December 25, Kaohsiung Mayor Han held the inauguration ceremony, aroused the attention of all walks of life, and the ceremony of his daughter Han Bing's dress, but also become the media to report the object, however, when the media and the eyes of the crowd focused on Han Bing's "hollowed blue dress", we can also observe the political circle of the stereotype of women.

Yesterday (December 25), Kaohsiung Mayor Han held a grand inauguration, at the ceremony announced the inauguration of the mayor of Kaohsiung, the inauguration of the relevant reports, but also occupied the media throughout the day's news page, in addition to his inaugural speech, the day of the crowd and other related reports, the daughter of Korean Yu-Han Bing, the day of the " Appearance "has also become the focus of media chase.

At a glance at the major media, about Han Bing's related reports, roughly focused on her day's wear, the same day he was wearing a blue hollowed dress, many media praised her as "a big" jiao "point at the inauguration, praised her good figure," show slender Legs "," groundbreaking deep ditch ", and even, the day invited to the ceremony of the teacher, praise Han Bing have" Lady Face ", not only" to the father ", the future can be more" Wanfley son ", but also become the key news. (Extended reading: is the marketing of a sister good or bad for politics? )

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The image of a woman who is "strongly affirmed": Young and beautiful, fully assisted by his father

Since his candidacy in Korea, her daughter, Han Bing, has been a model, has a bright appearance, has become the object of many media attention, in this inauguration, her dress and dress again become the focus of a scramble to report, in the face of media and network attention, Han Bing once (5th) in response: " Feel that they have no expertise, grades are not good, now we like me, is stained with the light of dad. "The attention of all of us to our Father Han."

Originally in Canada to study the Han Bing, in order to help his father "auxiliary election", and leave the table, during the election, she accompanied her father to attend the event, on the program for the father publicity, was praised as the "best selector", but also by many netizens, her personal Facebook, IG also by the meat search, many netizens even left a message shouting Korean Father-in-law, "when the media is busy also sealed her father Korean Yu as" national father-in-law. " It is doubtful that no one asked Han Bing if he wanted to be a "national wife", just like everything about her, it was up to the father to decide.

Ladies, a political figure who is "expected to be assisted by elections"

Looking to the whole politics, which candidate's wife is the most beautiful, whose daughter is the most positive, the best figure, but also often become the media report material, compared to the female candidate, less let the family help the auxiliary election, we can often see the male candidate's wife or daughter, actively participate in the auxiliary election, follow in the husband or father around the ticket.

Kaohsiung Mayor Han, in the election war was asked whether will let the wife and daughter help auxiliary election, he responded: "Men to the world as home, women to home as the world." 」

The comments also sparked a lot of debate, with some arguing that Korean Yu discriminates against women, but others are also escorted, feeling that "pure praise of women's home-focused values, which can also be distorted?" "From this we can see that there are still many people in Taiwanese society who have a stereotype of women's participation in public affairs, that" politics "is a male mission, and that women should focus on" family ", in which women should not take the initiative to intervene." Men's Affairs ", with the exception of one case, is the role of" auxiliary ".

We can even further say that, as family members of political figures, these women often have to choose to "assist", play an image of unconditional support for their husbands or fathers, in order to meet the "family-focused" social imagination, and Han Bing choose to take a break from school for the father's auxiliary election, it will shape a kind of " The best example of supporters ", but in contrast, their own subjectivity is also often" diluted "," objectified ", affixed to"xxx's daughter ","xxx Wife ", in addition to their appearance, the eyes of society usually focus only on their relationship with their husbands or fathers, such as the face can be prosperous to the father, and do not care about their ability and personality.

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Battered female politician: to be "beautiful" and "Home for the World"

When we turn our eyes from a politician's daughter or wife to a female politician who is actively involved in politics, we can see how public opinion in society as a whole is weighing down on women who are "not home."

Dunyi in helping Korean yoga election, alluding to the former Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju "fat aids", walking like "big sow", clearly the body of the more obese male political figures, in politics is not uncommon, why just take Chen Julai ridicule? We can see that this society will still have "sexual attraction" as a woman's obligation, and therefore the appearance of female political figures, whether "too serious", "not feminine", "fat" and so on, will be criticized.

Recalling the former director of health, Yang Zhiliang, as the Taipei Mayor candidate Dingshou Platform, he said that the frequency of child abuse this year was "because Tsai Ing-wen, flower mother and Wu Yinning never cared for children and did not know how hard it was to take care of them." "It shows once again that this society still takes fertility, family care as a woman's duty. And like President Tsai Ing-wen, former Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju and former North Farm general manager Wu Yinning, these female political figures who are not married and care for their children are considered incompetent women.

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Han Bing because of the bright appearance and supporting image, and by the network, media one-sided positive praise, Tsai Ing-wen, Chen Ju and other female politicians, but because of appearance or unwilling to stay in the family, and by the network or other male politicians personal attacks, we can find that this society for women in the political circle, Always continue to be a woman should be "beautiful", "home as the world" stereotype, put on them, and we can not help but wonder, this society for women, is not able to have a more open and diverse imagination? (Extended reading: sexism does not discriminate between blue and green: female politicians, why can't they be reasonably "single"? )

The "Women in the political circle" we're looking forward to.

We expect this society to look at women in the political circle and no longer think that women should be subservient to their families or men, whether they are politicians ' daughters or female politicians, and that we no longer simply praise or criticize their appearance, but not take their character and abilities seriously, whether she is a woman willing to take on a role as a secondary choice, Or women politicians who don't want to get married, have children, take care of their families, and show leadership in politics, we can all respect their decisions.

We look forward to the day when the political world is no longer an area of male hegemony, and we look forward to the attention of this society to the political performance and ability of women politicians themselves, rather than to examining whether they are fat and thin, or have no marriage or children. and women who work in either field can no longer need to worry that they are not "sexually attractive" enough, or are always required to take on the responsibilities of all families, because we are not the appendages of anyone, we are ourselves. (Extended reading: cai English bully female power!) Women's political leadership under the lens of Time magazine )

Do you feel the same way when you watch Han Bing's news? If you have also been criticized for not being pretty, too fat, or too thin, asking you to get married and have children, we cordially invite you to the women's fan room , share your story, let the experience of women coalesce, together to promote this society to see the power and wonderful of women.