"Ding ding Jingle Bell loud ⋯⋯" next Tuesday is Christmas, the streets began to appear a variety of decorative lights and decorations, but also from time to time can hear the Christmas theme song, everywhere brimming with the birthday atmosphere! " A selection of 5 apps for you to spend a fun Christmas without hurting your purse!

It's Christmas next week! At this time of year, there are colorful decorative lights and decorations on the streets, as well as bright Christmas red, while shop assistants are wearing Christmas hats, and the store is circulating with Christmas songs, filled with Santa Claus atmosphere, heralding the coming of the New Year! (You will like: a year will end, you will give the past year of their own to play a few points? )

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Christmas is the season for people to reunite, and friends and family around them start to meet for dinner, hold Christmas or exchange gifts, and while it's very much to look forward to, it's the easiest time to spend a lot of money. As a small capital family, must not after the holiday season, because the bag empty and sentimental! For you to select 5 apps, so that your Christmas do not have to spend a lot of money, but also inside and outside are ingenious!

The countdown to Christmas is coming. ──google Santa Claus Tracker (Google Santa Tracker)

Don't you want to miss the Christmas Day? Google has launched a "Santa Tracker" that lets you track Santa's itinerary through Google Maps on December 24 to see which country the gift is sent to and spend the penultimate Christmas with you! (Secretly tell you: Santa Claus will be leaving in 3 days!) )

In addition, from December 4, "Christmas Old village" will give you a small gift every day--through a relaxed and fun game, let you learn the basic program writing, understand the knowledge of geography and the customs of Christmas in various countries, but also through the Christmas Elf making machine, to create a dedicated your elf. (You will like:"Christmas cold Knowledge" When did Santa Claus love to drink Coke? )

At present, Google Santa Tracker, only andriod can download the APP, but iOS users do not feel sad, there is also a web version of Yo!

Unique Exchange gift ──patternator Live Wallpaper

The most exhilarating time to exchange gifts is the moment the wrapping paper is disassembled! But when the gift is opened, it always lets people fall from heaven to hell, because every year they receive about the same thing, such as photo frames, mugs, scarves, etc. So, do you want to give a "new" meaning more?

But how do you send a unique gift? Pay people to design? Or pay for a rare gift? Don't! You just need to take out the phone, and pick a photo, this APP lets you simple DIY, the photo cut down, and then choose the desired background, you can transfer in the T-shirt, pillow, mobile phone shell, to create a unique gift from the world! Think there's only enough photos? You can also mix and match the APP's built-in stickers to make your gifts more colorful and fun.

You can start imagining the look of the lucky ones who got your gift!

Exchange gifts New Play--Come on! Gift-The most imaginary Exchange gift App in history

Ready for your gift, but everyone always got to the party place, only in the trouble how to draw? Or do you have a pen and paper on hand, can you do a sign? This app lets you not worry, as long as you invite everyone to take out the phone and log in to Facebook, you can add everyone to the game screen, synchronized to draw! (You will like: Where to go for Christmas? 9 Private pocket Restaurants for women's fans )

In addition to the common way to draw numbers, there is also the tension of the pull bully and turntable. Draw, want some music? And you don't have to look for anything else! The APP comes with background music to keep the raffle site out of the cold.

Owning a Christmas tree-Dr. Panda Christmas Tree AR

Want to put a Christmas tree at home? But I think there is no place for the rental room to be placed, and there is no place to take it after Christmas. Dr. Panda Christmas tree, using AR amplification reality technology, so that your Christmas tree can carry away, arbitrarily placed in the seat you want.

AR Christmas tree does not take up space at all, nor does it cost money to buy Christmas trees and decorations, as long as through the countdown of each day, you can get an ornament to make their own Christmas tree. You can also take a photo with the Christmas tree and share it with your friends to see whose Christmas tree is the most gorgeous!

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  • Andriod (not on the shelves)

Create your fashion Christmas style-fashion match WEAR

On Christmas Day, family and friends pull you to a party or go shopping, but don't know how to wear a ride? At this time you do not need to spend money to buy new clothes, first look at their wardrobe what items, and then through the APP, there are models, designers, clothing clerk and so on to wear a ride, as long as the keyword "Christmas", there will be a theme related to the wear, for you to do reference.

Very intimate, WEAR can take advantage of screening conditions, such as gender, height, age, hairstyle and so on, the most important thing is to use a single product to find a ride! Come and find the most suitable for their own style of wearing, so that you can also be very fashionable at Christmas, no longer will be laughed to say: How to wear like a Christmas tree!

It doesn't matter if there's no one to pull at Christmas! Welcome to the Women's fan room and spend Christmas with us. (You'll like: 3 Christmas travel proposals for running away | A person at the end of the year )