Women's fans select quotes to give you warmth. I have no time to participate in your past, but I want to work with you to clench every present, imagine a scene of the future. As long as I am with you, is the love I want.

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word. The most romantic is nothing more than to find one of your unexpected intimate, the original is because I once complained that you are not gentle enough, from then on to be sure that we are all for each other to change, for this relationship efforts. Love is like, really as good as they say.


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He was brilliant, he was happy, he was angry, he was sad, and I loved him dearly. The memory of living with him has made me incredibly happy.

Naked Lennon such as the birth of Chiko, surrounded by small Yoko, kissing her side face, there was a once, this is my mind the closest to the appearance of love-I want to give all of me to you. Rolling Stone magazine's chief photographer took this classic photo, when Lennon and Yoko said our relationship was like this one, "she's my teacher, I'm his student." "Lennon added, the words are so sweet."

Yoko Ono, the most famous and unknown artist in the world, knew her name and called her Lennon widow, but few people recognized her work. Then let's start with her work.

In the 60 's, Yoko Ono has been avant-garde, the identity and face of oriental female artists in the West art scene is very bright. In the 1964, the art of the action of the name "shredded", she wore a Japanese kimono, knelt on the stage, beside a pair of scissors, invited the audience to take the stage at will to cut off any part of her clothes. I am me, the fragment of me, can reorganize the transformation of me.

Lennon and Yoko Ono meet in London Indy Gallery, she looked at Lennon, think this kid's unruly with my madness just right, the body has its own tentacles, know how to smell the same kind. They began to communicate, at first-minded, chatting about art and self-construction, once in the middle of the night, Lennon about her to the recording room, they recorded their own songs, named Two Virgins as if we, two virgins, meet each other, only to feel that life is about to begin.

Record when the sky is just bright, they have sex with the skylight, through each other, see bright future, it turns out that you are the one I have been missing, you complete me.

1969, they married, and he crowned her last name, renamed John · Ono · Lennon Lennon for Yoko Ono to write songs, many times that she is muse, she is heaven, let him fascinated; in the anti-war year, they launched the Bed peace movement, bed, love do not fight; Lennon said Yoko Ono is his cocktail, let him drunk, he is not willing to wake up, he is a drunken drunk.

Hobbies like Lennon and Yoko Ono, they are each other's children, each other pampering, worship each other, they are very wild, grow up, to remember to protest this too boring world.

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If there is any miracle in the world, it must be trying to understand someone and share the joys and sorrows, and I know that it is almost impossible to succeed. But who really cares? The answer must be in the midst of an attempt.

It was the fall of 1989, and the girl was called Amy Lehrhaupt, and Linclair ran into a toy store with her. That year, Linclair 29 years old, just finished filming his second film, "The City Prodigal," to Philadelphia to visit his sister, Cool Philadelphia, he and 20-year-old Amy spent the night rambling, life has not felt the same.

"We chatted from the middle of the night to six o'clock in the morning, the city was hanging around, flirting, doing all the things I would never do again now." "They talk about science, they talk about art, they talk about movies, they talk about music, they don't feel tired from midnight to dawn, he says to her," I'm going to make a movie about this, "and she laughs and asks," Which one is this? "He replied affectionately," this, at this moment, the feeling that happens between the two of us. 」

At midnight, they chatted, they kissed, they didn't want to separate; at dawn, they exchanged phone calls, imagined the future, but never met again. Linclair really began to make a film, in "Love at dawn," overhead parallel universe-we do not leave the phone, perhaps do not have to gamble, perhaps can wholeheartedly miss tonight, perhaps do not have to bow before fate, perhaps time will be kind to us, there is another later.

"Love at dawn Dawns" true incredible, overnight magic of Vienna city, screen front of the audience fawn bump, love can be like this, you each expression is a long lens picture.

Linclair to film and think, Amy will see this movie? Is she going to know this is our story? The movie sold, but Linclair never waited for Amy to show up. Where she was, he could not find it, and the film became a suspense.

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Even if there is no reason around the world, and you will always be connected, you do not put me down, I do not put down you, I want to make sure that the same arms are caught every day.

Chen Xiaochun and should pick children, this is the same fellow brother and sister, this division brother and sister, the year is 16 years old, brother play together. People shout should pick Tintin, how to know she finally also dingdong into Chen Xiaochun life.

The first date, Chen Xiaochun think also did not think, grasp should pick son to the roadside stall walk; the first Valentine's Day, even the restaurant forgot to make a reservation, should pick son heart annoyed, think this Chen Xiaochun a face big Brother kind, didn't expect not to understand the date more unsuspecting, then think, then feel lovely. "I know his personality is like this, I want romance, then I can arrange it myself." "It is not urgent to transform Chen Xiaochun, she wants to appreciate his loveliness."

She also confessed to Chen Xiaochun, "Ancient strange" period, everyone fan Hao nan brother, her heart only read chicken, "I am worship you since childhood", Chen Xiaochun scratching scratched, incredibly a little embarrassed. She likes to look at him with adoring eyes and appreciate her man, which is natural. Their love has no set, do not hide the mind, but like to play together, you are making trouble, and I accompany you to laugh.

