Women's fans select quotes to give you warmth. The world has been overloaded with complexity, love can not be a little simpler, let me silly obsession on the good?

Women are obsessed with good night quotes and believe in the power of every word. I have heard the open relationship in the mouth of others, and it is not easy to find a soul mate, but I still want to hold a faint hope, slowly waiting for the only person who belongs to me, a vigorous arrival, with 100 points of love complete my life.


Even if you are alone, as long as you love a person from the bottom of your heart, life will be saved.

The year that met Yoko, Murakami was 19 years old, with a teenager's miserable green and loneliness as an only son, and the world was narrow, except for cats. And Gao left a long hair, until the waist, refused to perm, also lazy makeup, has put their own life full of personality.

Murakami recalled this afterwards, "anyone will dream, and this is the only girl who can only see in the dream." "It's as if the world is all dark, only you have a fire, light up." (Recommended reading:"single diary" Murakami's Cleanliness Desire, Capricorn love )

Murakami's confession is roundabout, as is his novel, and he notes that Yoko is reading world history at the frequency of a day's volume. So he got up early every day to enter the library, to calculate the Yoko to read the volume, not to let others borrow, so that Yoko can see the book.

Finally up to the last volume, the village Haruki hand to Yoko, "I want to know you." "Murakami's Spring tree confession, I like you, no ambition, but very patient." Yoko found it amusing that they were together on the day the shrine bell rang 109, and really could not underestimate the willpower of literary and artistic youth.

1971, 22 years old, they decided to get married, Yoko father only asked the village spring tree, "Do you love her?" "Murakami nodded, Gao officially became Murakami."

At the time, two people had not yet graduated, had no income at all, but had a consistent quest and imagination for life--had to get married, and had to open a jazz tavern, named Peter Cat, in memory of the cat he had raised. Couples do not have much interest in talking to people, there is simply jazz, as the value of life benchmark, combined to go, discord. Peter Cat witnessed the village's former author period with the couple's life, life if all the things you like.

In 1978, Murakami went to Tokyo Meiji Jingu Stadium to watch a baseball game, American Hilton waved a home run, the village decided to write a novel, "It is a warm feeling, now I can still feel in my heart." "That night he started writing his debut," Listening to the Wind, "and Yoko was his first reader.

Yoko was asked if he had thought about cutting onions in a jazz tavern, and the taciturn village would be famous? She also replied with a cool, "never wow, I still think it's weird." He felt very special, and always had the expression "ideal of course" on his face. 」

Murakami's buried writing became more and more famous, and Yoko cut his hair shorter, and Japan's social pressure sank, they chose to live a safe distance across the world. Life in the village Spring tree, is to get up early jogging, is to write writing, is to keep a nest of cats, is with Yoko drink a glass of liquor, and then sleep in peace. "I can leave my editor, but I can't leave my wife." "Murakami has declared this way.

As the only son of the village, there is always a strong sense of loneliness in the heart, meet Yoko, began to know what is sentimental. Young girl Yoko and village grow up, give him sunshine, but also in the dark clasped his hand, love also do not have to make noise, even if lonely bar, as long as from the heart of love a person, life will be saved.


Love is a partnership, if you want to love, then love is the responsibility of two people. You take care of me, I defend you, you love me, I heartache you.

Prince Harry and Megan met in 2016, in November, when Prince Harry confirmed his dealings and strongly condemned the media's slander and harassment of Markle. ' I don't agree with the media to see this as a price Megan has to pay, or it's part of the game. It's not a game, it's her life with her. 」

Megan's Afro-descendant identity, often attacked, Prince Harry politely responded, exactly what centuries, how there is blatant racial discrimination? For the traditionally conservative British royal family, Megan may be contemporary, African identity, long Harry three years old, has been divorced, but the label and Love has a what?? Harry held each other's hands with Megan and didn't care.

On a third date, they went camping in the South African wilderness. There are only two people under the Stars, one account, the world is big, the heartbeat is very close, want to understand a lot of things, I love you, just because you are you, what identity is not important, there are too many dogmas in the world, I hope that from the beginning we will be a free person, for our faith to speak out.

