Do you have to squeeze people across the years? Choose from six Netflix tablets for your stay at home, and it's a good place to be lazy across the years, isn't it?

The end of the year, suitable to look back, but also suitable for the outlook. At the moment, you may already be planning a job change, but hesitate to quit what the next step is; maybe you're planning your first roundabout, but worry about whether you're going to give up halfway. We seek warmth in a life of ease, in the days of change to seek excitement, no matter the change and the same, you are you, live as your own appearance is good.

If you are struggling with the future, select the Netflix year-end list for you, see how they are in the story, find their niche in change and unchanging, and move firmly towards the future.

Single Assist team-love is good, single I am also very good

Emily and Charlotte are Aisha's best girlfriends, two friends each have their own happiness, one just pregnant, one is falling into love, but Aisha is single. Two sisters in order to help Aisha back self-confidence, find a male prostitute to accompany Aisha date, instantly fell into love she but gradually found that the two people get along is not as simple as imagined.

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Single, is the life to go what way to decide, love, is to put each other into their own lives. More than one person on the road, have fun and challenge, how to think differently about the future? What if you have a lunch and disagree? Love in a lot of eyebrows corner, practice is communication is also the heart. 2019 of you are eager to get rid of being single, find a partner to support each other, but worry that love becomes not like yourself, we are like Aisha, in love such as baby toddler, stumble, occasionally laugh at love desperate self, but it is OK, this year if the baby toddler, then wrestling is learning, next year can therefore be stable. Whether you're on the road alone or in pairs, you can live more comfortably.

House of Cards: final sixth season-I'm not a subsidiary of anyone, but myself

The most popular Netflix original album House of Cards came to the sixth season, when the House of Cards described a member of Parliament with a strong mind in the United States Congress, ultimately realizing the political story of the ideal of being President of the United States. In the sixth season, Claire Underwood replaced her husband as the 47th President of the United States, but the challenge was to start questioning the ability of a female president. No longer the "Lady of Parliament" and "wife of the president" attached to her husband, Claire Anderwood, in the face of social criticism, chose to confront each other with ability.

The challenge of Claire Anderwood in the play, in fact, also reflects the current situation of women in the workplace, clearly in accordance with the ability to become a leader, but will always be labeled "emotional", "rely on others on the top", "face is not able to" the label. Dear, we must be brave to defend their own destiny, the label as someone else stickers, you can prove with the action, but also can voice to stop. In the face of gender inequality in the workplace, also provide you with six ways to deal with, don't forget, if from one end believe in themselves, change will never be a bad thing.

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Each of us has to defend our destiny, and the first female President of the United States will not close her mouth.

House of Cards: the final sixth season

Hollywood godfather-it's not scary to grow old, believe me, you're not alone

Mack Douglas is a respectable Hollywood performance guide, as the age increases, began to feel boring to life, the body also has a bunch of problems caused by aging, in the face of the anxiety and helplessness caused by the growth of the year, how can he and his friends Norman Newland humorous and dignified life? (Recommended reading: South Korean grandma when I youtuber:70 the age of makeup, I live my Second Life )

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As you get older, you start to feel afraid of aging, and aging is not necessarily because of your age, it can be your heart. You may have been so worried: Will I fall behind the group? Do I still keep up with the times? Am I still useful? Why would I gradually lose my enthusiasm? These fears are inevitable, but we do not have to worry about the changes brought about by age, because the human mind is full of toughness, if you also have the above worries, the new year, to exercise the muscles of the mind, such as to catch up with friends, every day also leave a little time to accompany the family, with others to build intimate relationships, can let you When confused, support you to go down.

We're all scared because the world is scary, but we're going to make it through because we're not alone.

Good docking, godfather.

Sabrina's shuddering adventure-no matter how it is chosen, the end result must be to be your own

Sabrina, a girl who is about to turn 16, has a half-human, half-witch pedigree, and on her 16 birthday, she has to make choices in the witch world where her family is located, with the human world in which her friends live. Sabrina wants to retain the witch's ability, but do not want to lose friends and boyfriends as a result, she after the identity of the self-struggle, what exactly will she make a choice?

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Are you, like Sabrina, standing at the intersection of your life? In fact, life is never just a choice, you do not have to force yourself to choose the side of the station, in the panic, tell yourself to slow down, and then think, do you have A, really on behalf of me to give up B? Is there a way for me to have it at the same time? No matter which path you go to, the answer to your last heart should be a way to be who you really are.

Rumei Siera--in the face of fragility, is the bravest thing

"The hardest thing is to show yourself the fragile side," he asked. 」

Siera is a campus gifted, intelligent she is because of the appearance and not popular, a time a boy misinformed a text to Siera, two people in the message exchanges into a "net love." But Siera, who felt inferior to his appearance, did not want to meet each other, so he and another person in the school met the love of the girl, and the boy launched a virtual love.

Siera is like every girl in reality, feeling inferior to her appearance. Occasionally we are jealous of girls who look better than ourselves, trying to imitate dress up and become the "beauty" defined by others. I know, we've all had this anxiety time. Want to tell you are denying self-worth, true beauty, is you put into the things that will make you happy, when people emit light, incomparable dazzling, and do their true self, is not the most happy time? (Recommended reading: Mrs. Science X CAI Yilin Ugly beauty:"true Bravery, is that you are willing to give yourself value")

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Father and daughter can't stop-this time, I want to sit down and talk to my family

Rachel was the head of the advertising agency and a workaholic because she was too engaged, and her fiance chose to stand her up on the wedding day, and after the wedding, she yin on a honeymoon cruise with her father, who had been disappearing for years. The two men from the beginning of the dispute conflict, gradually open the atrium to understand each other, disconnected father-daughter feelings and re-connected to the line.

How would you describe a relationship with your family? Rapport or alienation? There are many kinds of feelings between family members, one of which is that we care about each other, but can not say, say export, in the other side to hear is sour words. New Year's Day, is a good opportunity to re-examine the relationship with the family, at the reunion table, have a good meal, and the family open heart to talk about it!

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Whether it is your mind and body, or lovers, friends, family relations, are worthy of good maintenance and care. 2019, is the beginning of change, where do you most want to be able to changing from? Welcome to the Women's fan room to talk about it!