Pastoral Village is Japan's first public out of the cabinet of female entertainers, once dating boyfriends, but found not interested in men, can only desperately persuade themselves is "sexy big sister" touch, "my life must repeat such a drama?" 」

See boyfriend naked, I clearly love him, but not at all excited, in the past can only desperately persuade themselves "men's nudity is so sexy." Even being stroked by a man and trying to deceive himself "is met by a very sexy big sister." Do I have to play this stupid, rotten play all the time? I want to be soft, warm up, slippery, fragrant, lovely, mellow girls love, love to do things, spend a lifetime!

This is the pastoral village in the book of a section of the self-report, readers see here, most of them are confused to ask: do you like boys or girls in the end? Bisexual, lesbian? Or a suspect of love? If these problems also arise in your mind, pastoral village will be more loving to you than a gesture of love, please onhold a moment, later to bring you answers.

Pastoral Village is the first female entertainer to open a cabinet in Japan and the author of "I never planned to be a comrade", which covers emotional education, sex education, gay education, through the comic people chat way, will be able to open the course of the Institute, in an easy to understand dialogue unfolds. Hopefully people can walk a little less of her wrong ways and find a comfortable answer. The book to comics, dialogue translation, vast projects, but also suitable for the pastoral village of the form of expression.

Pastoral village likes to ask questions and is always looking for more interesting ways to convey faith. From her left side, there is the mainstream beauty look, long hair big eyes quite nose cherry mouth, she stepped into the show industry opportunity, is due to participate in the Miss Japan beauty pageant in 2010 into the runoff; from the right side, the ear with a small flat head, showing the scalp display rebellious. I said the haircut was cool, she smiled happily, her fingers compared to the flat head, playful blink, said this side for her to save a lot of trouble, "here sends a message: I am not heterosexual", the tram on the Ojisan see her hairstyle, will also be startled, two steps backwards, she naughty smile, "cut this hairstyle, look at everyone's expression is worth, very fun ah"!

I'm a girl, and the person I love happens to be a French girl.

The wife of the pastoral village, a blonde French woman, married in France and lived in the area for a period of time before returning to Japan. As a same-sex partner in France and Japan, I guess there are different challenges, but she pursed her mouth, quickly shook her head, "perhaps because we are generous to let the people around us know, so there is no obvious feeling of difficulties, or differences." 」

However, the ease and openness is not always, or a stroke can be. When living with his wife in France, there was a neighbor and aunt who took great care of the pastoral village, fearing that she would live a hard life in a foreign land, often booing. "But somehow, I've never been able to tell my aunt about my real relationship with my wife, and I've always had a bit of a mind in my heart." One day, I finally got up the courage to confide with my aunt such a mind, did not expect aunt just as usual gentle look at me, said "Hmm?" So? 』」

She had also been in the pub, met with the more than 70-year-old old lady curious to rub forward, asked her what work she was doing. Pastoral village says she is an entertainer and writes books on gender issues. The old lady listened to the happy, said her sister is also a lesbian, two people quietly chatted for a long time, unconsciously exceed the operation time of mass transportation. The old lady to go home, pastoral village sent her out of the door, she remembers the old lady slowly walking towards a car, before the car, the old Lady winked at the Pastoral village said, in fact, I am also a lesbian! At this time, the front seat window shook down, the driver's seat is another smiling granny, Shimu waving.

"I just found that a lot of times, I was the first to build a heart in my heart, by default others can not accept me, so I closed myself up, but the truth may not be so." I did not make a close friend after I came out of the closet, but not because I came back to my friends because I was out of the closet, but I stopped closing my heart. 」

Between people, through the efforts of getting along and communicating, it is possible to understand and respect each other, and the pastoral village later discovered that all people, whether lesbian or gay, have the same subject. However, there are still some things, obviously unfair.

Women and women can't get married, but men and women can

Pastoral Village writes such a true story in the book.

In March 2013, Tokyo Disneyland held its first same-sex wedding in an unprecedented manner, in the joint testimony of friends and relatives of both sides, Mitchmini, the bride snow and Yuko, together to make a vow of love. All this, is the pastoral village from childhood yearning for the realization of the dream.

However, even if the Japanese women are married, they will not be able to obtain a legal marriage relationship, "and I, just because the partner is a French woman, even if not married, marriage can be legally guaranteed." She was unhappy about it and prompted her to think that the rights and obligations of individuals, regardless of how they wished, regardless of how they opened their hearts and minds, would still be treated equally because of the nationality and gender of the documents.

Women and women can't get married, but men and women can. French women can marry women, but Japanese women and Japanese women can't.

