The second Global Gender Impact Awards press conference will be held on December 20 to take you straight to the awards site. Gender has always been at the heart of women's fans because of the importance, because care, so that today's press conference, make no sense. Looking back at this year's wave of gender events, there are angry and inspiring, and we are all riding a wave of gender, a wave to a more equal future. This day, will be a starting point, there is still a long way to go in the future, will you come together?

7:00, the women's fan team appeared on time in Kafnu Taipei, busy in the busy out, set up the projector, put a chair, the action route picked and picked.

"Is this light OK? 」

"You wait for me to cue and come out again." 」

Do you get the words "Global gender influence"? 」

Today, December 20, women fans held the second "Global Gender Impact Award" awards press conference, gender has always been the core of women's fans, because of attention, because care, let today this press conference, make sense. To this end, the partner early in the morning into the scene, walking, music, photography grinding and grinding, in order to present the best state, for this 40-minute press conference, we are careful to stay.

When I was rehearsing, I sat under the stage watching the GIA main visual film loop playing, can not help but red eyes, looking back on this year's wave of gender events, there are angry, but also inspiring, and we, women fans and everyone, are riding a gender wave, a wave to a more equal future.

In the female experience, we have seen a gradual increase in the proportion of women in politics: Spain has a 60% of the women's cabinet, the world's highest, Ethiopia elected the first female President Zude, her speech at the inauguration, the symbolic limit of the wall has gradually disintegrated: "If I think I am too often talk about" women ", it is just beginning. "(Recommended reading:2018 Gender Annual Report | Women's experience and revolution )

In the discussion of gender-based violence, there was a collective voice in the Sanqi, and at this year's Golden Globe Awards, movie stars wore black dresses to the red carpet to protest against the long-standing gender inequality in Hollywood; 50,000 of thousands of women were on the streets holding up protest cards "My life is not your piece of pornography", Asked the government to severely punish stealing crime. We do not want to hide the darkness, but come out in pursuit of justice. (Recommended reading:2018 Gender Annual Report | Gender violence and Situation )

On the rights and interests of comrades, we have the international attention of Taiwan marriage Pingquan, in 37 days to raise 500,000 joint books, same-sex marriage and education to attract attention and discussion; In pursuit of affirmative action, Scotland has incorporated LGBTI issues into school education, with national D&i transformed into the world's first. (Recommended reading: 2018 Gender Annual Report | gay rights and actions )

In practice, we have seen the government and enterprises forge ahead, with Warner Bros. promising to incorporate the multiple additional clauses (Inclusion Rider) into corporate policies to safeguard racial and gender equality and pluralism; The California government passed the SB26 Act, which demanded that 2019 years ago All listed companies headquartered in California must include at least one female director. (Recommended reading:2018 Gender Annual Report | Multiple blending and practice )

Around the world, so many people are working for gender affirmative action. We know that gender issues are not good, too sensitive, and even feel that gender is not important, women are still determined to do, so we have Gwis Women's Power Forum, there is a consolidation of GIA gender events. Because we believe that when everyone is not optimistic, more seems to be how important this matter, and the right thing, we should do.

December 20 11:00 Press conference began, we would like to ask you, and we, together to count the various gender processes.

Gender groups work together to advance

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This press conference invited Taiwan's important gender group, the Modern Women's foundation, the Taiwan Comrade's advisory hotline, and the Taiwan Riot Control Alliance to respond to the award, and on the road to affirmative action, we have to work together with our partners.

"No one is a bystander, and all people can exert influence." "The Secretary general of the Taiwan Riot Control Alliance, Liao Shuwen, is very impressed by this remark, the Taiwan Riot Control Alliance assembled 40 group members, 39 expert members, together in the field of gender-based violence to develop roots." She believed, however, that the fight against gender-based violence should be done only by experts, the public and private sectors and, above all, by all. and secretary General Liao Shuwen believes that 2030 years ago, we will be able to end gender-based violence and fight for gender equality, and believe that one day such ideas will reach all over the world.

The modern Women's foundation, for its part, is committed to growing gender awareness in Taiwan for 31 years, working to combat gender-based violence, promoting gender affirmative action, serving 10,000 cases a year, and sparing no effort in promoting legislation. Fan, chief executive, believes that Taiwan not only has outstanding performance in the field of science and technology, but also soft power should not be underestimated. In particular, there is a need for sustained efforts on gender equality.

