Mrs. Science invited to just come out of the new song "Strange Beauty" Cai Yilin, looking back on the journey, how she walked through the gossip, and constantly through the thought and dialogue to detect themselves, and eventually, she became the beauty of her own definition.

Aesthetic world, who has the guts to say so absolutely? True me, false me, self, look at this today I, want which me?

--Cai Yilin's "Strange Beauty"

No. 26th released the new song "Strange Beauty" Cai Yilin, MV in the way of self-deprecation, looking back on the 20 she experienced external criticism and inner inferiority, and finally realized that the original strength can be given by oneself. The self-doubt and inner dark Side mentioned in the album concept also reflect that everyone is trapped in the cage of social value, true me, false me, in the end how to find the self?

Recently with the knowledge-based film pop red Youtuber invited to Cai Yilin, talk about how she from living in the public evaluation, all the way with the inner little girl dialogue, slowly aware of the self, become their own definition of beauty.

This 20-minute talk film , a wonderful sentence, for you to sort out four bright spots, invite dear you, together with Cai Yilin and Mrs. Science, embark on a journey of self-awareness.

Who's "Me"? Shaping yourself in the eyes of others

In Mrs. Science's film, Cai Yilin looks back on herself 10 years ago and finds that her knowledge of herself comes from popular commentary, that she does not know what beauty is, that she knows how to affirm herself, and that she is faced with the message that the community media sends to her, and that she always tries to meet each other's expectations, and in the conversation, Cai Yilin I didn't look very much in the mirror before. "The mirror can reflect the true self, do not want to talk with the" I "in the mirror, so the impression of their own vague, can only be a patchwork of external evaluation. When there are negative comments, it begins to negate the value of existence.

Picture |mv〈 Me "screenshot

However, to recover the affirmation of the self is a long road, in the filming of Mv〈 me, there is a scene of Cai Yilin needs to look at himself in the mirror, that moment she found that the past has never been well looked at "I", the original inside there is a child, want to speak to themselves. This beginning of self-awareness, let Cai Yilin gradually from living in the identity of others came out.

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"I" exists, so explore the emotions

"The process of awakening requires very, very much courage to face the insecurity of the past," said Mrs. Science, Brene Brown's book "The Fragile Power." "Aware of the existence of the self, Cai Yilin began to explore what the inner child to tell, she wanted to know why she talked about" Cai Yilin "three words, there are many shaking inside.

Later, in the fragile power 〉ted talk, opened the exploration of self-emotion, so she began to understand inferiority, superiority, vulnerability and other emotions, and to embrace it, now before work, Cai Yilin will be empty two hours to explore the heart. (Extended reading: Gentle Power Practice: Finding a better self in meditation )

Talk to your inner child and recommend it.

"I" definition, re-know yourself

Cai Yilin talks about an impressive dream in the film: After a puppy died, she calmly put the puppy in the bag, after the mood became agitated, questioning the woman dog around her why died, but the woman just smiled and shook her head. Then the scene turns to the basement, where she will drive, handing over the key to another man and asking him to drive.

For Cai Yilin, everyone in the dream is her parting, the death symbol of the puppy lost, in the face of the loss, she seems calm, but will be emotional anxiety, find ways to find out the reason, and the dream Woman's smile, is to tell her to learn to let go. Handing over the key that symbolizes the turnaround to the male makes her realize that you can actually give yourself strength.

screenshot of the picture of | Mv〈 strange Beauty

It takes time to find this power, to know oneself is the first step, as in the previous process of Cai Yilin's self-awareness, she excavates the existence of the inner child, so try to talk, gradually realize the existence and weight of "emotion", after perceiving herself, she gradually can find the strength of self-life, rather than by the outside world.

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Become "Me" and take back the right to define beauty

In the past, Cai Yilin worked hard, dieting, but could not find the purpose of doing these things, and later the sports coach told her that with the "pursuit of their own definition of beauty" mood movement, will do more happy. So she understands that beauty and happiness are closely linked, and when you do something you really like, it will shine. Beauty is not a deliberate pursuit, but because it is happy to do this thing, so become beautiful.

Now, she wants to bring this change, to define the "beauty" of the journey, to all people who have doubts about their self-worth. "Courage is when others think you are not very nice and beautiful, and you have a way of feeling that these do not represent my value," the Science Lady said. "Criticism and praise come and go, and you are always you."

Photo | Science Lady film screenshot

You are the best of yourself, extended reading

From the search for "I" to the consciousness of "I", and finally Embrace "I", is a long road, but I hope that dear you, you can start from the daily life, through the dialogue with the mirror, to perceive the fragility and truth, you will find the strength to support yourself, more and more love yourself, and this power, only by yourself.

Let anyone to hurt, to think, to speak, not related to leave alone.

It is necessary to live a good life and respond to evil in your heart.

--Cai Yilin's "Strange Beauty"

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