Polka Dot " series has always been a popular series, and the most famous masterpiece is the new fragrance of the designer Marc Jacobs, the classic Red Circle of the Red Round.

And the dots, the elements that everyone loves to use, have long been used on a variety of single items, and they are all visible everywhere on the road, regardless of brand name shops or roadside stalls.But what are the only items that can really make them love not to release their hands and use them again?When the dots appear on different occasions, when they apply to different colors, how can they be used to get out of their own special characteristics?

Don't hurry!Next, we are going to teach us the following points. Be sure to read the following points in detail. If you just have to head your head, spend some time, walk out and go out without fear of being a period, you can also be a bit of a round-up, and a bit of a good man.

01 blackspots with a white

In black and white, the male and female are well matched.A black and white series can be said to be a classic in the classic, even if it hits the spot, it can be used to other flavors.T-shirt with high lumbar skirt v.s. The high heels of the toe-up boots and the real leather material watch, vivacious and graceful impact on the woman's hundred changes, how could you miss it?


Skirt- 7crash High Lumbar Mini Skirt (Paris dot dot)

shoes -Rick Owens

Watch -Kate Spade

Out-of-air Disadvantages

The dark purple has always been a mystical representative, and the light purple is even more romantic.With a small round point of metal texture, the elegant Chinese dress has a self-confidence, a self-confident and strong, and a flutter skirt that will emit a thick female fragrance. It's just that it's just enough to wear it in the first place!

Dresses- CLOTHPOINT CLOTHT Dress Dress romance

Shoes -ASOS

Necklace- avoir l ’ air bijoux breathing pendant

Package -Martine Wester

03 Girls love Pink

Every woman lives in the heart of a little girl, so don't shy away from her and let her escape.When the shirt comes out of a pink bubble, it's like being taken in a dream castle and releasing a pair of young girls with little skincare pants and bottom cloth shoes. The next time you wear casks, you can wear this suit, watch the sweet and beautiful index superstandard, and even nest ants to report back!

Coats- pet shopsgirl Pink Pink Small-Penghu Sleeve Shirt


Shoes -Superga

Package -Jacques Vert

04 What is a Gold

We love black gold, but we don't make black gold, so we don't have to buy gold. We don't have to buy a very expensive one, and we can also have the luxury of luxury.In addition, the black gold combination has not only been more and more new, but also makes it more interesting to add a few more colors to the high-nobles of the children's wood-horse.

Top-Hute Hippie

Skirt-Kate Spade

Shoes -Kate Spade

Tracyclo- Serena Chen-dalammapa handrings

05 is very

There is nothing to worry about when you have a dot, and you can wear it on the streets so that you can be adorable.On the day of the sun, the vest runs away, and every one of the memories is taken as a treasure, and every time it takes a clean cloth to maintain it, so don't let every smile become bubbles, and forget it all over again!




necklace- pet shops girl poison soft drink necklace

Accessories- Colour Dot Polka Plot of Cleaner

06 plus menthol

Do you want to go to the party and worry about the emergence of a new approach that will bring the atmosphere down to ice?The perfect interpretation of neutral sweet-beauty is not blue-green.As an antique laced element, the color is bright and eye-catching, and the flavor is not lost. Whether it is a dinner party or a feast, it is all the "Jiao" point of the entire audience!

Dresses-J. Crews

Shoes -BHLDN

Accessories- Gloveup Minty Mint Dot Bubble Sleeve Sleeve

Earring-Lulu Frost

07 fall must not have

[womany dots are dots]

Featured round points of the womany shop, guaranteed to be your point!

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round bubble flicker

Daram iPad True Pippi

Gradient round-point sleeveless dress

TUBE EARRING respiratory earring

999 Pure gold foil transfer paste-Long (01)

more round points for the

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> > dots are the point at which the high lumbar mini-Penghu skirt-geometry

> > dots are dots, a little bit of pink, a sleeveless shirt

Text: Womany EC/Chen Ghaying Joanne Chen

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