A stage play for the Lonely: "to the dear loner" from four orientation, to discuss in the childhood trauma, marriage crisis, family identity and campus sexual assault four issues, the resulting loneliness, they are not others, they have been a lonely invasion of us.

"This matter, if we don't do it now, probably no one is going to do it." "At the beginning, the Story factory CEO Lin Jiafeng used this phrase as a prelude to making the most powerful opening of the" to the Dear Loner "series of stage plays.

He has produced the story factory of a number of classic stage plays, such as "The Secret of Men's words" and "The Art of Martial arts", and, as a craftsman in the theater world, cares about various social issues through the production of different story-oriented stories. At the end of 2018, more with the efforts to promote the creative industry dream Wenzang to bring together the "to The Dear Lonely" series of stage plays, the work of a total of four out drama, all with different issues and techniques to explore the "loneliness."

Every empty eyes, tired soul, may be a lonely person, but also you and I have experienced the role of life, in fact, loneliness is not the scene described in the song, nor the idol play crouching in the corner crying heroine, loneliness is daily life, we come to this world alone, will also be lonely away from the love.

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Loneliness in gender events: #MeToo is not a wave, pain does not recede

To the dear lonely person divided into two series, a total of four stage plays. Huangyanlin, the screenwriter of the second series, "#越想越不对劲," gives a new interpretation of the word loneliness: "I tend to believe that" everyone must fight alone "is not to convey a cold or indifferent attitude to life, but tenderness and tolerance. The characters in the play are fighting a battle that no one else knows, just like every one of us. 」

Loneliness has nothing to do with good or bad, and we can also be at the same time to cherish, but also to maintain personal loneliness, as if it is also a romantic thing. But, if, someone just don't like to get along with themselves? What he's most afraid of is coming face to face with himself? What he wants to escape most is his true face, so what should he do?

This is the prototype of the #越想越不对劲, which is based on loneliness and surrounds the theme of "#MeToo", allowing viewers to rethink other possibilities about gender, about getting along, about relationships through the script. (Scene: Gender newsletter | Niu chengze sexual Assault: the presumption of guilt, the victim of blame, the challenge of #MeToo movement )

"The play is actually a false confession, because there are only three characters in it, but all three characters carry some kind of mask and are evading their true self and dark orientation, evading their own trauma or guilt." Because of the escape, they armed themselves up and put on masks. Instead, the mask pushes itself deeper into the corner, making itself more lonely, more desperate, and more out of the predicament of communicating with the outside world. 」

"The script starts with the face of Loneliness and discusses the loneliness that cannot be faced with itself. "Huangyanlin one go shared, he was well aware of why he wrote such a script and put himself into it unreservedly.

At the end of the story, Huangyanlin also wants to bring out another social phenomenon other than #MeToo, "we see one thing, it's easy to judge for ourselves, but a lot of times, everyone carries far more than we think, and that requires more empathy, more tenderness, more tolerance, to understand what everyone is going through, This script actually has a little bit of a desire to arouse everyone such empathy. (Scene: interview with Yiushangde: We're not the only survivors of sexual assault )

His speed of speech has not slowed down, just as these words have been in the heart of the aging for 10 years and 20 years, waiting for this moment, can't wait for more lonely, in the lonely fight at the same time, but also can still retain tenderness and tolerance.

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The lonely who pursues the dream: you who fail to fulfill your dream is the majority

To the dear loner. The second series "Flowers" talks about loneliness from the perspective of "dream", which is different from the general story and works.

It's a story about compromising on dreams.

Director Wang Jingji mentioned the creative concept of the play, said a few people pay attention to the point of view: "We seem to be very used to the dream to make a difference, to become a certain light, is the big winner of life, but in fact, in real life, we will find that the flow of people is the real majority." 」

We have all had dreams, and more or less, have worked hard for the dream, whether that dream is big or small, do not ask that effort or less. Just when we are about to touch the dream, we seem to suddenly find that the imaginary things are always more perfect than the real, but also to the real.

For example, many people always want to be able to travel around the world, wandering through one city after another, only to think of the journey, the original their true desire, is a stable living, is ordinary daily beauty.

"There is no bad flow, compromise on real life is not called giving up, compromise is to some extent a responsible act, but this group of people's lives and stories are often forgotten, or rarely told." "Wang Jingji talked about the original intention of creating the play, want to present is" the feeling of loneliness after compromise. " Most people have compromises to reality, but these compromises are rarely seen, and it is an unknown loneliness.

When we know the truth of our dreams, how can we get along with our dreams? What can we do to make life go on when we know we can't catch it? "Flowers" is to tell such a journey of pursuit, but also want to accompany the majority of the life story is not told by the people.

Whether it is the temporary drop of the dream, or at this stage and the dream is a little far away from the people, through the presentation of "Flowers", to tell you: You are not alone, in fact, this is the real majority.

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"Flowers" stills. Picture | Story Factory offers

Suddenly think of the singer Asan's "leaves", a profound portrayal of the lonely inner world.

I'm on a dinner trip, walking around, stopping.

Also a person reading a book to write their own dialogue and talk

If you have listened to this song carefully, you may find the first mono of the prelude, deliberately staying for two seconds, even the notes, but also lonely. With such loneliness, we have to get along with ourselves after all, but also have to admit that in fact life, is lively sometimes, lonely often accompanied. When you feel lonely, you might as well come and see the play alone! (Scene of the same field:Beautiful man| introverted nara Mei Zhi: You are not alone, lonely will tie US tightly )

Story factory in the late 2018, the "to The Dear Lonely" series of works, from the external environment to the inner Mind, the future will also work with more than 30 young creators, with stage plays, films, episodes, novels and other multi-media to make Taiwan's outstanding creators, lonely issues are seen.

The stage play "Flower" and "#越想越不对劲" will play 12 games at the Taipei Water Theatre from December 21 to December 30, and touch every loner gently through 12 close contact with the audience.