and absorption, but also must be diligent practice, such as the constitutional brother in the recording of commercial war celebrity Reading club online film, a mirror in the end not NG, this is after countless exercises to adjust and then practice, in order to be trained in the power and professionalism. (same field scene:"Zhang Wei Xuan Pen" lets desire, drive you to the life you want )

If you want to practice and structure in a systematic manner after drawing on your book knowledge, you can try these four steps:

First, practice speaking out after reading the book

Really say, can effectively check whether there is learning, the constitutional brother also share his personal little step, is to first remember the author's golden sentence, because these are the book author repeatedly chewed out the essence

Second, write catalog

Cover books, draw a chart of mind, and understand the architecture of the whole book

Third, further "try to talk to the author."

You can circle the place of consent, draw a question mark on what you disagree with, and write down your thoughts

Iv. Absorption and reflection

With the known extension of the unknown, with unknown links known, in order to become their own use.

At the end of the sharing, the Constitution uses "those who finally realize the dream, are not the most talented, are to follow through to the end" finish, encourage everyone if there is a dream to pursue, have the idea to practice, to follow through, to read, or travel to go, because "the world is like a book, do not travel people, in fact, you only look at the first page 」

To book friends, cross-border communication

Today's party, from the overall activity flow design to the site environment and the meticulous planning of gifts, truly reflects the original intention of "book friends, cross-border communication", review the Commercial War reading conference in 2018, from 40 people expanded to 400 people, extended to different cities, invited a number of writers celebrities such as the Constitution, Liu Xuan, Jiang Zhencheng, Mayor Ke holds a short talk on knowledge to enhance everyone's learning experience, cross-border exchanges every quarter, and gather at the annual annual meeting.

Next year, the Commercial War Book Association will also launch the Military Division Alliance program, inviting 16 industry leaders to serve as military divisions, to take you to share the guide, combined with the experience and ideas of the Military Division, to conduct in-depth discussions and QA exchanges, to hold deep and exquisite reading parties, the number of reading sessions to expand to 800 to 1,000 people.

"Books are a tool for transforming the human soul. What humans need is enlightening nourishment. 」

If you want, 2019, invite you to follow through to the end, solid growth.