The world shows more of a single template of the female yin, so that we are instilled what kind of yin is normal, and the Dutch illustrator Hilde hope that through their own good illustrations, painting a diverse, real and beautiful female yin (Vulva), each female yin is shared by fans around the world to him, Hilde When you get permission, draw it and share it with illustrations.

We can always see the girls ' problem with the intimate appearance on the community discussion string:

"What about asymmetry around the labia?" 」

"Black in the privacy, how can you turn white?" 」

"My labia looks so wrinkled and ugly, and I feel mortified. ⋯⋯"

Walking in the street, click on the Web page, we often see the medical and American clinic to emphasize the privacy of the "white and tender", in order to have self-confidence, get "sexual blessing." Therefore, we often use these standards to criticize their privacy is not good enough, but also worried about the other half will not hate "not white and not tender" sister?

But Dutch illustrator Hilde not think so, according to the 2016 International Association of Cosmetic Surgeons released figures , the small labia plastic up to 45%, become the world's first plastic surgery growth rate, such a phenomenon let him begin to reflect, the world shows more than a single template of female Yin, So we will be instilled in what kind of pubic is called normal, and such thinking must be changed, so he through his best illustrations, painted a plural, real and beautiful female yin (Vulva), each female yin is shared by fans around the world to him, Hilde obtained consent after painting into illustrations to share.

Dutch illustrator Hilde. Photo | TheVulva Gallery

It is worth mentioning that the diversity advocated by Hilde is not limited to the pubic part of the physiological woman, but includes the gender queer, so you can see that he has a different shape in his pen, some of which includes male genitalia: "Having a pubic or penis does not mean that it defines your gender identity, but is defined by personal feelings." Always be respectful and try to avoid speculating about what kind of gender identity other people "should" have. 」

Next, share with you three moving stories behind the pubic paintings:

#1 I want to be more confident in my own pubic part.

Photo | TheVulva Gallery

When I was young, I noticed that my pubic was not the same as other girls, even other women. Mum thought it must have been something wrong with me, so I took me to the doctor. The doctor said it had no problem, but it would change over time. This is my first sex education: finding myself different from everyone else.

Since then, I have been in pain for my differences and feel that no one will love me, so I have used all sorts of ways to shrink my labia (and have searched for surgical information). I was afraid to try sex because of it, and I didn't like it until now because I couldn't enjoy the process. Fortunately, however, no one has ever criticized my pubic part.

As I grew up, I gradually accepted myself and helped me to be more confident in other ways, like admiring the paintings of the Vulva Gallery. If I think every girl's pubic part is beautiful and full of strength, then I can also look at my own pubic part:) (Recommended reading:"picture" vagina, uterus, ovaries!) 12 pictures to understand the female internal reproductive system )

#2 thank my pubic and accompany me all the way.

Photo | TheVulva Gallery

When I was growing up, I didn't worry about what the Yin minister looked like, whether it met the man's "standards", until I became a stripper, and saw the yin of the A-piece actress, only to realize that my pubic "is not perfect": It has no bright color, nor is it complete without scars. I began to feel that my pubic part was not cute at all, so I became more and more concerned and even ashamed to show my lover. I've used a variety of creams and repair products, even to do laser hair removal, just to make it look "perfect." (Recommended reading:#girlgaze girl photo collection: Gazing at your imperfections, like watching your own beauty )

Now I, still on my way to "love myself," I began to thank myself for my pubic part and loved what it was like.

#3 I am a mother, the pubic part makes me feel unprecedented strength

Photo | TheVulva Gallery

I am a mother and have a five-year-old child. Since having a baby, I have learned a lot about the body, including seeing how amazing and strong it is, because the mass media has always stressed that the pubic part will change completely after production, during pregnancy, I had worried about whether the inner Yin would become different, the vagina will become flabby after childbirth, but this is not entirely correct. I think it's a wonderful thing to be able to carry life in my body! When I finished having a baby, the vagina gradually recovered over time, not as "vaginal conditions gradually go downhill", as some people say. I really hope someone will tell me about it during pregnancy to eliminate anxiety.

Now, when I look at my own vagina and feel the power I've never seen before, because I know it can bring a new life into the world, it's a great thing!

Share three moving pubic stories, hoping that everyone can re-understand their body and tap into the way to make their bodies beautiful. If you are worried about your own pubic, click on the Vulva Gallery look, you will find that many people are the same as you, and they are brave to accept the true self yo!