Japan's social system does not provide a "marriage" option for Japanese women who genuinely love each other. Taiwan is also struggling on the road to marriage and affirmative action. Pastoral Village This time to Taiwan, in addition to a new book talk, she is also involved in Taiwan's gay parade. For the year-end referendum, her encouragement at first glance is somewhat surprising, "Please choose the path you believe to continue to go!" "I was stunned, including to let the homophobic continue to believe in his own way? She replied with a smile, "because it's a democracy, go forward where everyone thinks it's right!" 」

She explained that before France passed same-sex marriage, the pastoral village was in Paris at that time, "there were anti-same marches in the streets, there were many violent incidents, the harm caused by the violence, making the dialogue more difficult, so I hope that Taiwan can spend this time peacefully anyway." Also hope not to use smear things, after all, is no longer a schoolboy's sports meeting. 」

The face of the French anti-March, many of which were locally discriminated against, found that discrimination and hatred would replicate and, if they were to be defused, must begin with understanding. "These people go to the streets, mostly limited by their past growth environment, religious education, and many times, we can start from understanding, to understand the reasons for opposition, will find that behind the fear is based on the unknown, then how can we defuse their fears?" 」

We have no answer to this question, but she has shared another story.

After marrying in France, pastoral village and his wife returned to the small island of Japan to travel. There were few young people on the island, and two young girls were warmly welcomed by the local people and invited to dinner for a drink. At a dinner where the whole village gathered for them, a leading old man opened his voice and asked why they had come to the island to play. Pastoral village happy to say, "We are two people to honeymoon ah!" "As soon as the voice fell, there was a silence in the room, and even the sound of chopsticks falling on the collapsed rice was audible, and someone scratched scratched, and someone whispered," later, some Ojisan yelled, "No matter what, drink a drink first and say it again! Celebrate Your new marriage! "The crowd raised their glasses again in a hustle and bustle, toasting and drinking wine. Finally, when we have to go, there are uncle uncles to send, ask if we can leave a contact method? "The Shepherd Village smiled again," they were clearly misunderstood! 」

She believes that through real interaction, may not be a short time, perhaps a little longer time, people will gradually find that there is no difference between each other, do not have to fear, do not have to fear, do not have to listen to rumors to let fear grow.

Is the genie made of _ _?

The emotion of "fear" itself is the ontology of the Genie. This is the discovery of the history of art studied in pastoral village. Her high school teacher, the late art historian Shin, announced in class and the students to tell us the true face of the genie! Shin next said, let pastoral village remember so far.

Shin said this: "The so-called Genie, are people to help the unknown to take the name." In the days when there was no electricity and darkness in the evening, the uneasiness that people felt in the dark, the sound of wooden houses being blown by the wind, all became monsters. For example: Walking on the road, feeling behind the sound of patter, called the Voice "patter monster", to the horses, the language does not have time to understand the foreigner, named "Ghost", "dog." Human beings will always fear what they do not understand, put not to see, let fear mixed with their own imagination, grew into a monster. By creating a name for unknown fear, thinking of understanding, and pulling others to agree on the impression-that's the real origin of the genie. 」

Homosexuality, comrades as a classification and naming, Pastoral village believes that people are also trying to name incomprehensible state.

She had been deeply distressed by her feelings, and when she was turned down to her favorite woman at the age of 10, she tried to learn to be a popular heterosexual and made it to her boyfriend, only to find that she was not attracted to the male body and looked forward to falling in love with women. She was confused and put a wide variety of assortment labels on her body, such as "heterosexual women who like girls", "bisexual", and even suspected that she had " Gender identity disorder ", and therefore dressed as a man for a long time, and finally she found that she did not want to be a male, she just like girls, she does not need these nouns classification, she is attracted by girls" themselves. "

"If I'm hard to categorize, I'm really a lesbian, but I'm not going to call myself" I'm a lesbian "everywhere, I just want to live out of myself. "She said to me at last with such a smile. I think of the list comedian Hanna Gezby, the last performance before leaving the stage, "The last blow" means that she is tired, when people look at her, only see her lesbian status, expect her to follow the image of lesbians to make every choice and action, many people rely on her fame, hope she initiative on the stage, she always is so, But it's always not enough. She decided to put down her microphone and do it back to herself.

Before being a lesbian, she was alone.

Alan Dizeni also said such a passage on the talk show, she said hope that one day, out of the cabinet is no longer every comrade must face the choice, but you and I as an individual, can think freely: I do not want to share their intimate relationship with people, and do not need to have the courage to tell everyone that I love people with me of the same sex. Between people, go back to the "people" point of view to understand each other. After all, the gender of the object we love is by no means the most special and necessary place for the person to be proclaimed to the world.

All comrades hope that one day they will no longer have to be targeted to explain themselves, just as the title of the pastoral village, I have never planned to become a comrade, I only plan to become myself.