In the night of peace, with a grateful heart, embrace themselves and embrace the lovely people around you! Give you 5 warm quotes and take them on to move on to 2019! On this road to becoming yourself, we walk with you!

This year, we have experienced a lot of things together, such as #MeToo movement in East Asia continued to ferment, Taiwan's marriage Pingquan, more and more people in the community in a variety of different ways, may be speech, may be music, may be drama, etc., began to stand up for themselves for others, loudly said: "You are not alone!" "And see everyone's ardent expectations--that the nature of society is right for all, so everyone works hard."

On Christmas Eve, embrace yourself and the good people around you with gratitude! Give you 5 @womany_herstory gold sentence, as a small gift of Christmas Eve, in the new year, we still walk side by side, bravely and fearlessly set foot to become their own path!

I just want to do something I like, not different from you-goddess Kaka (Lady Gaga)

"Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you are hesitant between the two, remember: your dream will never wake up one morning to tell you that he no longer loves you. "── goddess Kaka (Lady Gaga)

A male journalist had visited her: "Would you be worried about the negative impact on your music if you have sexual implications in the music?" 」

Lady Gaga replied: "You know what? If I were a man today, sitting here with a cigarette in my hand and a dick in one hand, I was talking about how I made music because I liked to ride a car and find a girl to sleep with, and you'd say I was a rock star. "But instead I did it and put sex in music and MV, just because I was a woman and I was doing pop music, I was going to judge me and say I was blurring the point," he said. 」

Lady Gaga shook her head and waved her hand. "No, I'm a rock star. 」

Lady Gaga is to be full of powerful female image to talk about sex, not willing to do sexual objects, more brave to practice their own ideals: I want to do is "music", want to give everyone strength through music, not because I am a woman, give up to do this thing! (Scene:"Gender Watch" if I were a man, you'd say I was a rock star "lady Gaga a word exposing sexism )

The great demon in life, not the ex-boyfriend, but myself--Rainie Yang

"I want to let you see that long-term friendship is possible, even after experiencing the separation of feelings, may be different identities, or can care about the company with each other, Hongsheng let me learn this matter." "── Rainie Yang

After the age of 28, she felt inexplicable anxiety, uneasiness, panic, now speaking up, but also distraught, "a lot of things that used not to feel like problems, all of a sudden turned into problems." As if you were no longer a child, you must take full responsibility for your life; there are so many things to consider that you can no longer just think about yourself, such as the family you have been relying on, and blink old. 」

30 years old around the collective anxiety, ripening boys and girls, time torrent push you forward, look back, Rainie Yang thank oneself has been dazed, although dazed very bitter, optimistic as she, will also hit the wall, she said: "During that time, I know myself, find myself different face, even I let go of strong, practice to be a person willing to show weakness, Turns out I can, too. 」

The wall of life, like halftime, the process is inevitable footsteps panic, first stop, clear their own thoughts, and see the Knot in the heart, by their own search for answers, time passed very slowly, but one day, you will find yourself growing a sense of stability, that thing, others can not take away. (Scene: Interview with Rainie Yang: "My great Demon is not a ex-boyfriend, but myself")

I go the way I want to go, not the way other people think "good"--Li Chin (IU)

"A good definition is too ambiguous, anyway, it is impossible to meet everyone, find their own characteristics, as long as you meet the people who appreciate you on the line." "── Li Chin (IU)

At the age of 14, Li trainees became a signatory to the contract, 15 years old, the first album was born, 17 years old, her album and South Korea's most red "Jiangnan Style" together to stay in the list of Champions for a week.

Li Eun is determined about the way he has to go, she is a "only way to go" children, because the poor family environment makes her more understand, only to go all out, the best policy.

The year she graduated from high school, she chose to give up her college exams and decided to take the "iu path." Since then, every choice she has passed in her life, like an exam, is deciding on a path that cannot be turned back, when she firmly said to her parents: "When others study, I will never play, I will also learn music and composition, to study harder than those who study in college, must become a successful person." 」

Others in the eyes of her, may seem very lucky, but that is because she did not stop ploughing, you have to work very hard, in order to look effortless! (same field scene:"A GIRL" IU Li Chin: Hate Me is your freedom, it is my right to be yourself )

Frustration is just a moment, you must always embrace yourself--cai Yilin

"Maybe one day, I will be forgotten by the public, but I must not forget myself." "── Cai Yilin

When it comes to Cai Yilin, what will you think in mind?

When she first came out, people always criticized her singing and looks, until later, no one questioned her, because she did not let go of herself, from a quiet gaze at the camera of the Idol singer, to now sing a good dance " "Tian Hou, in the works again and again, can see her in the song and dance on the self-breakthrough and innovation, which has become her distinct personal characteristics."

In this new album Vision, she put on the "mouth of Truth", announced to everyone: "This time, I want to open, hidden behind the perfect surface of all the ugliness." 」

"Perfection is not the same as all," she said. "In the past always the pursuit of perfection, she repeatedly examined their hearts, found that in order to pursue perfection, but forgot to love themselves." She encourages everyone to be brave enough to embrace their dark side, and that's part of you, accept it and be yourself! Like yourself, you are not afraid that others hate you, the whole world can forget you, but you must not lose yourself. (Scene in the same field:"A Story like Mine" Cai Yilin: A person who has fallen, is happier )

Turn the darkness into strength and dry your tears in a more clear direction--Sanmao

"A man has at least one dream and a reason to be strong." If the heart does not have a place to perch, everywhere is wandering. "── Sanmao

Sanmao in junior High school, the language is good, but the math is terrible poor, she in order to be able to test well, always desperately write exercises, six quizzes have won full marks, the teacher will doubt whether she cheated, call her to the office, throw out a junior examination paper, tell her to finish, take it for granted, she took back a duck egg.

The next day, the teacher told her to the podium, and said: "Chen Ping students like to eat duck eggs, today I invited her to eat two." "Then dip in the ink with a brush and draw two large circles around her eyes. Ink trickled down his cheeks, like bitter tears, seeped into her mouth.

Sanmao began to skip school and drilled into the cemetery when he had the chance: "I was a regular at the cemetery. There is no safer thing in the world to be with the dead, they are very gentle people. "But she began to have a new understanding of life:" People for the rest of their lives, too short. " Living yourself is the most important thing in life. I want to work hard with my own life, to be a sincere person on the day of life, do not give up the love and obsession of living, in the limited time and space, over unlimited vast days. 」

Life will inevitably encounter setbacks and chaos when the process is painful, but in any case can not give up their own, embrace their own darkness and vulnerability, talk to themselves! (Scene in the same field:"A Story Like Mine" Sanmao: I don't want to look at my head at the end of my life )

Thank you for all the things that have happened this year, both good and bad, have created the present self, but also thank yourself in this year's bravery and strength, you are to lead themselves to become better that person, even if the pace is a little slower, it does not matter! With these 5 sentences, start planning your goals for 2019 years!

Also believe in yourself, you are the influence, in the promotion of gender on the road, everyone is very important, your actions and voices are a huge force. Keep an eye on the Global Gender Impact Award, and we'll be with you as we move forward together in 2019.