It's a wonderful thing to have sex with an intimate partner. The process of mutual respect for each other, continuous communication, is very sexy! Five pictures take you to see what "positive consent" can do!

"What is positive consent? 」

"Will you be Ji after you finish your love?" 」

"What the hell is going to do to hit a gun in peace and make me so messy?"

Hey! If you have questions about positive consent, let the woman fan editor take you to a quick understanding, what is "positive consent"?

There are two reasons why "positive consent" should be promoted:

1. Respect each other:

Regardless of biological gender, we should respect everyone's physical and sexual will.

2. Reduce damage:

If sexual active Fang forces the occurrence of sexual type in a tangible or intangible way, it may constitute sexual assault. (Extended reading: interview with modern Women's foundation: gender-based violence, a product of the intermingling of discrimination and Power )

In a word, "positive consent" is actually what we mentioned earlier:

Only yes means yes No "agree", is sexual assault

Secretly said, even in the process of the other side silent, did not refuse, did not resist you, also do not count "agree" Yo!

"I thought we were all going to be interested in each other ⋯⋯"

Hey! Is that what you think it is?

Not necessarily, this is an example of three that is not "consent to the performance of having sex with you":

  1. Stay alone after the other party.
  2. The other guy's wearing a sexy day.
  3. When kissing and stroking, the other side didn't turn me down.

(Extended reading: no rejection is willing? 18 diagrams to make you aware of the right to sexual consent )

How do you call it consent? Five steps to help you eliminate sexual misgivings:

1. Confirm whether the other person is awake

Imagine that when you sleep half asleep and someone touches you without your consent, it's a "scare" experience! When the other person has slept to death, or drink and drink "the body" to present the "corpse" state, at this time the other party may not know what you are going to do, of course, it is not possible to express their wishes, so to obtain the other side of the "positive consent", you have to confirm that the other side is "conscious"!

2. Observe the reaction of the other person at the moment

In the process, we also learn to understand each other's emotions, observant, strengthen their own willingness to the other side of the sensitivity, rather than wishful thinking that the other side will be willing to, in addition, even if the other side with you eyebrows or ambiguous dialogue, does not mean that the other party has agreed to have sex with you, or to clearly ask after the answer.

3. Unsolicited opening offer sex

Wait until you feel that the atmosphere is mature enough, two people are ambiguous enough, in the light of the beautiful atmosphere of the space, you can open the first tentative ask: "Can I kiss you?" "If the other person agrees, you can start your fiery foreplay with a warm French kiss, but remember to promise to kiss you, and it doesn't mean to have sex with you, it's like you promised to" try it out, "Not that you're going to" buy ".

Wait until the kiss makes you all quick to help, you can praise each other first, "You are really so sexy, let me want you!" "And ask again," Would you like it, too? "," Do you want it, too? ", or kiss each other's earlobe, and say in his/her ear," may I go in? "On the contrary, if you are the person being questioned, you can also boldly answer:" Please come in inside me quickly! " "" I Want You too, "affirmed the other.

Don't you think this part of the conversation, just look at the sexy is the whole body puffy?

But if the other person rejects you, or does not agree, you should respect each other, also do not need to be too sad or negative self, the ancients said: "Strong picking fruit will not be sweet", believe that tianya where no grass, you will find another also like your "grass".

4. Continuous confirmation during the process and encouragement of the other party to respond

If the other person "now" agrees to have sex with you, does not mean that the other person "next second" or agree, in the process of sexual behavior, everyone still retains the dominant power of their own body, in the course of sex we can withdraw the original consent at any time.

In the course of sex, you can actively and thoughtfully ask each other: "Can you kiss like this?" 」, "Is this going to hurt?" Can we go on? "," Do you Like me? "and pay attention to whether the other person is not in the process, there is no look very comfortable, struggle, push refused, make sure that the other person and you are very much want this sex, such behavior in addition to very considerate, but also through inquiry, to further understand each other's feelings, in the present to find the two sides more happy, more comfortable" Do "The law to get your sex to the next level."

5. Establish a small code for each other to "want" and "Stop"

If the shy party is embarrassed to ask for the initiative, or temporarily need to shout "card", worried that their refusal has been misunderstood as "want to refuse to welcome", two people can also discuss in advance, agreed on the exclusive dark.

For example, when either side wants to stop and tell the code, the other side must stop acting, for example: seriously: "I am serious not to!" "," really can't! 」。 Or, humorous yelling, "Go get the Weapons," "freeze!. "Can also effectively refuse sex without stifle atmosphere, and may even find it a bit funny." (Extended reading: after the Niu Chengze incident: Having sex to sign a deed? Five steps to make "agree" sexy )

It's not a serious, boring thing to keep in touch from the beginning of sex, the process to the end, and the communication between the two sides. On the contrary, through transparent communication, encourage the shy side to take the initiative to say the feelings of wanting and having sex, but also to make each other in the love of fish and fish to the next level.

Actively agree to make the sex experience more enjoyable!

May every one of you be able to say "no" and "good" freely in an intimate relationship. (Extended reading:"Live Strike" oymy heartwarming: Keep talking until taken for granted )

After reading it, you can.