Music star Lin Yilian new song "Chauvinism" sings the situation of victims of gender-based violence; actor Coron, after exposing his own injuries, wrote again the long text for sexually harassed male stars to speak out. More and more people's attention, let a problem emerge again-how long do we have to go to eliminate the path of gender-based violence?

At the end of 2018, 睽违 launched the new album six years later Lin Yilian, with a song "chauvinistic" to expose the social treatment of women victims of the most authentic appearance. In early 2019, actor Coron, after sharing his personal pain experience, wrote a long article on his face, describing the real case of sexual harassment of male stars in the entertainment circle. Two female artists used works and articles to talk about women's common experiences, bullying and other issues. Let me wonder, how long will it take us to work hard to heal these wounds?

How many executioners (winning)
To be worshipped as a hero. Tough tenderness (is a frailty)
Wear a decorative flower (play my red)
--Lin Yilian "chauvinism"

None of the two women was concerned about the structural relationship between gender and power. The victims may be women who are powerless to resist, or men who are below the level of power, suggesting that both men and women-as long as you are weak-can be the target of gender-based violence tentacles. (Recommended reading: goddess Kaka, Nikoki Kidman dialogue with Taiwan!) 2018 Hollywood actress Roundtable: Fragile, make us strong )

Gender-based violence, never disappeared.

More than 30 years out of the outing, Lin Yilian's tenderness music sang a woman's mind. Popular songs include "At least You", "Love a man who doesn't go home," and so on, we find a plot similar to our life in her music, and sneak in notes and weep in the night that no one sees.

But this time, Lin Yilian wants to do more, in addition to soothing the injured soul with a soft song, but also want to expose more women's social oppression, incarnate social observers, and take us from the music to understand this unusual social phenomenon.

Wu Qingfeng, who was the songwriter of "chauvinism," once mentioned in a media interview: "Sandy (Lin Yilian) told me that she wanted to describe a woman who had a lot of repressed conditions in the world, and my intuition came up with two words of" chauvinism ". In fact, many corners, not only women, many ethnic groups are unreasonable treatment. 」

It is such a heartwarming thought, let Qingfeng write a lot of naked lyrics for this song, but also let the listener have to look directly at this bloody fact-our society is not inclusive and respectful.

The definition of chauvinism has evolved over time, skipping the framework of nationalism, which now refers to "blindly loving the organization, beliefs, values, etc., and often holding malice and hatred against other groups". Because of the excessive love of the value of their beliefs, wearing hate glasses to carry out actions against other groups, including language, limbs, etc., have formed a bully, but also need to learn inclusive and respectful society, adding more needs to reconcile the problem.

Screenshot of Lin Yilian "chauvinism" MV

Has the performance "Mr. Jiang, have you ever been in love? "Dangerous Mind" actor Coron, in 2018 at the end of the famous director Niu Chengze broke the sexual assault scandal, on the personal Facebook write down personal pain, share his once nude filming bed play five hours, resulting in 11 years of lingering shadow.

Also in early 2019, it was again revealed that other male stars in the film world had been forced to agree to a larger scale of nudity under the verbal threat of other directors. Showing the opaque work environment in the movie World makes gender-based violence more likely to be imposed on workers. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" Lubesson and Woody Allen, what should I think of the directors who are accused of sexual assault? )

The discussion of gender-based violence has increased year by year, and more and more celebrities are willing to stand up for it and fight to speak out for the injured soul.

Screenshot of a face-like book article

Why should we focus on incidents of gender-based violence?

Jackson Katz, a pioneer in the education of gender-based violence in the United States, said in a TED talk that "public opinion review of victims and neglect of perpetrators" is one of the reasons why gender-based violence cannot be effectively improved. He thinks that what people say and how they think will allow society to focus on different places, and come up with an example to verify the effects of a shift in language and thinking:

John hit Mary.
Mary was beaten by John.
Mary was beaten.
Mary was abused.
Mary is a battered woman.

In the case of John and Mary, at last John's character disappeared, and the context of thinking only saw that "mary was a victim." Perpetrators will not be noticed and will not be reviewed, and cases of gender-based violence are emerging because the people who actually make the mistakes are not seen.

Imagine further, if Mary were the close friend around us, would we still be able to watch the whole event like a story? It is precisely because everyone can be a victim of gender-based violence, and we should also see the victims behind them, the perpetrators of violence; we should pay more attention, talk boldly and actively engage in dialogue, which is why everyone should pay attention to incidents of gender-based violence.

Only through dialogue can more and more people jump out of the cycle of thinking between John and Mary, face up to the perpetrators, and let the role of the perpetrator no longer be absent from the violence. As the old saying goes: "There must be a cause" to solve the problem, we must see the reason, in order to have the opportunity to eliminate gender-based violence.

Lin Yilian "chauvinistic" MV

After attention, how can we improve the environment of gender-based violence?

The question of gender-based violence has never been improved by one person alone, and before discussing how to improve it, we should recognize the fact that the road is long, far away and may not see the results of change for a while, but we still have to do it, because it is only by starting action that there is the possibility of change.

Organize three ways for you to participate together:

If you wish to initiate physical action:

can be to social blessing groups, women's groups and other institutions, as volunteers or staff, with the body to do things to show care about the issue of gender-based violence, with action to promote the realization of a gender-friendly environment.

If you think you have plenty of financial means:

There are many professional groups in Taiwan that have been engaged in violence for many years, including the Modern Women's foundation , the Women's Rescue Foundation , the Reed Social Welfare Foundation , the Taiwan Riot Control Alliance and other organizations, These groups will hold occasional event lectures, support to vulnerable groups, etc.

If you also have a lot of ideas to want to be seen:

Welcome to organize your ideas into manuscripts, refer to this article:"fascinating manuscript" invites you to use knowledge as the fulcrum, prop up the world, deliver manuscripts to women's fans of the charming manuscript mailbox, we are very happy to work with you to pay attention to the issue of gender-based violence, but also invite you to join the women's Fan "companion plan" and work with us to create a gender-friendly environment.

Finally share with you, such care, because we see the injured soul, thinking that we can save one is one, we believe that everyone is influence, no one is an outsider. Perhaps the bully will not have a day to disappear, there is still a group of people, holding a chauvinistic oppression of another group of people.

However, with the care of us, more and more huge, more and more difficult to shake, we will be step by step to melt the iceberg, we will meet the warm sunshine.

It's not just Lin Yilian and Coron care that deserves attention, and you deserve to be seen in every effort you make to improve gender-based violence. We will go together to a better society, will be good, will be good, we must always hold confidence.