Love seems to receive demons, Chen Xiaochun Love should pick children, is took demon heart demon, convergent naughty small temper, she did not like, he did not do, this seems to be the first time in life, Chen Xiaochun feel that he has the motivation to change for a person, he always liked her smile like that, he thought she would laugh like that in the future.

"As long as she is there, I feel happy, happy and satisfied, so it's no good to do more for her." "Love is to open the two veins, Chen Xiaochun and Bones loose, little boy loose tough shell, can cry can laugh, love a person, will feel happy in fact easy."

In the 2010, the two married, wedding photos were funny, she had a braid, he had a face, like their love, unique.

There is a classic picture of Chen Xiaochun and the picking children.

2015, the ancient Curiosity of Friendship years concert, Chen Xiaochun Pheasant upper body, taut a face to sing "Together", sitting under the table when the audience should pick up, wearing Mickey Hoop, empty sent a few kisses, Chen Xiaochun cover the Smile, face dew "take you can not" pet drowning, and finally silently sang an I love you.

Originally there is love in the eyes, is such a thing. "Even if there is no reason around the world, and you will always be connected, you do not put me down, I do not put down you, I want to make sure that the same arms are caught every day." Do not have to pick us into the big, when I two do not have the blessing of adventure, see, surging wind up. How else are you willing to let go of you. We, but also cherish this feast of Qi. 」

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We will walk in the life of all the people in the world, perhaps we will experience the wind and rain, and perhaps may be tripped by stones, but every time, we will clench each other's hands, get back on our feet, and then mischievously tell each other that this is nothing.

He opened his mouth, there are a lot of "we"--"us" is a future unit, "we" love relationship is very equal. In fact, the reason for marriage can be many, the most important reason, only because she is song Huiqiao. "Because it's song Huiqiao, I think it would be great to spend the rest of my life with her." "Because it's your fault, that's why I want to spend the rest of my life."

I love song Zhongji's vows at the wedding ceremony, their relationship is very democratic, no one should take care of who to protect who, no "I go out to make money you are beautiful at home like flowers" sticky. They want to be a pair of forward running friends, you Mercedes look beautiful, and know that holding is your hand, so I am not afraid.

"Miss Song Huiqiao is my wife. The oath is as follows, we will walk in the life of all the people in the world, perhaps we will experience the wind and rain, may also stumble over the stone, but every time, we will clench each other's hands, get back on our feet, and then mischievously tell each other "this is nothing."

We will learn how to walk again bravely and stronger. Above, to my noble wife. "If you love someone, embrace his uneasiness and fear, and if you love someone, talk generously about liking and appreciating him, and if you love someone, give him the support to pursue the ideal;"

If you love a person, give him the freedom to be himself, and if you love someone, it is because he is him.

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What kind of adults will we become three years and five years from now, even longer and longer? Is it a PE teacher, or is it my mother? Though I keep my eyes closed and I can't see myself, I can see you.

"If you are 17 years old, all you want is to be able to go to college, no longer be a virgin, pee can keep the line, you should be how happy the little friend Ah." "--" Blue Gate "

Youth if there is a picture, probably Zhangshau by the wind blowing flower shirt, as well as the bottom of the net white sleeve shirt, is his repeated self-introduction. The sun kissed his skin, his squinting eyes like a bend of the moon, he laughed like the ocean, the waves are as cold.

Youth if there is a picture, probably Lin secret love, to follow the trailing, to call himself Mrs. Zhang, to love all that he loves, to Menkro put on the mask of Zhangshau, to dance a dance, listen to the heartbeat, I like you, can not let you know, my favorite is also your skin.

Youth if there is a picture, is probably monk soft eyes, despair is because there is love. What can love do? Menkro in the wall over and over again to write down, I am a girl, I love boys, as if kissing will come true, to be a normal person in the eyes of others.

Youth is the first kiss, is the misunderstanding, is the fruitless love, is the repetition of the scene, is a lot of doubt, is their own echo, is with the adult world handsome Brush, we ride a bicycle, drive to that gate.

It's as if everything has to start with a handsome self-introduction. My name is Zhangshau, Scorpio O-type, swimming team Guitar Club, I am not bad ah. Monk to ask him, what do you want to do, the boy in the flower shirt instantly shrink so small, "I just want to chase you ah ⋯⋯" meet you, can no longer handsome, more times embarrassed unceasingly, there are always people in the world is your star. "

It would be nice if love could stop here, more like an idol play. But the world is very unfair, Menkro thought, my favorite person like you, all I can do, is only when her messenger, I in addition to complete nothing can do, I love her and love you can not, I also very much hope that they like you.

The world is very unfair, Zhangshau thought, I like you, even if it is a test kiss can be, and you may never like me, I can do, but also very handsome to say, if one day, you start to like boys, the first to tell me.

Menkro and Zhangshau, youth so unreasonable, but fortunately have you. We probably will not love, probably do not have to be together, but in the fall of the time to know you, you can hold your hot palms, back to the sea, exchange our deepest secret-love originally did not get, I just want you very good very good.

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