The 2019 76th Golden Globe Awards will be presented on January 6 (US time), opening the list of best directors, a Golden Globe that has not nominated a female director for four consecutive years. Looking back on the Golden Globes of the year, only one of Barbara Streisand's female directors once won the Best Director award. Why would a woman's voice be buried?

The 76th Golden Globe is due to be presented at the awards ceremony on January 6 (US time). Natalie Bowman, the 75th-time Golden Globe Award holder, once said before announcing the best director: "Next up is the" all-male "finalist. (Here is the All-male nominees) "The satirical Golden Globe has always ignored the presence of female directors. After announcing the 76th shortlist on December 6 last year, we know that this year the awards can start with the same sentence, which is the Golden Globe for four consecutive years without nominating a female director.

The finalists are Bladley Coober "The birth of a superstar", Aifonso Collans "Rome", Peter Farali "Happy Green Book", Spark Li Hu "Black party members", Adam McKay "for the deputy unkind."

The absence of a female director, not because there is no excellent work, foreign media Bustle took stock of 12 2018 of highly watched female director electric Shadow , such as Marissa Macasi starring "Can You Forgive me?" "Shortlisted for Best Actress in the Golden Globe drama category, director Mariay Heiler did not be shortlisted; Nicole Kidman also shortlisted as the destroyer, director Kathleen Kusama, who was also not shortlisted, along with the epic Phantom film" The Folds of time "by African female director Eva Douvenay and the biography film The Queen of Law, directed by Mimi Ryder ... and so on. (Recommended reading: Black is the bravest color!) Epoch 2018 Golden Globe: Angry people are more gentle )

Picture | movie "Can You Forgive me?" "Stills

Picture of the | film "Destroyer" Stills

Looking back at the number of female directors of successive Golden Globes, Barbara Streisand was the only woman to get the best director, and since then only four female directors have been nominated. Women have not had enough say in film and television history.

The drowning female voice

The unequal gender ratio on the shortlist is a reaction to the long-standing issue of discrimination in the film and television community, according to the New York Times report that the female director in the Women's Hollywood Speak out said, Female directors struggle to persuade film studios to provide filming funds, even if they do, the budget is not much, more by the film companies, producers believe that women can not shoulder the huge box office pressure.

Although there is enough evidence that female directors or films aimed at female audiences can get extremely high box office, such as "Mamma Mia" in 2008 won 600 million dollars at the global box office, 2013 "Snow Wonderland" has 1.2 billion of dollars in the box office, 2017 "Superwoman" became more The third-highest female film in the world's box office, but we still can't see the shadow of a female director at the time of the award.

Picture | film "Superwoman of the Divine" stills

But in the recent release of box office data from 2014 to 2017 by US tech company Shift7, 245 of the 350 films were male-dominated and 105 dominated by women, while female-dominated films were at the top of the box office in each budget.

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To put forward these box office figures is not to negate the achievements of others, but to arouse the attention of the film and television industry to the gender ratio, and even more, we need to think about why women must try to come up with figures in order to prove that female directors have the same achievements in the film and television industry. Gender equality is necessary, and an equal proportion of directors, even other backstage task personnel (such as writers, producers), can bring a multi-dimensional perspective of the topic.

In September last year, Warner Bros. incorporated the plural additional clause (Inclusion Rider) into its policy to ensure that minority groups were able to secure places behind the scenes, and in the future, we hoped that all film and television industries would follow and move towards a more pluralistic and inclusive path, and at the awards ceremony, should also pay attention to the voice of women or minority groups, so that more excellent film and television works, issues are seen by the public. (Extended reading: The first Hollywood! Warner Bros. promises "d&i multiple terms" safeguarding actor race ratio )