The proposal scene came quickly, and Prince Harry handed in a diamond ring specially designed for Megan, which was her favorite golden yellow, three diamonds, two relics from her mother, Princess Diana, and one from South Africa, which had a memory of love, as well as blessings from loved ones.

Megan nodded, and she saw a man willing to be soft for her and stick to her, and she couldn't wait to say yes. Harry nodded, and he saw a woman who had an ideal personality and was less likely to flinch. At the wedding scene, Harry whispers to Megan, amazing, and I am so lucky, as she has always been.

In their love, in addition to mutual appreciation, but also to defend each other's taste.

At a public event, a member of the public told Megan, "It's good to have a feminist who is about to join the royal family." Megan replied with a smile, "Thank you, but Harry is also a feminist yo." "There was a deep pride in Harry in the tone.

The pair announced they were about to get married in November 2017, and Megan said she would fade out of her acting career and join charity in the future. She was asked if she felt hard? She smiled and looked at Harry affectionately. "I don't think it's a sacrifice, but I think it's a good change, and now I'm a partner with Harry," she smiled. 」

Love is a partnership, if you want to love, then love is the responsibility of two people. You take care of me, I defend you, you love me, I heartache you, we want to work together for our love to prop up a better environment.

When Harry meets syphilis venereal, when Megan meets Harry, not a sweet, wrapped fairy tale, but love is good and real-I love you, because you are you.


My Rose, others think she is the same as you, but she alone is better than all of you. Mournful, her bragging, and sometimes even her silence. Because she's my rose.

Roses and Little princes were born on the planet of B612, and there was each other in their eyes, and in their lives, the little prince wanted to take good care of one thing. Love at first, is to live together, is to stare at each other, is actually someone in the world more important than their own.

Roses are the Enlightenment of the Little Prince's love, the archetype of the heart, careful watering, screen protection, can't bear to wind and rain, feel his heart precious. Lover at first, often do not have their own, want to love her, more than love himself.

Rose is the first love of the Little Prince, the loved one is promised Pride, Thorn and Proud, by too close will hurt, love also gives people patience, willing to grind, pinch the weight, calculate posture, finally grind off each other sharp horns, find enough to embed each other's body shape, suitable for hugging the distance.

Love is me in your eyes, feel their own existence, from one-way let me love you, become us, we are together.

When the little prince was about to leave the planet B612, the roses softened, "leave the glass cover alone." I don't need it anymore. "The cool breeze of the night is good for me." "If I want to make friends with butterflies, I have to put up with 两、三只 caterpillars." "As for the big animals, I'm not afraid at all. Because I have my paws. 」

Love is not that we depend on day and night, never separate, but I more than anyone willing to embrace their own ideals, enjoy their own distance. Pull away the physical distance, I hide in your breath, accompany you to every place, loved people will know, intimacy originally there are many ways, we are together.

The Little Prince originally loved roses, presumably for a simple reason, did not think much, roses are all he palpable, like young and playmates. Then the little Prince traveled to Earth, the whole rose garden blooming towards him, dazzling, suddenly realized, roses are not special, there are so many proud roses in the world.

The little prince was sour in his heart, and the Fox said to him, "the time you spend on roses makes your roses so important." "The world is vast, instantly distracted, only love, take possession of your time, you willingly, you spend time in each other, so that your love is set up." (Recommended reading:"Little Prince's Understanding" Why does the Little Prince Love roses and choose to leave? )

She may not be special, she can also be replaced, but you have a choice and you choose her. "My Rose, others think she is the same as you, but she alone is better than all of you." Because she was watered by me. Because she was the flower hood I put in. Because she was protected by me with a screen. Because I got rid of the caterpillar on her. Because I have listened to her grief, her bragging, and sometimes even her silence. Because she's my rose. "--" The Little Prince "


I admit, I can't let you go, I often ask myself, what the hell have you done for me, I can not think of it. Yes, I like it very much, really like you, like to myself are afraid. I really like you, but what can I do?

Yu Chunchao What kind of woman, people this life out of the mix, will always meet a few dregs, she already understand. But Zhang Zhiming such a man, like to her own good fear, go everywhere Miss Zhang Zhiming, she hates herself unconditionally love him, always let Watanabe, a text sent out,

' You don't have to come back, it's better for me to go, we're scattered. "Zhang Zhiming Love to the last minute to understand the madness, this city has no Yu Chunchao, afraid too boring, around no Yu Chunchao, afraid too lonely." He's got her, they hit each other, and it's good together.