Although in 2018, Taiwanese society gave comrades a heavy blow by referendum: against gay education and gay marriage, but Yuxing, director of community development at the Taiwan Gay Advisory Hotline, believes that we still have hope in this darkest hour. This shock education also tells everyone that gender affirmative action requires continuous communication, communication, through comrades out of the cabinet, show up, to eliminate the public's misunderstanding of the same sex and anxiety.

"The Night before dawn is the darkest. I believe Taiwan can be the first place in Asia where same-sex marriage is legal. 」

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Gender Award of the year, Taiwan referendum wins Asian attention

This year's GIA Gender awards are awarded a total of seven annual gender awards:

First, the Best gender reporting award was won by the Japanese newspaper, which exclusively exposed the poverty reduction of women at the Japanese Medical University, and as early as 2011, the Tokyo Medical University, through tampering with the test results, allowed women to maintain their proportion at 30%, sparking international concern and debate. After the revelation of the matter, the university publicly apologized and in September elected the first female headmaster of the founding school in 102 years.

The best gender diversity practice is "Warner Bros. becoming the first Hollywood studio to adopt a diversity policy." Warner, as one of the leading industry leaders, believes that it will revolutionize the entertainment industry and is a concrete practice for continuing #Oscarsowhite and #Timesup movement.

Best gender community activities by the "Response #TimesUp campaign, 2018 Golden Globe All Stars wearing the all-black red carpet" to take down, Hollywood in the gender movement has been a huge influence and driving force, the first is to expose the sexual assault of the #MeToo movement, in the global wave, many victims have been able to rise up to resist, Tell the story of sexual assault. At the Golden Globes, the film stars acted to counter Hollywood's long-hidden sexual harassment, which was extremely influential.

The best gender art design was won by the British Parliament to set up the Fessett female bronze statue, Fessett was a pioneer of the women's political participation movement, and on the 100 anniversary of the women's vote, the British parliament set up the first female bronze statue in the square, which is a metaphor for the need for efforts to improve the proportion of women in politics.

The Best gender Enterprise award and the best popular Culture award were awarded by the "Goldman Sachs $500 million to promote the women's Entrepreneurship Assistance Program" and "the Korean drama" Miss Hammurabi ", which reflects the issue of gender power in the administration of justice. To affirm the potential of women's work in the investment plan, we can drive the diversified development of enterprises in a close step, and "Miss Hammurabi" exposes the current situation of gender in the administration of justice and touches on sensitive issues, reflecting the need for this generation to pay attention to the judicial justice that the parties to sexual violence cases should have.

At the Asian Gender Concern Award, Taiwan Pingquan, Indian tampons from luxury goods will become duty-free necessities and China's #metoo movement. In 2018, Taiwan Pingquan attracted international attention, and in just 37 days, Pingquan raised 500,000 joint letters to allow same-sex marriage to be entered into the referendum. Although the referendum result is not ideal, same-sex marriage and gay education did not pass, we can still expect that next May, the 24 interpretation of the Constitution No. 748 expires, comrades can be blessed by the people into the marriage hall. (Recommended reading: Pingquan cast a record, the highest pass rate history!) )

A group of people, only to go far

2018, gender action in full bloom, women's fan founder and CEO Zhang Yixuan that the occurrence of gender events, is not a separate individual, but represents a phenomenon, and this phenomenon needs to assemble the power of all people, the power of the country to complete, in the future, women fans will continue to work for gender efforts, open up a benign dialogue between different groups, Together to achieve a change in the gender environment, no one is a bystander, you are influence.

This year, we walked through the #MeToo, launched Pingquan, gender affirmative action resistance and long, on the road occasionally sad and unwilling, and because of this, women have always believed that a person go fast, a group of people go far, when we hold hands, we can go to affirmative action that day.

Invite you to read the full winning list together; If you also want to apply for gender, join a companion program together.

Edit PostScript

GIA's hundred gender events were not rushed out of the carriage.

From the end of the first GIA, the woman fan editor set out to prepare for the second candidate list. Gender events are not human, they happen every day, so editorial offices must search for gender events around the world and sift through different dimensions of thinking: Does this cause follow-up discussion? Does this matter affect other countries? Does it cause positive change?

It's hard, but it's done because we believe that events are not a single point, it represents a phenomenon, and that's exactly what we're going to deal with.

After the press conference that day, we nest in a small space, several partners excited tears, because we work hard, good efforts to let everyone to pay attention to this matter, and feel that it is really difficult to discuss gender. My mind thought of the seven o'clock to the rehearsal of the friends, their eyes, but also all the way through the GIA film clips, those protesting the cries of the crowd, the marchers of the call, all kinds of appearance, so important, why no one saw?

But this day, will be a starting point, the future we still have a long way to go, you will be together?