Women in the workplace face more challenges than the average person thinks, in addition to the public to establish an equal workplace environment, how can women start from their own, break through the ceiling of the workplace?

How hard will it be for a company to have both a female CEO and a board of directors with equal composition?

In October, GM became the top of the list of global gender companies, the only company in the United States to have both female CEOs and the same number of men and women in the 3,000 Chido cross-district companies, as well as businesses that fully practice equal pay from the grassroots to the top.

According to Institutional Shareholder Services, an institutional shareholder service company, women accounted for 31% of the 3,000 largest listed companies in the United States from January to May this year, although that number is nearly a decade high, But there is still some way to go before equality. (Recommended reading: How to achieve gender equality in the workplace?) Five d&i policies that an enterprise can execute immediately )

In the face of the gender ratio of leaders is not equal, how should women start from their own, to break through this situation?

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The road to becoming a female leader

In 2018, Caixin magazine reported that female CEOs had fallen from 32 in 2017 to 24 in the list of the world's top 500 companies, as female CEOs retired in 2018, but no other female CEOs undertook in 2018. Women face more challenges in the workplace than the average person thinks, of course, to create an equal workplace requires people to work together, but how can women start from their own, to change the status quo? The 15 Forbes Coaches , a coach member who advises entrepreneurs, makes six suggestions for the current workplace challenges that women leaders generally encounter:

Have confidence

In the workplace, women generally encounter the biggest challenge is the lack of self-confidence, before making decisions and orders, worry about being blamed and hated by subordinates, but you must clearly know your goals, and the way to achieve them, if you think he is right, can bring growth, good change for the company, then you should do it, reach success.

Say what you think

If you just sit in your seat and bury your head, you're bound to face more difficulties, and you have to say what you think first. If you want to be respected, you have to let your voice be heard and speak bravely about the company's policies!

Building Alliances

There are occasional bullying incidents in the workplace, arguing that female supervisors do not have the ability to lead and begin to crowd out and create rumors. It is recommended that you build a friendship relationship with an advocate who can speak for yourself, and further build your personal brand. At the same time, in the project team, put yourself in the position of experts, you do not have to be arrogant, but to have confidence in their professional background, if you are a marketing background, please come up with 100% professional attitude, do not be afraid of crowding out and silence.

Brave and ask for more money.

Many women with the potential of leaders are slow to be promoted to better positions, usually related to income, do not dare to demand treatment with strength, underestimate their strength, corporate coaches suggest to be able to hone the "self-marketing" skills, to their ability to do a proper touting (of course, to deserved), brave to say the desired treatment.

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Don't be afraid of achievement being seen

Some female leaders do not specifically talk about their achievements, fearing that they will create a conceited, boastful image because they speak out, but "speaking out" is important for women, and if you can be talkative about your achievements, you can earn respect.

Face and deal with your "fake syndrome."

Many women often think that they are not "excellent" enough, such a phenomenon, in fact, can be regarded as a fake syndrome (imposter Syndrome). Fake syndrome refers to the inability of a person to visualize his or her achievements and to think that his or her achievements are only fluke, luck, and not real strength. To deal with this problem, you can seek feedback from other leaders to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to establish fixed criteria to measure your performance. (Recommended reading:15 pictures See fake syndrome: You're not good enough, you're just afraid of failure )

On the road to promotion in the workplace, women must overcome the sound of the outside world and the inner voice, when others question the strength, you can prove with practical actions, but also brave, confident to say their abilities and achievements, do not be afraid to make demands, when you think their strength is worth better, you should strive to strive for substantive equality. Finally, in addition to women's efforts, we must rely on all people to promote equality, to help build a more friendly workplace environment, everyone can get the treatment they deserve with strength!