Why do so many people like Zhi Ming and chun Jiao? Pure Love only in the idol drama, a big Boy no regrets to love you for a long time, can spring jiao and Zhi Ming too real, love is circles, a walk around to each other side. "Yu Chunchao, you're the one who made me grow up"--Zhang Zhiming

Their love is a fated community of life; they love each other without too good luck, she has company or he has a new girl; they always have to drag on, stretch the pace, quarrel and doubt, only to let people see understand, sometimes love is really tied up, is bound to love strange who, is bound to roll over other people's bed, it is bound to be several ups

You're important, I don't know if I've ever loved anyone.

Yu Chunchao like the center of Zhang Zhiming, no matter how far he once wandered, and eventually returned to her side, the site rooting. Zhang Zhiming like Yu Chunchao in the hands of that cigarette, the whole city under the smoking ban, I can never quit you, smoke dense, like every pore of my body miss you.

If you want to love, I hope we love like Zhi Ming and spring jiao, do not have to look together in an instant, but to miss each other entangled to the old; Our love does not have to be an idol drama, I want you to be the Zhang Zhiming of my life, I also have the ability to do your Yu Chunchao.


If you hadn't loved me alone, you wouldn't have.

Every woman's life has a Hu Lancheng, a man may not meet a Zhang ailing in his life.

Zhang ailing inherited her mother's obstinacy, and her mother left home at the age of four, opening her free travels to Europe. Come back around the world, she wants Zhang ailing to receive a new education and become a new woman. Mother left again, she was tuogu in the girls ' school, the missing are parasitic in the text. The tough sex fell into the word, the cold look at the unvisited of the heart in fact enthusiastic.

Zhang ailing is a lonely person, because of her circulation in the family, because the home was her prison and her hotbed. Zhang ailing perverted paranoid, that a little soft heart, only in the face of literature and love to development. She originally did not want to go wandering, so landed in the palm of the Hu Lancheng, that year, Hulan into 38; that year, Zhang ailing 24.

"Ask softly: Oh, are you here too? "A sound so deep, as generous and profound as the sea, like the sea hidden raging." Hu Lancheng in the sea looking for Zhang ailing, hard students put their own phone into Zhang ailing door, an unruly woman, there is an insolent man to love.

Hu Lancheng has talent, then love very unrestrained, he loved the lovers such as the scroll bar, popular grievances. Why does Zhang ailing still love? They married without witness, no blessing, only a piece of paper wedding: "Hu Lancheng Zhang ailing signed for life, into a couple, willing to make the years quiet, the present peace." "Hu Lancheng very understanding of her, Zhang ailing such unruly woman, originally did not need the law."

At the end of the war of resistance, they were perched and separated in the beacon. Only Hulan into a good love, if the world wants them to don't head, Hu Lancheng said: "Then you change the name, can be called Zhang, or call Zhang, ends have I am holding you to recruit you." Hu Lancheng Such a man like a buyer, a woman is the goods, the goods are new good, he married a concubine, and then passed a lot of wildflowers, Zhang ailing a steaming heart was cool.

"If you hadn't loved me alone, you wouldn't have." "So live into a pious lone flower, let love like can not refuse the wind and rain, suddenly cracked her." She put him to the end, after breaking up as a gold ring, afraid of Hu Lancheng life grievance.

When the good man met the talent, it is a life can not be loved, meet the confidant and why all the search for him, love can not be a pity, she died in persevering, back a letter: "I do not like you, you have long not liked me." This determination is something I've been thinking about for 1.5 of a long time. He did not want to increase your difficulties when he was a little Gigi. Do not come to me, that is write, and I will not read it. "Zhang ailing gave Hulan into 300,000 yuan breakup fee, from then on farewell."

Zhang ailing has a great place, it is largely that she used the fee to do the breakup fees: You fall in love with my talent, I use talent to send you away, waving a wave, very handsome. If you can love, you can afford to lose.

Hu Lancheng Such a lot of butterflies, but Zhang ailing such a flower is rare.